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Do it yourself Exercises

These exercises can be done almost anywhere.

You feel better, calmer and more energetic.

You fall asleep faster and sleep better, feel younger and freer. You improve your memory.

Even pain can disappear.

Enjoy life!

These exercises can be done in any order.

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Exercise: Walk around the Block

This process is most commonly used in the workplace to handle exhaustion. It can also help a person who is very worried about work.

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Exercise: Holding the Corners

The exercise “Holding corners” makes you look younger and look better. Fall asleep faster and sleep better, feel calmer.

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Exercise: Feel Freer

You can feel freer and from there, live better! It is an extremely simple exercise you can practice anywhere, even in a waiting room or on the train. It’s even a fun game!

Exercise: Improve Memory

It is always possible to improve one’s memory!
It’s not only a matter of training but a matter of getting rid of some invisible barriers.

Exercise: The Booster

Are you feeling bad? Do you feel like doing nothing?Does everything seem black and hopeless? This is by far the best therapy!

Exercise: Vitality

Through this exercise the vitality in your whole body can be awakened again. Over time, your vitality will remain in your body and you will be amazed that dazed or asleep areas will be revived. It can increase your health, alertness and mental health.

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