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  • Announcement

    Introduction: Announcement! The Ron's Org construction is set to continue! A place to study life, receive auditing, train as an auditor and progress on the Bridge. Two references from L. Ron Hubbard to use, to apply: Quarters Policy regarding historical from the 23. September 1970 , mentioned in the text below. Fixed public consumption of a product from the 24. July 1967 . This in particular is a good guideline for the future! Announcement Around 2004 or 2005, we realized that we needed more space for the Ron's Org to expand. So, Erica began diligently searching for houses and building lands where we could establish our new Ron's Org. When making such a decision, there are many factors to consider, and numerous mistakes can be made. While I won't go into detail – though it would be worthwhile to write it down as a hat – instinctively, we made all the right choices, as evidenced by our success. Very recently, I found a reference from Ron on this subject. Erica and I looked at each other and nodded. "Very Well Done," we said to each other. The Policy Letter "Quarters Policy regarding historical", 23.09.1970 is attached. In 2007, we bought a land in Grenchen, almost 2500 m². As many of you know, it is extremely close to the station, from where you can catch an express train to Zurich and Lausanne. While you might walk kilometers in an airport, here you can count the steps. We are close to the highway and roughly in the middle of the three Swiss international airports. In other words, we are very easy to reach. In Grenchen, it is easy to find affordable apartments, so we don't have problems finding accommodation for students, PCs, and pre-OTs. Shopping malls and reasonably priced restaurants are very nearby. In 2013, the first part of our intended construction was completed, and we moved in. Until today, the size of the real estate matched the size of Ron's Org, but now we are occasionally a bit too crowded. This is a good indicator that we need more space. The next step is to build the originally planned Ron's Org, which will be around 600 m². This is what we have now decided to do. Here, you can see how it will look in the end: The Haus Nord is complete. On the ground floor, there is the Ron's Org, which also includes a large basement. Those who have visited it, will know what I'm referring to. The building also features the mandatory Swiss bunker, where I store many books and tapes in at least three languages, with some materials in additional languages. Adjacent to House North will be an underground car park. It will be quite spacious, which is necessary because we are in the middle of the city. On the right side of the drawing, you can see the future Ron's Org on the ground floor. Above it, there are additional apartments – two sets of three. We may divide some of these apartments in half to create more units. Although we are not in a bad financial position, the entire construction project is of course a challenge, and we will certainly need help. If you have any ways to assist us, please let me know. In the next few weeks and months, we will be busy planning Ron's Org and other spaces. Then, the building permit will be submitted, and eventually, the excavators will start, and off we go. I will definitely keep you updated. Fingers crossed! Much love, Max Hauri

  • Welcome to Ron's Org Blog

    The Ron's Org is happy to present many articles from the work of L. Ron Hubbard. These articles will help you understand life better and do more with it. Sometimes understanding takes some effort, but it is rewarded by the fact that you can apply it. New data or knowledge allows you to see things differently and therefore live better. If you are curious about what is behind the categories, here is a brief overview that will help you choose the one you prefer. Individuality: We are all different and yet we have one thing in common: our mind. It works the same way for everyone. Family: Family, love and children are the pillars of our societies. Understanding them and being able to improve them is the wish of all human beings. Group: We are all part of a group governed by the same natural laws. It is possible to learn and apply them. Society: Today's society is very diversified. It has problems all over the world and it is possible to understand them, no matter where you come from. Life: Life is within us and around us. Everyone has the right to respect for their own kind. Discover, learn these rights and make life better for everyone! Exact sciences: Science is there to help Man to evolve and not to destroy him in the name of vested interests. Make your own opinion. Buddhism: Buddhism is a religion without a god, but with a guideline to follow to access higher levels of consciousness; accessible with Scientology. Dianetics: It opens the doors to the universe of the mind and what can be done to make trauma disappear and the true self emerge. Scientology: Every religion or culture has a piece of truth. Scientology combines these truths into a technology for the betterment of all. Technology: Every action, science and work has a well-defined technology for achieving a valuable result acceptable to all. Increase your knowledge, apply it, and enjoy the result. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Your happiness is important to us! Ron's Org Grenchen – Switzerland +41 32 513 72 20

  • Jealousy

    Introduction: Jealousy could be characterized as, "I am the only one who has the power to grant life. And that, damn it, insists on granting life to. And therefore we have two functions here which are not compatible, and so it must die." And that's your jealousy. The power to grant life. Here is part two of Max's interview in Moscow, again in English. I can only recommend it 😊👌 Here again part 1: Much love Max Hauri Granting Life and Death Excerpt from the lecture Application of Theory to Cases: Life and Death, “Only One” by L. Ron Hubbard given on the 14 July 1954. The most valuable energy which an individual has is that energy involved in the granting of life. An integral portion of the granting of life is the granting of self determinism. Once you have granted life to something, then the only way to prove that it is separately alive is to permit it to function on its own self determinism. Jealousy could be characterized as, "I am the only one who has the power to grant life. And that, damn it, insists on granting life to. And therefore we have two functions here which are not compatible, and so it must die." And that's your jealousy. The power to grant life. Most people try to grant death because they couldn't grant life, and that is why we get the cycle of action which goes from create, through survive to destroy. It doesn't go destroy, through survive, to create. It goes the other way around. When they fail to grant life, and cause anything to continue with that life, they grant death. That is the inevitable sequence. People try to shame other people with the past, so the past becomes a football upon the playing field. Two people in an argument, "You said this yesterday." They never can keep past tense out of their damn arguments. Always got to have past tense in the argument. "That was what you said yesterday!" They think the past can actually grant ownership of things, or settle disputes or something. He does something obligingly, and then he sits there and waits. He's waiting for a consequence. This whole man's life is caged about by the horrible consequences of his own actions. If he takes or makes an action of any character or kind, there is going to be a consequence. He is not certain of anything except this, if he were to kill a man he'd get hanged, only he doesn't even dare think that boldly. He thinks if he in a restaurant drops a teacup and makes a slight clatter in the restaurant, he immediately expects the proprietor to come over and hit him on the head with a club. This is the sort of a life this fellow's leading. He's expecting consequences for any action, and he believes that almost anything he does will be a misdemeanor, and so of course he's not in motion and of course he can't indulge in effort. His life is devoted to making a cautious action, and then being very careful to observe whether or not something bad occurred. And all you have to do is disabuse him of the fact there are going to be consequences for these insignificant actions, and he feels much better about life. And he can be source, and thereafter he can be something. Now you see where he goes immediately? He moves over onto source point. He dares be on that source point, because he isn't going to get punished. This is one of the reasons 8-C works, if he observes at length that there's nothing horrible happening to him as a result of being ordered around. He can actually obey a command without something horrible happening to him. The next thing he discovers is that he's touching these things, and after that if you were to take a preclear who couldn't be anything, and then run some 8-C Opening Procedure on that preclear for a while, you would discover that after you had done this thoroughly and well that your preclear could be something. In order to be anything, a man has to be able to identify himself with a receipt point or a source point on the communication formula. If he can't be at receipt point or source point in the communication formula, of course there's nothing he can identify himself with. If he could just be a dead man and feel some conviction that he was being a dead man, he would at least be at receipt point. Well if an individual cannot be at receipt point at all, he doesn't even dare be a dead man, and so he walks around through life a zombie. If he could come up scale high enough he would be a dead man. You will find a great many people walking around proving that they bring death to things. How do they prove this? They show you a withered leg, or a disfigured head or something of the sort. The most valuable energy which an individual has is that energy involved in the granting of life. L. Ron Hubbard

