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On auditing, courses and application in life! 

I experienced great professionalism and service

Thanks for a great time with you and your family and friends at the Ron’s Org. I experienced great professionalism and service combined with high ARC and a passion to help and to make a difference. It was so good to be with old friends again. Thank you and well done to all of you for creating such a nice and productive space and experience! I will be eternally grateful and I look forward to visiting you again. – U.

Grade 0 was an exciting journey with many new impressions, perspectives, and insights.

The auditing process helped me to release old sorrows, connect with old and new joys, clear old and present relationships, and understand better who I am. During Grade 0, I gained a better sense of my reality and I feel more grounded in my core values. I feel more confident and convinced about the direction that I am taking in my life. I also attained a better acceptance for myself and others. I feel more centered and relaxed and can confront my challenges with more ease and assurance. The auditing sessions provided a great opportunity to speak out and reflect openly about taboos and controversial topics. This brought alleviation. I discovered during the sessions the value of speaking out thoughts in  contrast to only keeping them as thoughts. The auditing setup serves me as a great catalyst not only to provoke new reflections but also to deepen already existing ones. Grade 0 aims at improving communication. In my case it did. I feel not only more comfortable about communicating about anything but also about thinking about anything. This widens my horizon and makes life larger, richer and more exciting. This is a great gift and I want to say thank you for it! – A.


For me, being Clear meant being a different person

Since I became Clear, I finally found myself again. I rediscovered a desire to do things, to take action and, above all, confidence in myself and my abilities. No one can come along and crush and walk all over me anymore. I know who I am, a strong, authentic person who seeks the truth. Having become Clear in this very particular period, or even having gone up the bridge, has helped me a lot to get through this time, to not be afraid and to control my reality. Today I'm able to create my own life, and I've regained my free will. I've understood that to be Clear is to see life with clarity, without filters, and without a veil. That's just wonderful. I hope that one day the world will follow my path. But it has to come from each individual. Each has his own path. I'm going to continue this wonderful adventure of going up that bridge! Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard and Ron's Org. – C.


When I reached the state of Clear, I felt that I was returning to who I fundamentally was.

Everything I thought was me, my conclusions or the decisions I was making were like a veil over what I thought I was. I let go of that reactive mind and came back to myself. From now on, I feel complete in who I am, through the universe that surrounds us, others, my present and my future. Every moment of the present becomes an opportunity to evolve, to think freely, to choose with every possible capacity, and even to foresee things with lucidity. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in reaching this state of possibilities, of joy, of lightness, and with the willingness to continue on this magnificent road. I'd also like to thank the Ron's Org for its guidance, its kindness and for all the technology it delivers, which gives the world the chance to change. – L.

Confronting – able to experience anything Course

I dreamed of many things and I understood many things. I would do the adventure again to progress again and again. But I have achieved something invaluable to me: being in the present time; simply being there. And I succeeded! Better still, after reinforcing this win, I achieved even more afterwards. But there are no words for it, because it has to be lived, felt and experienced! We are in the right place, in the right hands, the most expert hands on the planet! So there is nothing to fear. “You wouldn't sell the result for one million!" – F.

Confronting – able to experience anything Course

Just so many Thanksssssssssssss.......! Melinda and all of you who have illuminated my stay among you. Among other thanks, I would like to emphasize the one that crowned the pleasure and joy of learning to speak “Thetanese”. [NdT: Invented word coming from Thetan or spirit.] This new “language” has allowed me to vibrate to the measure of strong and varied emotions. It has also enabled me to speak truly, without the loaded meaning words that everyone puts into it. What a wonderful adventure! – H.

Confronting – able to experience anything Course

t was great to come to the Ron's Org in Switzerland. I was able to meet some beautiful people... I really enjoyed having all these interactions and I felt that there were very high vibrations in this place. I would like to enormously thank Melinda for the organization and guidance we received. It was very pleasant to be guided by her instructions. The experience was very refreshing. I found a purpose in having crossed the path of Scientology, and today I want to serve this cause. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for the incredible knowledge he passed on to us. – K.

Confronting – able to experience anything Course

What an adventure! An immense pleasure to be there in connection with a theta place, happy and with people who share the same goal! If yo are in need of thrills, just one piece of advice: come as a group for a week's vacation and you will leave, on vacation, for the rest of the time. No words are strong enough to express all the appreciation I feel. To do again and again... – S.

