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Have You Lived Before This Life?



We have all dreamed of knowing whether we had lived before this life or not!


Many people are convinced of past lives but not of future ones. Others want to believe in better future lives but do not care about past lives.


What would you say if we told you it is possible for you to know for sure? And if you have lived before, why shouldn’t you live future lives in other bodies? In other words, will you reincarnate?


Reincarnation means the rebirth of a spirit – YOU – in another body. Over 50% of the world’s population believes in reincarnation!


The concept of reincarnation and Man’s belief in the past and future continuum is as old as Man himself. It can be traced to the beginnings of 31 cultures and has dominated almost every religion throughout history as a primary belief.


If you know that you are a spirit, a spiritual being, a soul or whatever name you wish to give to this concept, then you agree with the majority of human beings.


​Where does this belief stem from?


Extraordinary but unexplained talents.


Psychosomatic illnesses without having had an accident or a trauma in this life to cause them.


Strong feelings of having already seen some places or known certain people.


Fixations in relation to certain subjects or characters.


Why should you find out about your past lives?


Thanks to the Dianetics and Scientology technologies, today, it is possible to remember your previous lives while staying completely in the present, fully awake and conscious of everything that is going on around you.


"It’s weird to think you only live once." – L. Ron Hubbard


You are the judge of your own certainty in your past experiences because you will know for yourself without reservation what they are. After all, you were there!


Not only will you have proof of what you are looking for, but you will also be able to remove the burdens, emotions and other negative points of these experiences and understand the reason for what is happening today.


Hypnosis has been used in the past to try to prove past lives, but it is absolutely not recommended. It leaves you with a taste of frustration since you will not be awake or be in complete control of yourself as you will be with Dianetics and Scientology. Moreover, it must be acknowledged that it is less pleasant to listen to someone reporting to you your own experiences rather than to discover them by yourself! It is a journey through restored consciousness of ages past.

– L. Ron Hubbard

Watch the movie: "Why We Don't Live Only Once". The Jenny Cockell Story Film.

11:43 Min.

Werner Huemer: We do not live only once on earth, but incarnate more often.

This is claimed not only by many great religions, but also by people who can consciously remember earlier earth lives.

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