  • Calling all Auditors - Summary

    Introduction: Here are the last two bulletins on “CALL TO ALL AUDITORS” - Summary by Rosamond Harper. The last bulletin in particular is a beautiful summary. It is well worth reading carefully and understanding. Life without help is not possible, and if it is too limited, it is sad. all the wealth on Earth will not make you happy. It is about helping and being helped. Ron's Org Grenchen Info Canal on Telegram: Blog: Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below. Calling all Auditors - Summary Bulletin 3. August 1960 just below. And as an attachment only: Calling all Auditors about Help – Bulletin 6. July 1960 It appears that the basis of all aberration is a Thetan's consideration that he cannot confront an uncomfortable effect. Life being a free interchange between life forms – a giving and receiving with no barriers, presupposes granting of beingness, ARC, Understanding. Grief, fear, anger, antagonism simply don't come into the picture, there is no need for them. All this we know theoretically. But at this stage of the game we have traveled some way down the dwindling spiral. Life, lets call it Help (for by granting life freely we are helping) has taken on a new meaning for us. From complete confrontingness, free interchange, granting of beingness, we have passed through various stages of lesser and lesser understanding. An effect on me was considered 'bad' – an overt, so one became a 'victim' and felt pity for 'victims'. One occluded overts and looked for motivators to justify more overts and in so doing got caught in the automaticity of the Overt Motivator Sequence, that sorry game of homo sap. But basically man is good, so he tries to solve this difficulty by cutting down his abilities so that he doesn't hurt others too much and this leads to a far less than optimum way of living. Too many barriers and too little confrontingness results in identification. Help becomes injury, and injury becomes help. One unit of time becomes identified with another unit of time, and as in all reactive level activities there is no longer any truth or light. Ron in discovering that Help is the basis of all identifications and thus the key to unravelling the Reactive mind, has given us a sharp edged tool which used intelligently cannot fail. The bank falls to pieces, the thetan emerges from his confusion and begins to look. Once he looks he can make more and more self-determined considerations and so cease to continue embroiling himself in constant confusion. In short he ceases to associate and identify, he unravels the help-betrayal dichotomy and becomes free. We have several Help processes, and so far experiences proves that the fastest methods are as follows. Find a real and hot terminal and watch the pc's Tone Arm. If reading consistently at 4 at 4 or 5 the pc is resisting mightily what 'is'. He has solid screens of built up resistance to cope with. He says in essence 'I won't confront'. Well Help O/W is a bit high at this stage. It calls for an actuality of confronting for which the pc is not yet capable. He will bog down, have long comm-lags, and it's 'all unreal'. So undercut with Concept Help. For here he just 'thinks of' or 'gets the idea of' helping, which is confronting on a gradient scale, or looking obliquely at what he cannot look straight at. As Ron says it is "below the level of articulate thought which of course means that it bangs away at reactive thought" and it surely does. He can, on a gradient scale, look at or at least take a peep at what he can't fully confront yet. This also applies to the very low Tone Arm reading (the mindless object). The nearer to the Clear reading the pc gets the less resistance he has to confronting. He is able to take more responsibility for his 'bad cause'. Then run Help O/W with benefit. Always run Alternate Confront and Havingness with 'Help' in the proportion Ron suggests, unless of course the pc needs more Havingness. With those tools the Reactive Bank is doomed. But tools alone are not enough. The auditor must use them intelligently. Here at HCO WW we get a wide bird's eye view of what is going on both in all the HGCs and in the field. For your information here are our weak points: 1. Too much talking. Audit – don't talk. 2. Changing terminals in mid-stream. 3. Abandoning a process to deal with a somatic which turned on while running the terminal. What turned it on will turn it off. Continue with the process. 4. Not sticking to the proportions Ron lays down of Alternate Confront and Havingness. These have their very definite part to play and if neglected the case will suffer. 5. Do not alter-is commands. Ron has valid reason for the wording he chooses. Never state as did one auditor "I didn't have time to run Havingness". Never be unobservant enough to report, as one auditor did last week to the question as to needle reaction on Help – "Didn't notice". Keep ARC high – deal with PTPs, keep the O/Ws fluid and make clears. Issued by: Rosamond Harper Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Dear friends, Here are the last two bulletins on “CALL TO ALL AUDITORS” by Rosamond Harper. The last bulletin in particular is a beautiful summary. It is well worth reading carefully and understanding. Ultimately, we want to help so much, and it is a realization I also had that has changed my life in a very positive way: Helping is life. What I have come to understand is that if you want people to like you, whatever the dynamic, make sure they can help and support you. If you want to have enemies or become an Only-One, don't let people help you. Only-One (Lonely Wolf): To not be in communication with anyone. There are two ways to become an “Only-One”: a) you commit so many overts that you can't communicate with others and are excluded from life, or b) you become so “intelligent” that you can't or won't share your reality with others. For example, if you were to travel three centuries into the past, you would feel very lonely. As Ron said, it can be very lonely at the top. Believe me, people don't like you because you help them. You can take this literally. It is not an invitation not to help, quite to the contrary, because if you don't help others, you won't love anyone, and so you will become an Only-One. Life without help is not possible, and if it is too limited, it is sad. Money, a salary, an unconditional basic income, all the wealth on Earth will not make you happy. It is about helping and being helped.When people will have understood this principle, we will have a paradise on Earth. That is why Ron has always held co-auditing in high esteem. Much love. Max Hauri

  • Dwindling Spiral

    Calling all Auditors about Help (3) Introduction: An excellent Bulletin that perfectly explains the Dwindling Spiral and also one of my favorite statements from Ron: “You get what you resist”. It is a philosophy of life to face up counter-efforts and not resist them. Be ready to face all that is coming. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below. Calling all Auditors about Help (3) –Dwindling Spiral Bulletin from the 5 July 1960 In connection with Ron's new basic approach to finally understanding the way to "clearing" the Factors give us an illuminating look at the fundamentals. "Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect." "The decision is TO BE." And Ron goes on to tell of assuming a Viewpoint and the extending from the viewpoint of dimension points. And thus there is Space. He goes on to tell us that the action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing, so that from the Viewpoint to the Dimension point is connection and interchange. Thus there is communication and light, energy and life. So here we have a potential Oneness. No barriers therefore a complete Confrontingness. This adds up to a granting of Beingness, to all others, a complete lack of fear and criticism. To confront freely just what is equals being Cause, in that one can be complete Effect, which is the ability to accept anything, and this equals granting of Beingness, which is Life. So what? Somewhere along the line a thetan made the consideration that too big an effect was dangerous to survival and when much pain entered the picture he couldn't confront it, so rather than face it, grant it beingness and "have" the effect, he resists it mightily and finally does a total "no confront" and occludes it. And so starts the dwind­ling spiral. Effect on me is dangerous, let's resist it. Finally we put up barriers anyway, just in case there might be an effect in the offing. So, there is blockage, resistance, a fear of helping or being helped, and as this grows we get a compulsive separateness. But it is not really a separateness, it is a compulsive togetherness and here is the trap. At the top of the scale life is one and separate at the same time, we give and receive help – granting of beingness freely. Lower we bind ourselves to one another by our O/Ws. So that my original and continuing Overt is basically against myself, for I hurt myself to the exact ratio that I hurt others, for I am others and become more and more compulsively so in a dwindling spiral until we get to the Valence stage and here I, in mystery and unknowingness become that which I failed to help, "can't have," can't confront. So life is still one but now it is compulsively so and most of us don't know it. We seem to separate, but are in reality bound and imprisoned and complete effect of what? Our own creations. The only freedom is in giving and receiving help. But this is dangerous, this might be control or interference, in short it is "betrayal." This explained in terms of energy makes the picture very clear. Every creation is Thought – an energy flow. A highly mobile affinity energy wave has no compulsive sticky cohesive power, one can give and receive it without being caught by it. As we sink downscale we create heavier and more cohesive energy which not only entraps us, but in attracting energy of like turgid intensity, binds us even more securely to that which we resist or can't help. The dwindling spiral finally brings us to a low interest level in life and as interest dwindles so does Communi­cation. If one doesn't communicate there is no or little interchange and no finishing cycles of action, so no control. Finally, almost no thetan present to help or not help. So in pre-session we get the pc to clear off a few confusions by looking at and discussing in an atmosphere of granting of beingness those points. Those of you who have audited the Deadly Quartet will have watched confusion and not-is-ness flying off and in running the various Help processes a pc really looks at why he feels help is betrayal, why he shies away from it. Barriers drop, the pc begins to realize it is his own resistance to effects which makes an effect dangerous. Why do so many of us feel Affinity is dangerous. Is it because complete affinity means no barriers, no mistrust, no suspicions and this might mean having to confront an effect which is painful! It is our own resistance to pain which holds it there. Otherwise how could an Assist be successful? Once confronted in Present Time and the pain goes. Once the mis-emotion in an incident is confronted the incident has no more effect. We held it there, why? Well maybe the answer is that we didn't know what we were doing. Ron has now told us, we understand the mechanism of the reactive mind, we understand that only our own creations can entrap us – and the road is clear ahead. Once the ridges and resistances of long ago and now are looked at, they de-intensify. Auditing does this. There is no need to build them up again. Thanks Ron. Rosamond Harper HCO Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Dear Friends, Here is an interview with me about my time in the church of Scientology and what happened next. In English and Russian: Max: Here's an interview with Erica, in English and Russian: Erica: Here are some insights from the latest training camps: [Pictures]. You can read the previous newsletters in our blog: Above the bulletin about “Calling all Auditors about Help – Dwindling Spiral”. An excellent Bulletin that perfectly explains the Dwindling Spiral and also one of my favorite statements from Ron: “You get what you resist”. Sometimes pain is hard to bear, but very often I have been able to manage pain by reversing the flow and not resisting it, but accepting it, even loving it. And after a while, it disappeared. It is a philosophy of life to face up counter-efforts and not resist them. TR 0 is just that. Being ready to confront whatever comes. And until you are able to do that, you may well go through hell with pain, somatics and misemotions. It stops just when you confront the unconscious, yet powerful, counter-effort. It is pointless asking what kind of counter-effort it was. It often disappears and we don't know what it was. Gone, it is gone. Much love, Max Hauri