Confronting – able to experience anything Course

What a person can confront, they can solve. Such a simple sentence in theory, but one that needs to be put into practice and trained hard – it's not for nothing that we talk about Hard Training and not Easy Training! This week in Grenchen has been a great experience for me. I had some incredible burdens disappear during this week and I felt an inner calm and an increase in my ability to be there and cope. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of these gains in my daily life in the future. I'm really looking forward to coming back to Grenchen and doing this type of training again regularly. – K.


Life Repair Program – The joy in my life has increased unexpectedly

The Life Repair Program has made a significantly increased quality of life accessible and available to me. Although I have been working on certain life issues with great commitment for over 40 years during my 65 years of life to date, only now have I been able to complete some often highly effective destructive cycles with the Life Repair. Up to now, I thought that some things would probably never end and that I would have to come to terms with some less loved aspects of myself. I am now experiencing that such aspects are really clearing up… Yes, I can put an end to it and the charges can disappear… The joy in my life has increased unexpectedly and I have been able to realize some endlessly postponed wishes in a short time and there is still so much waiting to be brought into life. I now usually get up in the morning feeling lighter and happier, whereas before I was often faced with resignation in the mirror and had to work my way through difficult thoughts. Even if feelings of sadness or depression catch up with me from time to time, these feelings are much more active, shorter in duration and therefore pass more quickly… Overall, my inner life is much more flexible and the “weight of the past” has been drastically reduced. I also find the results of the Communication Course very helpful; I am much better at listening in a non-judgemental way, being more patient with other people and simply listening instead of waiting in a defensive position for my chance to speak. Thank you so much for this liberating collaboration which has brought me real gifts in life. – M.


Detox: The confirmation that the clearer life is, the more beautiful it is.

It was exciting to watch my body changing. In retrospect, the final phenomenon was a very clean feeling, whereas at first I thought it couldn't be achieved after such a short time. To now have the certainty that I am cleansed and that things no longer have any effect on me is fantastic. And once again, the confirmation that the clearer life is, the more beautiful it is. – D.

Detox: "Wow, indescribable!"

It was a great experience, tiring but exciting for the body. So if you haven't done the Detox yet, go for it, I highly recommend it. What an incredible feeling when my body suddenly said thank you. "Wow, indescribable!" Since then, I feel clearer and really clean. Wonderful benefits. I was very pleased with Dirk's wonderful guidance, thanks again here. – R.

It's possible to go Clear on Dianetics. I know because it happened to me…

I remember this chapter #2 from Dianetics: The modern Science of Mental Health when I read it in 1968. It's possible to go Clear on Dianetics. I know because it happened to me. Together with the Confrontation Course, LRH's tech changed my life for the better. Within a few weeks of Dianetics auditing and the Confrontation Course, I turned from being a lost soul, craving drugs, to suddenly becoming stable and calm. I discovered an enthusiasm for work I'd never had before. Possibly more than anything else, I became interested in the world – previously, it barely existed. I was suddenly 'here'. Pretty funny now that I look back.

I must emphasise that the Dianetics auditing delivered to me was brilliantly simple and straightforward. The cognitions I had were nothing like I expected. I am yours, a devoted student of L. Ron Hubbard. – R.


I'm seeing other improvements…

I'm seeing other improvements, and here's what comes to mind. Even more calm and a better confrontation despite many current themes and problems. I notice that I can use my body even better, gestures and actions can be performed more quickly (sometimes surprisingly fast and acrobatically). I am surprisingly self-confident; quick to think, communicate and do; even more interested instead of just interesting; easier to place an honest and sincere interest in the other person. I've overcome pain, loss and sadness surprisingly quickly, and I'm happier and more joyful more often. Reading is good for me and my vocabulary continues to grow, I'm learning more and more of my own language and understanding more and more, with fewer misunderstandings. I love working, I enjoy creating and doing what I do. I'm independent, proud and happy. I like to follow the Code of Honor and I'm honest and sincere. – F.


I never thought what these Grades would bring me.

