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​What Is Scientology?

Scientology as a Science

Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard is the first major and complete breakthrough by the exact sciences into the field of the human mind. The laws of this science proved to be startlingly simple when found, well within the grasp of the average person. It is a tenet of Scientology that this knowledge belongs to Man, not in the forbidding halls of learning. It is the science of the Man, the Woman and the Child in the street. It belongs to us, the People, not to any vested interest on Earth.


Its Origin

For hundreds of years physical scientists have been seeking to apply the exact knowledge they had gained of the physical universe to Man and his problems.


Newton, Sir James Jeans, Einstein, have all sought to find the exact laws of human behavior in order to help Mankind.

Scientology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, a nuclear physicist, has demonstrably achieved this long-sought goal. L. Ron Hubbard, educated in advanced physics and higher mathematics, studied also Sigmund Freud, and began his researches in the 1930s at George Washington University.


The spectacular result was Scientology, the first major and complete breakthrough in the field of the humanities with the help of the natural sciences.


Although taken from the material sciences, Scientology is dedicated in the finest tradition of human dignity and freedom espoused by brilliant men in all periods of Man’s ascendancy over his relationship to the animal.


Scientology means the “study of knowledge”. Scio is "knowing" in the fullest sense of the word, and logos, "study".


Scientology is today the only successfully validated mind therapy in the world. Tens of thousands of completely documented cases exist in our files.

A precise science that works to benefit Mankind

Scientology has many “firsts”. These include:

  • It is a precision science and the first one in the field of the humanities. Yet it is sufficiently simple and rapid that where it requires twelve years to train a psychiatrist, eight weeks of heavy Scientology training can permit a person to achieve results. However, for a truly skilled Scientologist, the training period, for a doctorate in the subject, is usually not under five years and has been ten years..

  • The results are easily demonstrable claims that can be duplicated by competent practitioners at will using its principles correctly.

  • The first science to isolate the life unit that perceives and generates energy, a discovery comparable to the isolation of the nucleus in atomic physics.

  • The first science to prove that IQ and intelligence can be improved and are not inherent in a person. Find out where all your problems are coming from and where answers are.

  • The first science to discover and isolate the reactive or subconscious mind.

  • The first science to isolate and classify accurately the many parts of the human mind. Previous to Scientology only the brain, the body, Freud’s subconscious and Pavlov’s Stimulus-Response law were known. It has clarified these four and has discovered an additional many parts, any one of them more important to Man in his efforts to bring peace and order to his environment and Earth.

  • The first axiomatic (self-evident or unquestionable) construction of the basic laws of thought and behavior in Man.

  • The first science to determine accurately the honesty and potential character of people by invariable instrument means.

  • The first mental science to subject itself to the most severe validation tests.

  • The first science to establish a new state or condition for Man which exceeds earlier concepts of Man’s potential. This alone in Scientology remains expensive due to the skilled attention it requires but is usually a quarter the price of an analysis.

  • The first science to make whole classes of backward children averagely bright using only drills the teacher can do a few minutes each day.


Where do diseases come from?

  • The first science to determine the basic cause of disease.

  • The first science to contain exact technology to routinely alleviate physical illnesses with completely predictable success.

  • The first science of mind to prove conclusively that physical illness can stem from mental disturbance, a fact which Freud held only as a theory, and only seldom demonstrated.

  • In its early years, Scientology representing the severe viewpoint of the physical sciences, was considered highly controversial. Since that time many of its minor discoveries have been borrowed by the humanities.

Who is Scientology for?

Scientology erects no barriers to anyone by reason of religion or political affiliations; it has no quarrel with the practitioners of other schools and its materials are always fully available to them, but they may not use them on patients unless the practitioner is also trained in Scientology. Medical and psychiatric degrees do not grant the right of practice of Scientology.


Scientologists do not use drugs or hypnotism. They employ only their exact knowledge of the human mind.

– L. Ron Hubbard

EN-Fundamentals of thought, Flat cover

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What happens when you

have a thought and why?

Find out what is going on in a

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