  • Cause and Effect

    Calling all Auditors about Help (4) Introduction: Cause and effect! L. Ron Hubbard emphasizes that when you justify and "un-guilt" yourself, you become an effect. An important purpose of Scientology is to make someone become more and more cause, to be more confident and start things. Nobody else but the person himself is responsible for his life! Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below. ​Cause and Effect Calling All Auditors About Help (4) – HCOB 16 June 1960 After several weeks of getting grooved into Help processing we have a clearer picture of progress made, of refinements of running, and above all – of the fundamental importance of this basic approach to a case. A pc approaches us to be helped in some way, he probably feels life has – dealt him a raw deal and that as a "Victim" he is very much effect of the dread­fully unfair things which have "happened" to him. We, with the wider know­ledge of life that Scientology gives, know that a person becomes aberrated only by means of his own, not another's, actions. Others can obviously influence and harm us if we let them. We usually do and until this fact becomes clear through our own cognition, go on blaming others. This of course, gets us nowhere fast. Life is just as full and happy as our communication to other life forms is free – without fear, blame or hesitancy. Any other attitude but trust and understanding will build barriers of resistance between ourselves and those we live and work with. This cuts down life potential tremendously. Now, how to get this over to a "victim" pc? Help does it and fast. Our results from all over the world this week have been better than ever. Clear cut differences in profiles, with greatly changed considerations and advances in IQ. Tackle a case with pre-session and easy two-way comm, on the Deadly Quartet. This brings the confusion off in clouds – shake as many O/W out as possible, but don't run them. An easier pc now grooves into Model Session, finds his goals – clears his Auditor, if necessary with two-way Help; PTP personnel with O/W; and will tell you whom or what he wants to help. Find this out and pick up the first terminal he ever tried to help in his history of Dianetics and Scientology. If the needle is sticky start with Concept Help. This run with Alternate Confront and plenty of Havingness is a powerful combination. Ron ex­plains that your difficult pc only "helps" a terminal he finds impossible to confront so by running that terminal we are restiming him. Alternate confront helps him Look at this terminal and you have a happier preclear. Don't forget the Havingness – "Look around here and find something you could have". He needs enough. Go on from here to Help O/W on assessed terminal and run flat, flat, flat. Never leave a terminal until the needle is nul. One terminal really flattened progresses a case for more than several half run. This is very important. Remember a pc's case is his valences. If he were basically himself he wouldn't need you. Help strips valences, but while he is a combination of them, it is no good running Responsibility as such. He will gleefully make his Aunt Matilda entirely responsible and this doesn't solve anything. Responsibility can be used at this stage only for easing off an unwisely chosen terminal. Run old O/W alternate Confront or Responsibility. Run general terminals in preference to near PT specific ones. Back track comes flying up. Continue to run Help. Dating incidents is not necessary here and will break into a fast working process, so don't be tempted. ​Control If pc is interested in his case he'll be in control, so don't run it. If he is in urgent need of control run CCHs but he'd have to be psychotic or unconscious. These are the latest tools Ron has handed us. They are geared for the job of clearing any pc. Use them intelligently; keep ARC high and have the intention to Clear. You will. Rosamond Harper HCO Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Dear friends, I love the subject of cause and effect! In particular, Ron emphasizes that when you justify and "un-guilt" yourself, you become an effect. An important purpose of Scientology is to make someone become more and more cause, to be more confident and start things. Nobody else but the person himself is responsible for his life! The bulletin above describes it very clearly. A Scientologist is not a victim. Help is an important, albeit dangerous, stage. It is very important that someone can accept and give help. But the help of making someone cause is more important than simply getting a few problems out of their way or slipping them some money or giving them some well-meant advice. Good help consists of insisting that someone does something or gets something done. It's better than doing it for them. Unfortunately, the second is often easier. You can read more about this in previous newsletters, especially here: Question and Answer Ron is certainly still with us. To my understanding Scientology was not his only and alone effort to increase Homo sapiens, there have been more efforts and it is going on. And Capt. Bill also said that we have a lot of people here on earth working for that goal. In other words I am pretty sure he is working hard but I can't tell you where he is or what he is doing and when we will see him again and in what form and body. I guess I do know Ron's answer to such a question: I have given you the tech, it is up to you to get the show on the Start! Much love Max Hauri

  • Calling all Auditors-3

    Introduction: "Calling all Auditors-3" or how there is no need to look further afield for lack of good auditing results… And discover why help is fundamental to run. This is a technical blog aimed primarily at professional Auditors. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below. ​Calling All Auditors-3 Bulletin 11. May 1960 There is no need to look further afield for lack of good auditing results than the fact that few auditors seem to know exactly what a free needle, null for any specific terminal is. As many auditors have been confused on this point, this is a new pair of technical definitions. Null needle: Needle does not react on a particular terminal but reacts on other terminals. Free needle: Needle does not react on any terminal. Clear, idly swinging, free. This needle only registers bodily activity such as heartbeats, bloodstream and breathing. It moves quietly to and fro across the dial varying in its swing and pattern for individual pcs but never jerkily or reactively. This point can be reached in relation to any terminal. "Mum" may be run to a free needle, so we call this 'null' for Mum. "Dad" may be anything but free so Dad has not been run to a 'null' needle. A clear would be 'null' on anyone or anything and would have a free needle on all incidents or terminals. There are many Help processes to achieve this. Assess for any hot terminal after the needle frees up a bit on the five way bracket, etc., and run Help O/W: "How could you help __________?" "How would you not help __________?" "Recall a time you helped __________." "Recall a time you did not help __________." These are fantastic processes. But no process is a magical formula for clearing people, without the addition of an intelligent well trained auditor. And no auditor is either well trained or intelligent if he does not run a terminal flat. This is no longer even vaguely guess work or dependent upon the judgment of the auditor alone. A good meter is an invaluable and utterly necessary tool. When the meter says FLAT with its nice easy flowing needle action you can believe it. It is flat. Until the needle says flat and Tone Arm points to Sex Clear, well there is no argument, the process is not flat. So watch your preclear, run general help, pick a hot terminal and run help watch your meter and trust it. You'll get clears. Rosamond Harper HCO Technical Secretary for L. Ron Hubbard Dear friends, In response to my last newsletter, I received a few inquiries about what kind of help processes can be run, where they can be found, etc. These processes are certainly run at Grade 1. There is a whole section dedicated to the topic of help. Ron also says that running help is fundamental. In general, Grade 1 consists of the following three sections: (a) Objective Processes and CCHs, Control [CCH = control, communication and havingness] It's about improving the relationship of the thetan to the physical universe and the body. One can also say to improve or establish the ARC to these two elements. This knowledge, when understood, is brilliant. You can do wonders with a new learner driver by running first reach and withdraw on a car and improving his ARC before you put him behind the wheel. You can do the same with spiders. I guarantee you that this process can neutralize any spider phobia to the point of loving spiders. It may take hours if not days, but it can be done. Objective processes and CCHs address the most basic things in a person's life and improve their relationship with them. First and foremost, it's about his body. It also runs out hypnosis, tiredness, disinterest and things like that. Control must also be flattened. This is described in the HCOB April 21, 1960 Pre-Session Processes. You must be able to control, but you must also allow to be controlled. b) Help. As described in the last newsletter, the bulletin mentioned above, help is an important factor not only in auditing but also in life. Ron has given some really good lectures on the subject. c) Problems The last part is problems, or problem processes. This is about being able to resolve a problem and in a nutshell, you do it by looking closely at what the problem is. More importantly, you look at what is your force or your own energy against someone or something and take it out or direct it properly. So that you don't go against someone's force, but understand what the opposite force is and in which direction it points in order to deal with it accordingly. Everybody will have their own personal cognitions and learn how to deal with problems. Magically, when you take away your energy and force, the person often comes to you and offers cooperation. Even if you tend to see the problem on the other side, by taking responsibility for your own part in it, you can get the other person to cooperate. Above there is a help process in the bulletin. You can run this process with someone. Just make sure you run it flat and first get the agreement from your pc that you will indeed run this process flat and that it may take hours. A good working manual to understand how to audit is the book "Straightwire". Much love, Max Hauri