I never thought what these Grades would bring me. I am so glad that I have decided to make up for these steps on the Bridge now, which was denied to me in the past. In this life I have certainly done many things right but there have been things to this day where I have wondered from time to time "where on the bridge can I handle this?" With me it has to do with Doingness. Despite my knowledge of how to do it, I often got in my own way and that bothered me. Auditing on the Grades has something to do with this life. Now I have completed Grade IV and so much has changed in my actions that I would not have dared to dream. I can suddenly do things 100% right and I don't complete them until they are 100% right. My relationship with my fellow human beings, my environment, living beings and nature has improved even more. I can say that I am at peace with myself, with my fellow human beings, with my environment and that is very nice. –U.


This course has been a real source of inspiration for my professional life.

I've just finished my course on the Basics of Administration, the first step of a long series which I know is going to be exciting! This course has been a real source of inspiration for me in my professional life, and has provided me with many keys that enable me to be far more efficient at my workstation than I was before. Although I work in a structurally disorganized environment, I've been able to use the many tools provided in this course to bring order and efficiency back into my area; I sometimes stand back and ask myself, "but how do I, despite all this chaos, still manage to get by?" and... after a few thousandths of a second I get the answer: "Well, that's true, I've got the right technology in hand ha-ha", and I laugh. So I've been able to regain control, get even more work done in a job that's already largely booked, while allowing myself time that was previously forbidden to me, too exhausted by the job, too busy. I'm doing more, better, faster and, what's more, I have the time to devote to my other interests! It's almost magical! Actually, no, it's just Scientology! So a huge thank you to Ron's Org; thank you for the support, thank you for preserving the tech; thank you for making it accessible! See you all soon; I've finally found my niche! – F.


The Leadership Course is comprehensive and highlights so many more facets than just paperwork.​

Perhaps being an admin might seem a bit dry, and it often does in life. Who likes to take care of their tax return or the like.

Yawn... But this isn't admin, at least not just. The Leadership course is comprehensive and highlights so many more facets than just paperwork. It helps me in my whole life. With Admin, with people, with colleagues, studying, and just in all aspects of life. I have developed such an affinity for this topic, which has always interested me and now, with this course I also have the necessary theoretical knowledge. Towards the end of the course, especially reading the book included in it, "How to live though an Executive", I found the subject matter almost poetry and I am so grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for our admin tech. Many, many thanks to all who supported me. Thank you Ron, that you have the insight and can formulate it so that it is a pleasure to study it, to understand it and makes you want to apply it. – S.

Another great achievement for me was experiencing my freedom of choice.

I took the Basic Study Manual Course as part of Next Gen Week 2023. When I received the course book and skimmed the chapter headings, I was excited. "Study" – aha... "Studying" – OK... both topics were very familiar to me. I studied teaching for 4 years and have been a teacher for 4 years. Despite my "expert" knowledge, I was open to the course. Fortunately! I understood a lot during this week. I found out why I felt incompetent as a student compared to fellow students and learned how to prevent this in the future. In clarifying small words, I realized that not understanding them led to many frustrating and exhausting reading and studying moments in the past. And I realized: there is no subject area that I could not learn. Wow. I wish I had known all of this when I started college. Another great achievement for me was experiencing my freedom of choice. I found that there was a lot of data that I unthinkingly accepted as true because it was a statement from a person I saw as an expert at the time. Just yesterday I had a conversation with my mother in which she stated with regret that what she believed to be true was not my truth. I recognized her confusion at this disagreement of our own different truths. And I inwardly cheered and rejoiced that no "loyalty" to a person close to me was preventing me from my freedom of choice and opinion. – L.

Communication Course

I came with my husband. We started studying and understood the logic and the We understood the concept of the course. Then the exercises quickly began and from then on, I had many Aha!!! and Wow! moments. Communication with my environment has always been of great importance to me, because I considered it the basis of everything. Now, I've learned in the course of the exercises how "easy" it is to be in communication with my interlocutor. The exercises now apply naturally in my life as a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and as a colleague in my profession. teacher. And the people I talk to appreciate it because they really feel understood. And for me, conversations that used to be tiresome and stifling become easy. "If every person in the world had another to go to with their problems and ideas, and if the other person listened and understood, wasn't evaluating, devaluating or giving approval and advice or otherwise tried to control the speaker's thoughts, people in the world would gradually become inevitably healthy, good and happy. It's as simple as that." – L.

The communication course exceeded my expectations and goals.

