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Child Dianetics

Child Dianetics

Parents, you already give so much to your children! ... but have you thought about the most important thing in their lives? Their mental health! Information vital for every parent.

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There is only so much parents can do for their children's mental health. If your child is exhibiting behaviors you consider troublesome, or if your family life is regularly disrupted, Child Dianetics is the answer.

Learn the simple principles of Dianetics and apply them to your children.

It won't be long before your family's daily routine is positively transformed.

"The main consideration in raising children is the problem of raising them without breaking them." – LRH.

Children need our loving attention, but they also need our direction. As a working mother or father, you juggle these demands day after day, so it's understandable that you sometimes doubt yourself.

Child Dianetics helps you to see the world through children's eyes, to learn what children really need and how you can best help them.

Dianetics procedures for children

Auditing children requires, in addition to knowledge of Dianetics, a good understanding of the child's thinking. Indeed, the ability to remember and identify images from the past is not yet as well-developed as in adults.

"When a child is born, at first he has no idea where he himself stops and other things begin." – LRH.

It, therefore, takes a little time and patience to gain the child's trust and conduct an auditing session. With Dianetics for Children, you will learn to better understand your child so you can become an effective children's auditor.

What your child really needs

"The most important lesson in this valuable book concerns you as the educator. After all, the best therapy is to make small but crucial changes in your daily life. You will know exactly what you can do to give your child the maximum opportunity for development – before an auditor is needed.

"A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is just about the best therapy a child can have." – LRH.

Here is the best way to help your child: Read and apply "Child Dianetics"

You will recognize and understand many children's behaviors. And of course, understanding is the only real basis for knowing exactly what your child needs now. Help him grow up with dignity, freedom, and fun. Help him discover life and himself. Do it for the next generation – the best reason there is.

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