  • Calling all Auditors about Help

    Introduction: Calling all auditors about Help and how to apply the "Pre-Session Procedures" will help everyone to win. Have you ever had trouble auditing someone? Well, you will be happy to know that these problems have been vanquished thanks to a few materials that L. Ron Hubbard developed. He thought of all of us. Watch the film about the report on the Special Training Camp of the Auditors Class 8. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below ​ Calling All Auditors About Help Bulletin 26 May 1960 This week we can definitely say that the latest Rundown – Presessioning on the Deadly Quartet and running the first button Help until it is flat, is having spectacular results. From every Org come enthusiastic reports and the first actual pc results run entirely on Help came through from the HGC London this week. There, great gains were made without exception on eight preclears. Profile and IQ changes of real magnitude. There will be another HCO Bulletin from Ron on this soon, but I'll just run through the salient points. Two way comm easily with your pc. Discuss Help – Control – Comm and get his reality and understanding. Note needle reaction. If he has no reality on Help or firmly believes he can help no one nor be helped – run 'Concept Help': 'Get the idea of helping' 'Get the idea of not helping'. If the pc is out of control you should be running CCH, so don't run SCS or 8C at this stage. During discussion of Communication try to get the pc to spill his O/Ws, just to get them off his chest. This will be a big relief but do not run them. By now the Interest factor should be up and you are ready to go into Model Session. Use Help O/W on an Auditor ARC break, or if this is too tough for the pc undercut with 'Recall trying to help me' Do a Dynamic Assessment and pick a hot terminal very real to the pc and run Help O/W. If needle is very sticky begin with 2 way Help and Five Way Bracket to free it up. Exactly the same rules apply to running Help O/W as did for O/W and Responsibility. So if the pc runs out of answers on a specific terminal, change over to the general form of that terminal and continue. Keep havingness up to the ratio of at least half an hour to every one and a half hours of Help O/W. Run every terminal contacted to a null needle. You have the definition of a null needle. Make sure it is one. We look forward to hearing of your successes, please let us know. Anything you as an auditor or D of P have learned about Help would be appreciated and any problem you are having in handling it should be forwarded to Ron at once. Rosamond Harper HCO Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Presession Processes Bulletin 20 April 1960 Have you ever wondered how to persuade a stranger to get audited? Have you ever had to “sell” a hostile family member Scientology before you could audit someone? Have you ever had trouble auditing anyone? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that these problems have been vanquished by some material I’ve developed. You see – I do think of you! Pre-session processes are a new idea. They were hinted at in HCO Bulletin April 7, 1960. But there’s more to it. A pre-session process is a process that is used to get into session: (a) A stranger who isn’t receiving well; (b) A person antagonistic to Scientology; (c) A person who ARC breaks easily in session; (d) A person who makes few gains in session; (e) A person who relapses after being helped; (f) A person who makes no gains in auditing; (g) A person who, having been audited, refuses further auditing; (h) Any person being audited as a check-off before session, aloud to pc or silently by auditor. Pre-session processes parallel in importance the auditing of unconscious people. But I feel they have wider use and will assist dissemination enormously as well as improve graph gains. These processes are four in number. They are designed as classes of processes to handle these four points: 1. Help factor 2. Control factor 3. Pc Communication factor 4. Interest factor. Unless these four points are present in a session, it is improbable, in a great number of cases, that any real, lasting gain will be made. This is old data. It is new data to consider these as pre-session points. Before one has a pc in session he cannot really run a Model Session or any session at all. The usual struggle is to start a session and then try to start a session by having the pc go into session. This is a confusion of long standing and leads auditors to run processes like the CCHs when they could be running higher processes. The CCHs are often necessary, but not necessary on a pc who could be put into session easily and could then run higher level processes for faster gains. The only thing this changes about a Model Session (HCO Bulletin February 25, 1960) is the start. If a pc is in the auditing room and auditing is to be attempted, then one starts, not Tone 40, but formal. “We are going to begin auditing now.” The auditor then goes over his check list and ticks off the pre-session points 1, 2, 3, 4, and satisfied, goes into the rudiments and carries forward a Model Session. Naturally, if he wants to put the pc into session with pre-session processes, when the pc is finally in session we would startle him out with a Tone 40 “Start”. A pc who is running extraordinarily well and making fast gains should be checked over silently at beginning and then given “Start” Tone 40 as in the Model Session and the auditor proceeds at once to rudiments. But this would be used only after the pc was really getting along. A new pc or new to the auditor should be pre-sessioned as above for many sessions. A pre-session type of session might find the auditor not satisfied with more than the first two of the four points by session end. If so, end the session easily with a location of pc’s attention on the room and simply end it by saying so. While many processes may be developed out of the four classes of help, control, communication and interest, it is certain that these classes will remain stable, since these four are vital to auditing itself and imply no wrongness in the pc. All other known factors of life and the mind can be handled by a session and improved. But these four – help, control, communication and interest – are vital to auditing itself and without them auditing doesn’t happen. One or more of these four items was awry in every pc who, one, did not take auditing, two, on whom gains were poor or slow, and three, who failed to complete auditing. So you see that is a number of pcs and the pre-session processes are the important remedy. Why make the same error again. One of my jobs is to improve auditing results. This may be, as you may find, the biggest single step in that direction since Book One, since it includes them all. The auditor can cause help, control, communication and interest rather than hope they will come to pass. As such these four factors are practically clubs. I would almost rather not give you some processes to fit these four conditions. I certainly desire you to be free in inspecting, understanding and employing them. What great art could arise from this innocent scientific quartet. I would rather you used them as a maestro rather than play sheet music. How adroit, how clever, how subtle we could become with them! Example of what I mean: Grouchy car salesman. Knows that anything Scientologist friend Bill takes up is “rot”. Hates people. Scientologist approaches. Gets a scoff at Bill’s enthusiasms. Scientologist handles help. “Don’t you think people can be helped?” Lazy argument, all very casual. Car salesman finally wins by losing utterly. He concedes something or someone could help him. Another day. Scientologist approaches. Asks car salesman to move here and there, do this and that, all by pretending interest in cars. Really it’s 8-C. All casual. Salesman wins again by losing. Another day. Scientologist gets on subject of communication with car salesman. Finally salesman concedes he doesn’t mind telling Scientologist about his shady deals. Does. Salesman wins and so does Scientologist. Another day. Scientologist gets car salesman to see pictures or blackness by any smooth conversation. Salesman becomes interested in getting his flat feet fixed up. Negative result: One scoffer less Positive result: One new pc. Any way you handle them the Deadly Quartet must be present before auditing, or even interest in Scientology, can exist. Talk about John Wellington Wells. The Scientologist can weave even greater magical spells with help, control, communication and interest. Talk to a new club. What about? Help, of course. Get them to agree they could be helped or could help. And when they ask you to come back talk about good and bad control. And when they want you again, it’s communication you stress. And interest of course, when you give that talk, will find you ready people. In Scientology everybody wins. It’s the only game in which everyone does. With these four factors you can’t lose and neither can they. As a Scientologist you know several processes under each heading. It’s establishing each point in turn that’s important. Ah, what a shock you’ll get on some pc when you find he wasn’t ever interested in his own case. He was getting audited for his wife! You’ll only find that out if you get the three forerunners flat first. ​ Processes On processes, under help you have two-way comm about help, two-way help, help in brackets, dichotomies of can-help can’t-help, rising scale on help; lots of forms. On control you have two-way comm, TR 5 (You make that body sit in that chair), CCH 2, old-time 8-C, object S-C-S, S-C-S, etc, etc. On communication you have two-way comm, “Recall a time you communicated,” etc, but much more basically, two-way comm to get off overts, O/W on the auditor, “Think of something you have done to somebody” “Think of something you have withheld from somebody” with occasional, “Anything you would like to tell me?” when meter acts up. Nothing helps communication like getting off fundamental overts that would keep pc out of session or ARC with auditor. That’s the point of this step, whether done casually in a drawing room or in an auditing room. “Surely, Mrs. Screamstack, you can’t sit there and tell me that, unlike the rest of the human race, you have never done a single wrong thing in your whole life!” Well, that’s one way to knock apart a case at a formal dinner party. Interest is the place where your knowledge of the mind comes into heavy play. But note that this is Number Four. How often have we used it for Number One and flopped! That was because the correct One was missing, to say nothing of Two and Three! I can see you now trying to interest a family member with Four without teaching on the first three. Why, I’ve done it myself! Just like you. I audited an official of a government after a dinner party for two hopeless hours one night. He knew he’d been run over. But he surely was no sparkling result. I shamefully and vividly recall now that, not touched by me, his idea of help was to kill off the whole human race! The first steps of OT-3A will gain interest from almost anyone. Even the Black Fives will get confounded when they find what state their recalls are in. ​ And then? And then follow a gradient scale of gain. Find something the pc can do and improve it. When the four points, the Deadly Quartet, are covered, we have the rudiments and they must cover facts, not glibitity. After the four points you improve the case by gradient scales. And you keep the four points established. ​ Summary If it takes you a hundred hours to establish the four points of sessioning, you’ll still win faster because you will win. If it takes only two hours the first time you do them on a pc, feel lucky. Be thorough. Establish the four points. Use a Model Session. Follow a course in processing of finding something the pc knows he can do and improve that ability. And you’ll have Clears. And if your use of the Deadly Quartet becomes as adroit and smooth as I think it will, we will have this planet licked and be scouting the stars before we’re too much older. At last, we’ve created the basic weapon in Scientology dissemination and processing that makes us a lot more effective on Earth than a lot of drooling politicians scrubbing their hands around an atomic warhead. By golly, they better watch out now. But don’t tell them. Just run (1) Help, (2) Control, (3) Communication and (4) Interest. Now go tackle somebody who wouldn’t buy Scientology – use the Deadly Quartet. And win! L. Ron Hubbard Dear Friends, "Have you ever wondered how to persuade a stranger to get audited? Have you ever had to “sell” a hostile family member Scientology before you could audit someone? "Have you ever had trouble auditing anyone?Well, you’ll be pleased to know that these problems have been vanquished by some material I’ve developed. You see – I do think of you!..." Now the above are Ron's words from the HCOB April 21, 1960 "Pre-Session Processes" and form the basis on which the "Call to All Auditors" bulletins were written. Below you will find this very HCOB and also the HCOB from May 26, 1960 "Calling all Auditors about Help". By the way, the HCOB of April 21, 1960 "The Pre-Session Processes" can be found in the "Basics of Life Course" also known as HQS. Much love, Max If you speak Russian, and can sometimes follow some of the English translations, watch this film: Report on the Special Training Camp of the Auditors Class 8 – Ron's Org "Winter 2024"  – Scientology accessible