I came to you with no ideas and no expectations. It was supposed to be a communications course, all right. Communication is interesting, I have been interested in it before. Here, I really learned something new. The most important thing for me was the exercises. I discovered my strengths and, unmercifully, my weaknesses. Emotions that had been repressed for years, even decades. Memories, feelings, pain, euphoria, joy for no reason. I confront myself, my experiences, the content of my life, etc… My partner accompanies me, listens to me even if we don't speak, gives me the opportunity to look at and relive my repressed experiences. To heal in the process, to sort things out again, to feel again. I'm so grateful, beyond description, to have been able to have these experiences and discoveries. The communication course exceeded my expectations and goals. A joy has accompanied me since the end of the course, a joy I didn't know I had, or had long forgotten. I hope it stays with me. And that it will enable me to finish the last of my work in my head, so that I can live freely, without letting myself be guided by negative experiences and feelings. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you! – P.


It felt really good to stop this absolutely useless thinking machine

Grade 0: This grade is absolutely brilliant. I realized how much I could complicate my life when it came to communication rather than going from A to B. There were a lot of detours via a lot of considerations I made to express an idea, sometimes even to the point of preventing myself from communicating and simply living. So it is a lot more freedom to simply be there, without any internal tension or calculations telling me whether or not I can say this or that, rather than just being myself and expressing myself as I am. So it felt really good to stop this absolutely useless thinking machine I had set up, and to be able to communicate effortlessly. I could see in the eyes of everyone I come into contact with on a daily basis just how much I myself have changed, and that I can simply be there and express myself. The communication between us was instantaneous, direct, and full of life. I deeply thank my auditor Melinda for her invaluable help, and L. Ron Hubbard, without whom none of this would have been possible. – V.

At the time, I just wanted the suffering to end.

I came to the Ron's Org Grenchen thanks to my courageous friend F., whom I'd like to thank in particular. At the time, I just wanted the suffering to end. I was in a very bad shape and hardly felt like doing anything anymore. Life itself often seemed like a burden and something I didn't want. I saw no possibilities and no way out. I simply clung to this idea: "Don't give up!" Arriving in Grenchen, I had a small glimmer of hope that I might get some relief or help. It was all I dared to dream of, but instead, I received a world as a gift. I wish you the same benefits. I wish you the world and more. You can have it. Many thanks to the excellent team at Ron's Org and to L. Ron Hubbard for the best product in the world! – A.


Thanks to the Communication Course drills

Thanks to the Communication Course drills I have become completely comfortable talking about all sorts of subjects and I have really learnt to relax in social situations. – E.

I apply Scientology to my everyday life…

It is just one of many stories I could write! I had been in Scientology during many years. I apply it to my everyday life, mostly on my kids helping them  to solve things like school difficulties, teach them values and abilities for the life. They grow happy and healthy, they can solve life's problems rather easily and it is a real pleasure to live with them. – D.

Auditing: I feel that I have removed many charges that prevented me from moving forward

I feel free again on communication: I decided to open the doors, to open myself more on the outside. I put more ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication) around me and the ARC becomes more real to me; it is no longer a simple theory with a triangle and 3 letters "ARC" but something that can be applied and which gives tremendous results in everyday life!!
I feel liberated about the problems and I see the problems of others and I am willing to help them. I feel that I have removed many charges that prevented me from moving forward and pushing me down. I no longer feel these chains that imprison me, I go more forward. – I.

Auditing has had a profound and lasting effect on my mind and lightened my "emotional load".

I thank all of you for your kindness, for explaining Auditing to me and for taking me through a session. My Auditor was most patient and gentle. I did not know what to expect in terms of results and I am happy to report that the Auditing has had a profound and lasting effect on my mind and lightened my "emotional load".  I will be forever grateful. I was intrigued to find so many smaller issues tied in with the main one and they all seemed to "collapse" in one swoop. Thank you all. I would like to think I will come back and do the full Life Repair Program some day. – A.

Suddenly many other things feel good too and also make sense

When I use the Study Technology, I find it makes such a difference to my study and life. I understand what is going on and because of this, I am then able to clear the misunderstood words and suddenly my tone is so much brighter.  It is almost like auditing, you are clearing something and it feels good. Suddenly many other things feel good too and also make sense. I have a new found confidence in being able to handle things that I don't understand, instead of giving up which I would have done at school. I found that after using this technology, I am more in present time. – M.D


The door to the path of my true self, the gateway to freedom.

