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Exteriorization –  ​Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

What is Exteriorization?


Out-of-body experiences, astral journeys and astral bodies, can be summarized under the term exteriorization. Discover a subject that may be new to you but has been around for as long as beings have been living in bodies and which, depending on the culture you live in, is totally normal and accepted.


Exteriorization is defined as the act of moving out of the body with or without full perception. It is the phenomenon of being in a position in space dependent on only one’s consideration (thought), able to view from that space, bodies and the room, as it is.

The certainty that you are not your body!

It is the fact of exteriorization this act which proves that the individual is not a body but an individual spiritual being.


This discovery in 1952 proved beyond any question the existence of a thetan, that the individual was a thetan, not a body, and disproved that Man was an animal, and that he was a spiritual being timeless and deathless.


In late 1950, it was obvious that we could make people saner than people had ever been. After I had completed, through 1951, my examinations of the whole track, it was obvious that the individual, the “I”, the personality, was not the body, and in early 1952 I was able to make the first announcements concerning exteriorization.


By September of 1952 processes had been developed which made exteriorization much better and more stable, and using these processes I had no great difficulty in exteriorizing someone.


Indeed, exteriorization as an accomplishment or an existing state has never been very acceptable simply because the average person, indoctrinated to believe that one stepped out of the body at death and went to hell or some such thing, found it too incredible.


How long have we known about exteriorization?


Man had been trying to do this thing for at least 2,500 years, and although he had some cognizance of it he had never achieved any uniform success in making it come about at will.


We have now achieved what Buddhism tried and didn’t attain 2,500 years ago. We can exteriorize and are exteriorizing anyone.


Is death to be associated with exteriorization?


Exteriorization under duress is the characteristic of death itself. Therefore, exteriorization, or the departure of the soul, is generally associated with death in the minds of most people. It is not necessarily true that one is dead because he exteriorizes. And it is definitely not true that exteriorization not accompanied by a shock, pain or duress is at all painful. Indeed, it is quite therapeutic.

Some facts are completely known.


The individual himself is a spirit controlling a body via a mind.


The thetan is capable of making space, energy, mass and time.


The thetan is separable from the body without the phenomenon of death, and can handle and control a body from well outside it.


The thetan does not care to remember the life which he has just lived, after he has parted from the body and the mind.


A person dying always exteriorizes.


The person, having exteriorized, usually returns to a planet and procures, usually, another body of the same type of race as before.

What if I don’t believe all this?


In Scientology, we have very little to do with forcing people to make conclusions. An individual can experience these things for himself and unless he can do so no one expects him to accept them.


“At the end, I reached a fantastic point where I could really get out and was completely myself. I had the feeling to shine. For me it was a huge win. I cannot really put it into words because they could not be right.” – D.


"You are an immortal soul. Through lies, treachery, deceit and pretense you can destroy yourself. By seeking truth and living a life of helping others, by being honest and decent, you will be strong and achieve your power and immortality."

– L. Ron Hubbard

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If you do the exercise "holding corners" 
you will have the opportunity to achieve Exteriorization!

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