  • Calling all Auditors - 2

    Introduction: Calling all auditors: Help is an important thing. Ron has talked and written a lot about it. Is a person willing and able to help? And is she willing to receive help? Find out how loaded this subject can be. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below as well as a success story about the Class VIII Course (in green) Calling all Auditors (2) Bulletin 10 May 1960 This is the second week of our worldwide survey of Auditing results and it becomes immediately apparent that our idea of presessioning is not Ron's. So lets take a look at what we should do. Ask the preclear what he understands by 'Help'. Usually he says 'to aid or assist to – well help someone to do something he wants to do, to assist something or someone towards survival'. That sounds all right – after all survival is the basic goal of all living things. So we two-way comm and get the pc's ideas and understanding of help, and then bridge into the process of two-way help. It will be an unusual pc whose needle isn't sticky, but after a time it frees up a bit and the flow has started. Bridge out into the 5 way bracket and watch your pc get really into it. Run this for as long as you think necessary and then go on to "What problem could help be to you" or "What problem has help been to you?" The pc may cease being factual in the first and start inventing. Many things will happen. The pc cognites on help as an interference; on help used as a control mechanism by parents, teachers and grown-ups in general; or as a stopping of his efforts to learn by himself. He knows 'help' is something to be avoided at all costs – he doesn't trust help. In short "help" is betrayal. All right – all right you've started, get him through this, don't leave him at the make-break point. Go on with 'help', run it until the needle doesn't flicker, no matter who the terminal the pc mentions: Auntie Josephine, his hated headmaster, little Ollie or the man next door, and then and only then is it safe to leave 'help' and go on to the next button. The world is in need of help – people just don't do it much any more. They are not only often afraid of asking for help – they are afraid of receiving it. Yesterday I missed my bus by two minutes. The alternative to being late for work was to get a lift. Car after car completely ignored me, as I trudged along. So I stopped and asked for a ride, the same result. Ten cars sailed past – empty. The eleventh stopped. 'I'm glad you asked' he said 'People are too inhibited these days' – 'Do you think we have forgotten how to help?' 'When I see people standing waiting at bus stops I often want to stop, but I know they'd probably refuse, so I don't.' What is the stoppage in the flow of life? We are not millions of completely separate beings airily independent of each other, far from it. Our very thought and action affects somebody, we all live together on this planet mutually interdependent right through the dynamics, and only by helping people to realize this for themselves can we walk the road to 'clear'. So let's have no more reports saying 'Ran presession for 1-½ hours, all buttons flat'. 'Pre-session fulfilled in 15 minutes'. 'Two-way commed all buttons in ½ an hour'. No, do what Ron says – Run Help flat. Rosamond Harper – Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Oleg's success story on the Class VIII Course It is very hard to find words to describe the course itself. There was a lot of information before about why it is and what benefits it provides! This course is unlike any course I have taken before. Yes, there is a checksheet, a course pack, additional materials, everything we are used to before. But the structure, the connectedness of the material and the way it was organized each day into a coherent system - surprised and pleased at the same time. The first thing that struck us were the lectures that we studied before the actual course pack! The meaning of the word "standard" gradually began to take deeper root among the many data we studied. Later, the documents themselves became fertile ground, forming a coherent picture logic of the approach to solving cases. Then everything was built around the main important things, the main core of the technology! The information simply complemented each other, rooting the logic and foundation of all the previously studied theory. Literally in a few days the thoughts about "special cases and approaches" and "exceptions to the rules" disappeared completely! Everything came really to one standard, to one common approach without speculations and variations. The course pack and materials look like a pyramid, on which different sized rings are put on every day. At the top of which the axioms are placed! And you can look at the cases from different positions and levels, but it will always have a connection to the center of the pyramid. Already on the course itself, I was changing work in case supervision, taking notes and forwarding them to the auditors. There were whole areas that needed to be retrained or refreshed. Which led me to planning the classes in our Qualification Division for this year. The shift in case supervision was immediately noticeable, right from the learning phase of the course. We made revisions in such areas as case preparation, life repairs, repairs, rehabilitations, confessions, straight wire and all styles of auditing, and much, much more. It's kind of a small revolution, but I'm trying to do it gradually. The morale of the staff has gone way up! The overall tone of the group is up! And most importantly, in a very strange way, new people started coming to us, as if another door to the organization had opened to us. It's hard to tell you how much data I've reviewed! Throughout the duration of the course, I diligently documented my notes, filling three pages with meticulously written small characters. Many thanks to the translators who managed to translate the huge amount of material from the 60s and the corrections made to the already translated material. Priceless work! The admin and ethics of the group have changed. It's like the staff have been given extra confidence, motivation and meaning to what we've been doing for decades. The approach to many organizational issues has changed, and most importantly, a calmness in handling many situations has come. I once had a dream that I would someday attend the Class VIII. Well, it has come true! I still hardly believe it! Huge thanks to Max Hauri for making it happen! More than a miracle, you can't call it a miracle it is above. To collect all the materials is a great job of many years!!! I also wanted to thank Vadim Zudeev and all the admin staff who helped to gather the C/es and auditors from many organizations and organize our training in a great place! Also, to all the participants, my colleagues, thank you so much! You are great people! This training was and should have been in this environment! We came together and became bigger! Unforgettable, friendly, fun, energetic, helping each other in everything as a team! Erica and Max's supervision was top notch! This camp, all the students – endless gratitude and honor!!! And a big bow to L. Ron Hubbard for the diamond that is the Class VIII Course that he standardized everything previously created with! Much love Oleg Eremenko – Ron's Org "Ability" – Rostow – Russia – 2024 Dear Friends, Help is an important thing. Ron has talked and written a lot about it. Is a person willing and able to help? Not wanting to is one thing, but helping can also have the opposite effect, which is then detrimental. All these implications – and there are many – can make the subject very loaded, and need to be audited in any case. For the most important aspect of all, is the following: does the person, as a preclear, allow you to help her? An important criterion that often goes overlooked. More information in the linked Bulletin at the top. Read Oleg Eremenko's success story; C/S and CO of Ron's Org "Ability" in Rostov – Russia Much love Max Hauri