Life Repair: I came to get a picture of Ron's Org and to learn about the technology behind it. I couldn't quite imagine what to expect, but it quickly became apparent that this was the door I had been looking for for a long time. The door to the path of my true self, the gateway to freedom. I am thrilled and wish everyone such experiences, which I was allowed to experience on the one hand in the auditing and which I was allowed to learn with the knowledge and exercises in the communication course and can now also apply. Thank you to all who make this place possible and share this knowledge in such a great way. And this is only the beginning! – R.

My life is getting easier day by day…

Grade 3: I am always amazed at how each step on the bridge brings about change. I certainly didn't handle change badly until then. Sometimes I was faced with changes that I accepted, but I had to overcome. With reason you can overcome or just accept some things, but now I can have changes well without a reaction happening in my stomach. I have become more open to people that I have met before, but I have not found or taken the time to care for them. It is easier for me to just listen, share their joys, or listen to their concerns without judging them. My life is getting easier day by day, not because I don't have problems, but because I am open to life and can be there and have a lot of knowledge that LRH has given us. – U.


How lucky we are!
The perseverance and benevolence of Ron's Org team and especially our pioneers Erica and Max is amazing. What a courage, tenacity and confidence in the technology did they have to open this road and keep it there. How lucky we are! – O.


Thank you for your very good product and your fantastic org.
Thank you for your very good product and your fantastic org. This contact with the Ron’s Org was fantastic!!! We will write success letter in few hours. Thank you very very much for you help, and thank you for your tech, I have never seen this before! – Y.

L. Ron Hubbard, my gratitude to you is endless.
I will be forever in debt with Sole for being my partner in this journey. Thanks Max for being there, for giving all the scientologists in Argentina a chance to do and use the real Tech. Ron, only when we move up The Bridge can we understand what you’ve done for us and how huge was your love to all mankind. – F.


Thank you Max, you were 500% correct …

Dianetics: First of all I would like to thank Max. He was 500% correct in saying that I needed to run more Dianetics. This was his recommendation and it turned out to be the right one. Erica, my C/S, did an excellent job of finding out where my unhandled areas of charge were, and getting them run – unlike the Church, who worked from a standard list that missed many areas. Dirk, my auditor, was very smooth, with excellent TRs. In addition to the above, I would like to thank L. Ron Hubbard and all the staff here at the world famous Ron’s Org who helped make my day a pleasant and productive one. – J.


In the business of winning

If you are or want to be in the business of winning, then this is the right place for sure! In the last seventeen years of my current lifetime I haven’t found anything more important or worthwhile than clearing myself and my dynamics, although it goes at a slow pace, it’s still better than nothing. It’s very great to always have such a good and high standard Ron’s Org five minutes away from your home, with people you can rely and who give you beingness. It’s a safe point and that’s so important. There are still way too many people around who cannot merely confront having anything to do with Scientology and it’s up to us to do something about it. So, if you are or want to be in the business of winning, then this is the right place for sure. – A.


I am not eating any more the lie that I am something unimportant, small and weak…
After a long adventurous journey, I see that I am able now to create, keep and apply my own illusions and be aware that I am doing it. I can still let some details being unknown to have some… surprise. I am not eating any more the lie that I am something unimportant, small and weak which was the result of all invalidations I have suffered in the past. The view point of the Thetan who can become anything but not identified with something is real and stable. Ron gave us the right tech to achieve that. Great thanks to Erica. Her understanding, interest for our progress towards our freedom, trust and support is unconditional. After Ron, I acknowledge her as the most valuable friend I have ever had. – Y.

I’m glad I let my curiosity get the best of me…

For anyone who is either curious about trying Scientology or is in the church and unsatisfied, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in contact with the Ron’s Org in Grenchen. I feel that during my week at the org I learned a large amount of things about myself from myself. To me, this made the week a very informative and worthwhile experience. This org is truly a safe space for anyone who wishes to practice standard Scientology as well as the curious passersby. I was somewhat personally conflicted about how much I enjoyed my time at the org. Scientology is still quite controversial and will remain so as long as the church continues their abusive behavior. But in the end, I’m glad I let my curiosity get the best of me and did the life repair program. I experienced some pretty good wins and met a lot of really caring, enthusiastic people and will be back in the future to do more. – J.