  • Calling all Auditors

    Introduction: Calling all Auditors! We have the tools – Ron has seen to that. We have the Auditors – We have the preclears. So what is preventing us from producing Clears faster than we are doing? Hark ye well – Nothing can stand up to present day procedure. It's simple. Just read – discuss – understand and use the tools he has given you. Use them. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below Calling all Auditors Bulletin 3. May 1960 A worldwide survey of Auditing Results is now in progress to enable us to isolate the factors which are preventing optimum gains. We have the tools – Ron has seen to that. We have the Auditors – We have the preclears. So what is preventing us from producing Clears faster than we are doing? Presession procedure – OT 3a – Model Sessioning, it's all there. We know what makes homo sapiens tick – we know how and why he slows himself up and reduces his abilities, and we know what to do and how to do it. So what is it? Two points stand out already. - a.       Auditors are not getting their pc's into session. b.       And once in – auditors are not flattening processes. A great many pcs "know" there is no such thing as help. So run help, Two way comm, Two-way help, five-way bracket, until the stuck needle loosens up and then and only then carry on with control. Once again run this to a loose needle – put your pc on the meter before running "You make that body" etc., and test him for a loose needle when the process ends – Stuck needle? Off you go again on "You make that body sit in that chair". Now is he in communication with you or does he say he is? Run "Think of something you have done to somebody" "Think of something you have withheld from somebody" O/W on the Auditor. Two way comm – anything to get off the overts which are preventing him from free communication with you. Again a loose needle and a willing tongue go together. Have that Affinity high – he'll trust you. If these points are seen to, there remains just one more essential. Now is he interested in his own case? Talk to him, get him to tell you of his puzzlements, his hopes – his wins and his losses – he'll be interested. Right, he is in session, and once that is achieved he's on his way to clear. At this point pay attention to (b) above. Flatten these processes, and the gradient scale of wins he will get – the growing confidence he'll find in managing his bank, why the mere straightening of his life time track will work a miracle. Hark ye well – Nothing can stand up to present day procedure. Look at the results some auditors get. They put down their successes to following Ron's directions exactly. Why aren't we all doing that? It's simple. Just read – discuss – understand and use the tools he has given you. Use them. Two days ago we had a case report of a man who for ten years had not been over one mile from his home – as such panic overtook him that he was reduced to near insanity. £ 200 spent on Electric Shock "treatment", a spell in a Mental Home, $500 spent on indifferent auditing, and still he shook with fear at the thought of the outside world. He tried everything, alcohol to numb his terror, drugs to "stabilize" him, will power to make him face it. No good. His wife was desperate, his family gave up. An Auditor with the latest data happened along and after approximately four hours of pre-session procedure – three hours of OT 3A Steps 1 and two – four hours O/W on his wife flattened with Responsibility and five hours spent running and flattening his past immediate death as a soldier in World War 1, and he had tea, spruced himself up and went for a twenty five mile drive with a wife whose eyes opened wider with astonishment as every mile came and went. Afraid of death? "It's just like buying a new motor car" he remarked "this getting a new body". But would it have been possible without pre-sessioning? Never. So get that preclear into session, straighten out his time track. Reduce those overts and flatten but flatten with Responsibility one hot present life terminal and you'll alter his whole pattern of behaviour. Nothing is stopping you. At the risk of repetition there is nothing absolutely nothing which can stop any pc making phenomenal gains, once he is in session except your auditing. Flatten his PTP, don't audit over an ARC break and continue to flatten every process you run and you must win. From Rosamond Harper, Technical Secretary WW for L. Ron Hubbard Dear friends, I found a series of old HCOBs, not from Ron, but from Rosamond Harper, Technical Secretary WW. It is actually a success story from back then and shows what can be achieved with auditing, and what you can achieve with it too. Any of us can do it.We train auditors! In this crazy world, it's the best thing you can do! The "Straightwire – A working manual" is a great basis for this. You can get this book as PDF on our website. (Ability Major 4, July 1955.) Here is an interview with Erica, Daniela and Max: Much love Max Hauri

  • Morale

    Introduction: Morale is defined as "a sense of common purpose or a degree of dedication to a common task regarded as characteristic of or dominant in a particular group or organization". Morale – Policy Letter 16 April 1970 from L. Ron Hubbard Morale is defined as "a sense of common purpose or a degree of dedication to a common task regarded as characteristic of or dominant in a particular group or organization". Also defined as "A confident, resolute, willing, often self-sacrificing and courageous attitude of an individual to the function or tasks demanded or expected of him by a group of which he is a part that is based upon such factors as pride in achievement and aims of the group, faith in its leadership and ultimate success, a sense of fruitful personal participation in its work and a devotion and loyalty to other members of the group". Also "a state of well-being and buoyancy based upon such factors as physical or mental well-being, a sense of purpose and usefulness and confidence in the future." Morale in a military sense applies to the whole group as in "Esprit de Corps" (spirit of the group). However, a group's morale is after all the additive result of the morale of each individual member. When one speaks of "bad morale" one can mean an individual's bad morale or that of a whole group. By caring for the morale of each individual one can raise the morale of the whole group. By working on group morale one can also change the morale of the individuals in the group. Successes tend to increase morale. Failures tend to decrease morale. Morale is subject to propaganda attacks entering false data into a group. Sound morale is best built by Reality. The restricting of unsavory news can injure morale by throwing out the Reality factor. Similarly false validation can injure group morale as the Reality factor is corrupted. The "expertise" of military groups in "handling morale" is to a marked degree worthless wherever it violates Reality factors. A severe or savage experience does not necessarily destroy group morale. I have observed that there was no group at all much less morale in combat units before they had a harsh experience in common. The highest morale groups in the world have been those whose common lot was harsh mutual experience. (US Marines, the Foreign Legion, etc.) Morale is not a sweetness and light proposition. Hand holding and sympathy can destroy morale if it also lessens group solidarity or injures the belief in the group's leadership. Reality is the vital factor in all morale problems. Six months or even a year before an operational or functional catastrophe one could have detected out-morale in certain areas. Such out-morale areas, continuing, have preceded a general upset or severe loss for the whole group. If small zones of out-morale are noticed and repaired when they occur, the group can be saved future upsets of magnitude. The repair of individual morale is accomplishable in the field of Scientology tech and Ethics. The handling of group morale is done in the area of accomplishing objectives along the agreed upon group purpose line and in the sphere of group social relations. If any organization has a chaplain with a full grasp of the subject of morale, its definitions and technology and if he works factually and successfully, group catastrophes would be averted. Lack of this function can be very destructive to a group. Successful accomplishment of it can be the source of group success. Skill in Scientology Tech, group organizational functions and Public Relations are the requisites of a good chaplain. L. Ron Hubbard

  • That is why Clear is so important

    Introduction: That is why Clear is so important. Making a mistake is not really bad. But repeating a mistake endlessly is bad and even worse is when you don't even remember it. Read the whole article and think about it. Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below. That is why Clear is so important The Clear – Chapter 2 of Dianetics: The modern Science of the Mental Health, from L. Ron Hubbard Dianetically, the optimum individual is called the clear. One will hear much of that word, both as a noun and a verb, in this volume, so it is well to spend time here at the outset setting forth exactly what can be called a clear, the goal of dianetic therapy. A clear can be tested for any and all psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations) and can be examined for any autogenic (self-generated) diseases referred to as psycho-somatic ills. These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations. Additional tests of his intelligence indicate it to be high above the current norm. Observation of his activity demonstrates that he pursues existence with vigor and satisfaction. Further, these results can be obtained on a comparative basis. A neurotic individual, possessed also of psychosomatic ills, can be tested for those aberrations and illnesses, demonstrating that they exist. He can then be given dianetic therapy to the end of clearing these neuroses and ills. Finally, he can be examined, with the above results. This, in passing, is an experiment which has been performed many times with invariable results. It is a matter of laboratory test that all individuals who have organically complete nervous systems respond in this fashion to dianetic clearing. Further, the clear possesses attributes, fundamental and inherent but not always available in an uncleared state, which have not been suspected of Man and are not included in past discussions of his abilities and behavior. First there is the matter of perceptions. Even so-called normal people do not always see in full color, hear in full tone, or sense at the optimum with their organs of smell, taste, tactile and organic sensation. These are the main lines of communication to the finite world which most people recognize as reality. It is an interesting commentary that while past observers felt that the facing of reality was an absolute necessity if the aberrated individual wished to be sane, no definition of how this was to be done was set forth. To face reality in the present one would certainly have to be able to sense it along those channels of communication most commonly used by man in his affairs. Any one of Man's perceptions can be aberrated by psychic derangements which refuse to permit the received sensations to be realized by the analytical portion of the individual's mind. In other words, while there may be nothing wrong with the mechanisms of color reception, circuits can exist in the mind which delete color before the consciousness is permitted to see the object. Color blindness can be discovered to be relative or in degrees in such a way that colors appear to be less brilliant, dull or, at the maximum, entirely absent. Anyone is acquainted with persons to whom "loud" colors are detestable and with persons who find them insufficiently "loud" to notice. This varying degree of color blindness has not been recognized as a psychic factor but has been nebulously assumed to be some sort of a condition of mind when it was noticed at all. There are those persons to whom noises are quite disturbing, to whom, for instance, the insistent whine of a violin is very like having a brace and bit applied to the eardrum; and there are those to whom fifty violins, played loudly, would be soothing; and there are those who, in the presence of a violin, express disinterest and boredom; and, again, there are persons to whom the sound of a violin, no matter if it be playing the most intricate melody, is a monotone. These differences of sonic (hearing) perception have, like color and other visual errors, been attributed to inherent nature or organic deficiency or assigned no place at all. In a like manner, from person to person, smells, tactile sensations, organic perceptions, pain and gravity, vary widely and wildly. A cursory check around amongst his friends will demonstrate to a man that there exist enormous differences of perception of identical stimuli. One smells a turkey in the oven as wonderful, one smells it with indifference, another may not smell it at all. And somebody else may maintain that roasting turkey smells exactly like hair oil – to be extreme. Until we obtain clears it remains obscure why such differences should exist. For in the largest measure, such wild quality and quantity of perception is due to aberration. Because of pleasurable experiences in the past and inherent sensitivity, there will be some difference amongst clears, and a clear response should not be assumed automatically to be a standardized, adjusted middle ground, that pallid and obnoxious goal of past doctrines. The clear gets a maximum response compatible with his own desire for the response. Burning cordite still smells dangerous to him, but it does not make him ill. Roasting turkey smells good to him if he is hungry and likes turkey, at which time it smells very, very good. Violins play melodies, not monotones, bring no pain and are enjoyed to a fine full limit if the clear likes violins as a matter of taste – if he doesn't, he likes kettledrums, saxophones or, indeed, suiting his mood, no music at all. In other words, there are two variables at work. One, the wildest, is the variable caused by aberrations. The other, and quite rational and understandable, is caused by the personality. Thus the perceptions of an aberree [neologism meaning an aberrated person.] (non-cleared individual) vary greatly from those of the cleared (unaberrated) individual. Now there are the differences of the actual organs of perception and the errors occasioned by these. Some of these errors, a minimum, are organic: punctured eardrums are not competent sound-recording mechanisms. The majority of perceptic (sense message) errors in the organic sphere are caused by psycho-somatic errors. Glasses are seen on noses everywhere around, even on children. The majority of these spectacles are perched on the face in an effort to correct a condition which the body itself is fighting to uncorrect again. Eyesight, when the stage of glasses is entered (not because of glasses), is deteriorating on the psycho-somatic principle. And this observation is about as irresponsible as a statement that when apples fall out of trees they usually obey gravity. One of the incidental things which happen to a clear is that his eyesight, if it had been bad as an aberree, generally improves markedly, and with some slight attention will recover optimum perception in time. (Far from an optician's argument against dianetics, this assures rather good business, for clears have been known, at treatment's end, to have to buy, in rapid succession, five pairs of glasses to compensate adjusting eyesight; and many aberrees, cleared late in life, settle down ocularly at a maximum a little under optimum.) The eyesight was reduced in the aberree on an organic basis by his aberrations so that the perceptic organ itself was reduced from optimum operating function. With the removal of aberrations, repeated tests have proven that the body makes a valiant effort to reconstruct back to optimum. Hearing, in addition to other perceptics, varies organically over a wide range. Calcium deposits, for instance, can make the ears "ring" incessantly. The removal of aberrations permits the body to readjust toward its reachable optimum, the calcium deposit disappears, and the ears stop ringing. But far and beyond this very specific case, there are great differences in hearing on the organic basis. Organically as well as aberrationally, hearing can become remarkably extended or closely inhibited so that one person may hear footsteps a block away as a normal activity and another would not hear a bass drum thundering on the porch. That the various perceptions differ widely from individual to individual on an aberrational and psycho-somatic basis is the least of the discoveries outlined here. Ability to recall is far more fantastic in its variation from person to person. An entirely new recall process which was inherent in the mind but which had not been noticed came to light in the process of observing clears and aberrees. This recall process is possible in only a small proportion of aberrees in its fullest sense. It is standard, however, in a clear. Naturally, no intimation is made here that the scholars of past ages have been unobservant. We are dealing here with an entirely new and hitherto non-existent object of inspection, the clear. What a clear can do easily, quite a few people have, from time to time, been partially able to do in the past. An inherent, not a taught, ability of the remembering mechanisms of the mind can be termed, as a technical word of dianetics, returning. It is used in its dictionary sense, with the addition of the fact that the mind has it as a normal remembering function, as follows: the person can "send" a portion of his mind to a past period on either a mental or combined mental and physical basis and can re-experience incidents which have taken place in his past in the same fashion and with the same sensations as before. Once upon a time an art known as hypnotism used what was called "regression" on hypnotized subjects, the hypnotist sending the subject back, in one of two ways, to incidents in his past. This was done with trance techniques, drugs and considerable technology. The hypnotic subject could be sent back to a moment "entirely" so that he gave every appearance of being the age to which he was returned with only the apparent faculties and recollections he had at that moment: this was called "revivification" (re-living). "Regression" was a technique by which part of the individual's self remained in the present and part went back to the past. These abilities of the mind were supposed native only in hypnotism and were used only in hypnotic technique. The art is very old, tracing back some thousands of years and existing today in Asia as it has existed, apparently, from the dawn of time. Returning is substituted for "regression" here because it is not a comparable thing and because "regression," as a word, has some bad meanings which would interrupt its use. Reliving is substituted for "revivification" in dianetics because, in dianetics, the principles of hypnotism can be found explained and hypnotism is not used in dianetic therapy, as will be explained later. The mind, then, has another ability to remember. Part of the mind can "return" even when a person is wide awake and re-experience past incidents in full. If you want to test this, try it on several people until one is discovered who does it easily. Wide awake he can "return" to moments in his past. Until asked to do so he probably will not know he has such an ability. If he had it, he probably thought everybody could do it (the type of supposition which has kept so much of this data from coming to light before). He can go back to a time when he was swimming and swim with full recall of hearing, sight, taste, smell, organic sensation, tactile, etc. A "learned" gentleman once spent some hours demonstrating to a gathering that the recall of a smell as a sensation, for instance, was quite impossible since "neurology had proven that the olfactory nerves were not connected to the thalamus." Two people in the gathering discovered this ability to return and despite this evidence, the learned gentleman continued the dispute that olfactory recall was impossible. A check amongst the gathering on this faculty, independent of returning, brought forth the fact that one-half of those present remembered smell by smelling it again. Returning is the full performance of imagery recall. The entire memory is able to make the organ areas re-sense the stimuli in a past incident. Partial recall is common, not common enough to be normal, but certainly common enough to have merited considerable study. For it again is a wide variable. Perception of the present would be one method of facing reality. But if one cannot face the reality of the past then, in some part, he is not facing some portion of reality. And if it is ageed that facing reality is desirable, then one would have to face yesterday's reality as well if he were to be considered entirely "sane" by contemporary definition. To "face yesterday" requires