Nothing and no one can tell me Scientology doesn’t work!
Touch Assists: I so badly broke my right arm, that the doctors at the hospital said: “it is unlikely to heal, and you will need a prosthetic arm, as the gab is too large for the bone to jump across to mend it”. Over the next 6 weeks, a man from the local Org came to my house every day to do touch assists on me. My hand poking out of the heavy cast was black and blue. After this time, I felt the urge to move my arm and after 8 weeks after the incident, I went back to the hospital. The doctor jumped back when he saw the x-rays: “it’s impossible”, he said, “the bone has jumped across the huge gap!” The cast was sawn off, and I started physiotherapy. My arm was saved. Nothing and no one can tell me Scientology doesn’t work! – K.


The best win has been the realization that I am not weak.
Auditing: The things I had to run are the most difficult experiences of my existence. I’ve had to face a lot of things that were difficult to confront. But the good news is now I know it can be handled. I don’t feel hopeless anymore. The best win has been the realization that I am not weak. The best thing is being able to better accept me as a powerful, sensitive spiritual being. It’s a lot better than being a sad, weak human. Being able to see me as a strong spiritual being allows me to see others the same way. I am able to validate their experience better than before. I’m able to forgive and celebrate and tell people how I feel. – A.


Different viewpoints between different people lead to different decisions and behaviors.
Grade 2: It has brought order into some disorder that was not even clearly visible before. It helped me understand many things in life. I have more understanding for others and I am a better friend of myself. I enjoy much smoother communication with family and friends. Granting beingness to other people and their viewpoints is easier and more natural. One of the most beautiful moments was when I realized that actions and decisions in life are not black or white. I started seeing the different shades of what we call right or wrong, good or bad. Different viewpoints between different people lead to different decisions and behaviors. What is right for one, might be totally wrong for another. I felt peace and relief. I can be and let others be. And now I know how it feels to just let go. – E.


Clear State!
I still can’t believe I am attesting Clear! My postulate has come true! It has been an unforgettable year but moving up the Bridge has made it worth living it. What can I say? That I feel more myself, more understanding to people, to life, to situations, that I can know more about others and that I now feel more responsible for the groups and for humanity than I ever felt before. I feel honored to be here, to have been audited by Sole and C/Sed by Max. They have been with me in every step of this amazing journey. Being Clear is a gift but also a responsibility to keep moving and to do. I celebrate this state with very few people because most of my friends and family don’t know what it means, but on this moving up I also realized that this is The Bridge. A decision you make by yourself and for yourself and it’s a journey that you take with your auditor and C/S only. This is one of the happiest days of my life and I’m happy to celebrate it with myself knowing that I am one step closer to achieving total freedom! Thanks to every Scientologist who keeps going. Together we will make it all the way up. – F.


How nice to be so free from the upsets…
Grade 3: How nice to be so free from the upsets of this lifetime and other lifetimes. Change is constant and inevitable and I am confident I will experience my future with greater ease. I am constantly growing, improving and becoming my true self. My sincere gratitude to my wonderful, caring and loving auditor. – L.


This grade helped me appreciate and seek a simpler approach to life…
Grade 3: My life’s journey is even smoother. My ship can more easily and more readily go through waves. Thanks to this Grade I’m more peaceful and calm when life changes occur. It’s somehow easier to go through life’s randomity. It’s a relief and it helped me be more able to go through and to see possible solutions. I was surprised that past events in life, which I thought were over for me, were not fully over… I’m thankful for the relief I’ve felt. And something about simplicity… This grade helped me appreciate and seek a simpler approach to life and to knowing things about life. Communication with other people is even smoother and ARC is higher. I was truly amazed in a few occasions. Just higher ARC and a touch of telepathy. It’s a big win in life. I’m thankful that my auditor and C/S help me bring order to the disorder. A big thanks to the Ron’s Org team and to Ron. There is a road ahead, but the relief I’ve felt makes it easier to go on. – E.

I am just so grateful that such a tech exists here on this planet…
Grade 0 [Communication]: I enjoyed every moment of the sessions. I had so much gains and cognitions from the Grade 0 auditing. I felt I was getting lighter and brighter after every session. During the sessions, it became very clear what my interests are and the path I want to walk. I feel like I have arrived to the entrance gate and started my first step on the path towards unfolding wonders and excitements that awaits ahead of me. I also noticed that my space has expanded and things appear brighter and clearer. I cannot wait to further know more about this universe and myself, and regain my abilities. I am just so grateful that such a tech exists here on this planet for us to learn and apply, and the Ron’s Org and the staff for providing occasions for us to explore such an amazing journey. Infinite harmony! – L.