a certain condition of recall to be available. One would have to be able to remember. But how many ways are there of remembering? First there is the return. That is new. It gives the advantage of examining the moving pictures and other sense perceptions recorded at the time of the event with all senses present. He can also return to his past conclusions and imaginings. It is of considerable aid in learning, in research, in ordinary living to be able to be again at the place where the data desired was first inspected. Then there are the more usual recalls. Optimum recall is by the return method of single or multiple senses, the individual himself remaining in present time. In other words, some people, when they think of a rose, see one, smell one, feel one. They see in full color, vividly – with the "mind's eye" to use an old colloquialism. They smell it vividly. And they can feel it even to the thorns. They are thinking about roses by actually recalling a rose. These people, thinking about a ship, would see a specific ship, feel the motion of her if they thought of being aboard her, smell the pine-tar or even less savory odors and hear whatever sounds there were about her. They would see the ship in full color motion and hear it in full tone audio. These faculties vary widely in the aberree. Some, when told to think of a rose, can merely visualize one. Some can smell one but not see it. Some see it without color or in very pale color. When told to think of a ship some aberrees only see a flat, colorless, still picture such as a painting of a ship or the photograph of one. Some perceive a vessel in motion without color but with sound. Some hear the sound of a ship but fail to see any picture whatever. Some merely think of a ship as a concept that ships exist and that they know about them and fail to see, feel, hear, smell or otherwise sense anything on a recall basis. Some past observers have called this "imagery" but the term is so inapplicable to sound and touch, organic sensation and pain that recall is used uniformly as the technical dianetic term. The value of recall in this business of living has occupied such scant attention that the entire concept has never been formulated previously. It is therefore detailed at some length here, as above. It is quite simple to test recalls. If one will ask his fellows what their abilities are, he will gain a remarkable idea of how widely varied this ability is from individual to individual. Some have this recall, some have that, some have none, but operate on concepts of recall only. And remember, if you make a test on those around you, that any perception is filed in the memory and therefore has a recall which is to include pain, temperature, rhythm, taste and weight with the above mentioned sight, sound, tactile, and smell. The dianetic names for these recalls are visio (sight), sonic (sound), tactile (touch), olfactory (smell), rhythmic, kinesthetic (weight and motion), somatic (pain), thermal (temperature) and organic (internal sensations and, by new definition, emotion). Then there is another set of mental activities which can be summated under the headings of imagination and creative imagination. Here again is abundant material for testing. Imagination is the recombination of things one has sensed, thought or intellectually computed into existence, which do not necessarily have existence. This is the mind's method of envisioning desirable goals or forecasting futures. Imagination is extremely valuable as a part of essential solutions in any mental problem and in everyday existence. That it is recombination in no sense deprives it of its vast and wonderful complexity. A clear uses imagination in its entirety. There is an imagination impression for sight, smell, taste, sound – in short, for each one of the possible perceptions. These are manufacturered impressions on the basis of models in the memory banks combined by conceptual ideas and construction. New physical structures, tomorrow in terms of today, next year in terms of last year, pleasure to be gained, deeds to be done, accidents to avoid, all these are imaginational functions. The clear has full color-visio, tone-sonic, tactile, olfactory, rhythmic, kinesthetic, thermal and organic imagination in kind. Asked to envision himself riding in a gilded coach and four, he "sees" the equipage, moving, in full color, he "hears" all the noises which should be present, he "smells" the smells he thinks should be there, and he "feels" the upholstery, the motion, and the presence in the coach of himself. In addition to standard imagination there is creative imagination. This is a very wide undimensional ability, quite variable from individual to individual, possessed in enormous quantity by some. It is included here, not as a portion of the operation of the mind treated as a usual part of dianetics, but to isolate it as an existing entity. In a clear who possessed creative imagination, even if inhibited, as an aberree, it is present and demonstrable. It is inherent. It can be aberrated only by prohibition of its general practice, which is to say, by aberrating the persistence in its application or encysting the whole mind. But creative imagination, that possession by which works of art are done, states builded and Man enriched, can be envisioned as a special function, independent in operation and in no way dependent for its existence upon an aberrated condition in the individual, since the examination of its activity in and use by a clear possessing adequately demonstrates its inherent character. It is rarely absent in any individual. Finally, there is the last but most important activity of the mind. Man is to be regarded as a sentient being. His sentience depends upon his ability to resolve problems by perceiving or creating and understanding situations. This rationality is the primary, high echelon function of that part of the mind which makes him a Man, not just another animal. Remembering, perceiving, imagining, he has the signal ability of resolving conclusions and of using conclusions resolved to resolve further conclusions. This is rational Man. Rationality, as divorced from aberration, can be studied in a cleared person only. The aberrations of the aberree give him the appearance of irrationality. Though such irrationality may be given the gentler names of "eccentricity" or "human error" or even "personal idiosyncrasy," it is, nevertheless, irrationality. The personality does not depend upon how irrationally a man may act. It is not a personality trait, for instance, to drive while drunk and kill a child on a crosswalk – or even to risk killing a child by driving while drunk. Irrationality is simply that – the inability to get right answers from data. Now it is a curious thing that although "everybody knows" (and what a horrible amount of misinformation that statement lets circulate) it is "human to err," the sentient portion of the mind which computes the answers to problems and which makes man Man is utterly incapable of error. This was a startling discovery when it was made, but it need not have been. It could have been deduced some time before. For it is quite simple and easy to understand. The actual computing ability of Man is never in error even in a very severely aberrated person. Observing the activity of such an aberrated person, one might thoughtlessly suppose that that person's computations were wrong. But that would be an observer error. Any person, aberrated or clear, computes perfectly on the data stored and perceived. Take any common calculating machine (and the mind is an exceptionally magnificent instrument far, far superior to any machine it will invent for ages to come) and put a problem on it for solution. Multiply seven times one. It will answer, properly, seven. Now multiply six times one but continue to hold down the seven. Six times one is six but the answer you will get is forty-two. Continue to hold down seven and put other problems on the machine. They are wrong, not as problems, but as answers. Now fix seven so that it stays down no matter what keys are touched and try to give the machine away. Nobody will want it because, obviously, the machine is crazy. It says ten times ten is seven hundred. But is the calculating portion of the machine really wrong or is it merely being fed the wrong data? In the same way the human mind, being called upon to resolve problems of a magnitude and with enough variables to confound any mere calculating machine a thousand times an hour, is prey to incorrect data. Incorrect data gets into the machine. The machine gives wrong answers. Incorrect data enters the human memory banks, the person reacts in an "abnormal manner." Essentially, then, the problem of resolving aberration is the problem of finding a "held-down seven." But of that much, much more, later. Right now we have accomplished our immediate ends. These are the various abilities and activities of the human mind in its constant task of resolving and putting into solution a multitude of problems. It perceives, it recalls or returns, it imagines, it conceives and then resolves. Served by its extensions – the perceptics and the memory banks and the imaginations – the mind brings forth answers which are invariably accurate, modified only by observation, education and viewpoint. And the basic purposes of that mind and the basic nature of man, as discoverable in the clear, are constructive and good, uniformly constructive and uniformly good, the solutions modified only by observation, education and viewpoint. Man is good. Take away his basic aberrations and with them go the evil of which the Scholastic [Scholasticism: generic term for scholars of the middle and late Middle Ages who were attached to tradition and oriented towards theological dogma, particularly in philosophy and theology (around the 10th to 15th centuries)] and the moralist were so fond. The only detachable portion of him is the "evil" portion. And when it is detached, his personality and vigor intensify. And he is glad to see the "evil" portion go because it was physical pain. Later there are experiments and proofs for these things and they can be measured with the precision so dear to the heart of the physical scientist. The clear, then, is not an "adjusted" person, driven to activity by his repressions now thoroughly encysted. He is an unrepressed person, operating on self-determinism. And his abilities to perceive, recall, return, imagine, create and compute are outlined as we have seen. The clear is the goal in dianetic therapy, a goal which some patience and a little study and work can bring about. Any person can be cleared unless he has been so unfortunate as to have had a large portion of his brain removed or to have been born with a grossly malformed nervous structure. We have seen the goal of Dianetics here. Let us now inspect the goal of Man. L. Ron Hubbard Dear Friends, On this earth, a war far greater than any we hear about in the media is raging. The stakes go beyond life and death, and this war is ancestral. We don't know when it began, it goes way back, and doesn't appear in our history books. Dying in war is a terrible thing, and we inevitably wonder why? And for whom? So much has been written about war that I would inevitably write repeats. So I won't. The ultimate war is to make thetans believe they are matter. And that's worse than dying. To die again and again, without knowing that you're dead again, is distressing, isn't it? Make a mistake is not really serious. But repeating a mistake over and over again is, and it's even worse when you don't even remember it. The solution is Clear. This is the state of Clear. It's a cleared planet. It's about making someone Clear. It's not about telling someone they're a thetan, a spiritual being. We make someone Clear and they become aware of it. From my observations and personal experience, I can say that being aware of oneself as a spiritual being is a gradient scale with many shades of grey. The highest levels are known to few people, and few have achieved them. The state of Clear is part of our Bridge, there is a clearly defined path to reach the state of Clear. Often, it begins with Life Repair, followed by Objective Processes. This includes the Dianetics auditing, the Grades with all their stages, as well as some courses. Clearing consists of various types of auditing, most of which are included in the Grades. What is a Clair? Well, I will let Ron do the talking. Above is the chapter "The Clear" from the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Much love. Max Hauri

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