I am a cause. A cause of all perceptions I have…
Efficiency Course: I am a cause. A cause of all perceptions I have, a cause of my abilities, a cause of my environment. Now I feel that I can take more responsibility for my job, for my life on all the dynamics. There are such simple things in this course that I’ve already started to do. And definitely will continue to do so. – D.


I recommend this course to everyone.
Communication Course: The communication course has brought me so much. It helped me to communicate better with the people, to understand them better, not to yell at them, but to say things with intention. There are the funniest exercises on this path. But then the wins are priceless. I notice how people talk to me and enjoy talking to me or telling me something. It really is an ability. I recommend this course to everyone. – C.


It’s very interesting to look how my life is changing after the camp.
Next-Gen Camp Confront Drills: Thank you so much for this amazing week what we had in Grenchen. It was full of affinity, adventures, communication with lovely and interesting people. We have found there new friends! All personal who was working with us are professionals. It was a big pleasure do Confront Drils under there control. Also I will keep deep in my heart evening conversation with tea with all our team. And I hope that I will return back again. And it’s very interesting to look how my life is changing after camp. One word: it’s a miracle! – M.


The chance to meet some young people with similar interests…
Next-Gen Camp: What I liked the most about the Next Gen Camp was that I got to the chance to meet some young people with similar interests. It wasn’t like the experience I have every day at school with my classmates who are just trying to get by with school. The age factor brings that basic reality with the others, which is for me one of the things that make the Next Gen Camp special. Also, the wins I got from the Confront Drills were great, even though it took me some time to realize them. Doing Confront Drill 0 all day next and in front of each other felt like a real group activity. Plus going to the canyon and on the Grenchenberg was great and something to remember. – A.


I enjoy studying and staying here very much.
Last April, I came from Japan to the Ron’s Org for the first time. Studying Scientology in English and understanding the materials was a challenge for me because English is not my mother tongue and my English was not so good. When I did not understand the material, I was often upset and disappointed about myself. I did not have any self-confidence and I have been restimulated easily for years. But, it was totally different this time! I learned about communication and got professional auditing last time. So, many things have changed by me. Now I can see my progress. And I can accept my progress, it is a big change for me. I really appreciate all of the org staff and people’s help. I enjoy studying and staying here very much. Thank you very much. – N.


I found out on my own pace that it’s really possible to make things go my way in this universe.
I didn’t just finish a course or an auditing level but I still wanted to write a success story just because I’m very happy and content with my wins so far. My wins all amount to having more power and freedom to be cause over what I like. What else could someone ask for? Since five years I’ve been slowly assimilating Tech and digesting the changes after every session. From all this time I’ve seen that it fundamentally only takes a persisting interest to get better and the rest follows on its own. Also, I found out on my own pace that it’s really possible to make things go my way in this universe. It takes very hard work and much persistence but the important thing is that it works and that it’s possible to win. After many counter-thoughts, counter-efforts and attempts I got to a point again where I feel really certain that Scientology is the right way to go. It’s really impossible for someone to get the bridge’s potential wins without all the effort, I wish it was, but apparently it really isn’t. – A.


There is always some space for doubt until the final result occurs.
I got the concrete certainty that a complete change of the view point of being the body-personality to the view point of being the eternal being is achievable. I was working towards this target but you know, there is always some space for doubt until the final result occurs. What is following is much power and fun. Thank you lovely people of this Ron’s Org for opening every day your door and your heart to all of us. – Y.


My biggest dream is to one day see this course given to Human Resources.
Personnel Series: I had already used and reused many of the Policy Letters from this series, which I have now studied thoroughly, and I can only say one thing: This administrative technology is a gem. My biggest dream is to one day see this course given everywhere to Human Resources Department. This technology, even if it is not visible in the company’s showcase, can make the difference between success or failure. Having already used it for many years, it works and suddenly, you have the feeling to work with a team of Clears, or even OTs! Thank you very much to Max for giving me the opportunity to study this course! Thank you to those who played the game of the exercises I had to do. Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for discovering this technology and passing it on to us. Let’s be crazy, let’s use it wherever we can! – H.

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