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The “Clear”
How to Become your True Self

What is a Clear?

Clears are individuals who got cleared of bad or useless answers preventing them to live or think fully.


Their mind is clear and calm. They are able to use their full power of thoughts and take the right decisions. A Clear has flexible or fluid emotions. The State of Clear means the state of being able to bring more and more and better and better order.


For 2,500 years Man has sought the state of “CLEAR”.


This state is now attainable for the first time in Man’s history. It can be done for you.


Everybody has the right to reach this state!


To be truly yourself forever, to reach your best potential, to be in agreement with yourself and to know that you are doing the right things at the right time and effortlessly means becoming Clear.


Psychosomatic illnesses and the intelligence of the Clear

A Clear can be tested for any and all psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations) and can be examined for any self-generated diseases referred to as psychosomatic ills. These tests confirm the Clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations. Additional tests of his intelligence indicate it to be high above the current norm. Observation of his activity demonstrates that he pursues existence with vigor and satisfaction.


A neurotic individual can be given dianetics therapy to the end of clearing these neuroses and ills. Finally, he can be examined, with the above results. This is an experiment which has been performed many times with invariable results. It is a matter of laboratory test that all individuals who have organically complete nervous systems respond in this fashion to dianetics clearing.

Why don’t we all have the same perceptions?

From person to person, smells, tactile sensations, organic perceptions, pain and gravity, vary widely and wildly. A cursory check around amongst your friends will demonstrate to a person that there exist enormous differences of perception of identical stimuli.


One smells a turkey in the oven as wonderful, one smells it with indifference, another may not smell it at all. And somebody else may maintain that roasting turkey smells exactly like hair oil – to be extreme.

Happy Clear young lady

Until we obtain Clears it remains obscure why such differences should exist. The Clear gets a maximum response compatible with his own desire for the response.

Burning cordite still smells dangerous to him, but it does not make him ill. Roasting turkey smells good to him if he is hungry and likes turkey, at which time it smells very, very good. One, the wildest, is the variable caused by aberrations. The other, and quite rational and understandable, is caused by the personality. With the removal of aberrations, repeated tests have proven that the body makes a valiant effort to reconstruct back to optimum.


How will I remember better when I become Clear?
Ability to recall is far more fantastic in its variation from person to person. The return is new. It gives the advantage of examining the moving pictures and other sense perceptions recorded at the time of the event with all senses present. The individual can also return to his past conclusions and imaginings. It is of considerable aid in learning, in research, in ordinary living to be able to be again at the place where the data desired was first inspected.

It is quite simple to test recalls. If one will ask his fellows what their abilities are, he will gain a remarkable idea of how widely varied this ability is from individual to individual. Some have this recall, some have that, some have none, but operate on concepts of recall only. And remember, if you make a test on those around you, that any perception is filed in the memory and therefore has a recall which is to include pain, temperature, rhythm, taste and weight with the above mentioned sight, sound, tactile, and smell.

What other abilities can I expect?

The Clear has full color-visio, tone-sonic, tactile, olfactory (smell), rhythmic, kinesthetic (sense detecting bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints), thermal and organic imagination in kind. Asked to envision himself riding in a gilded coach and four, he “sees” the equipage, moving, in full color, he “hears” all the noises which should be present, he “smells” the smells he thinks should be there, and he “feels” the upholstery, the motion, and the presence in the coach of himself.


The Clear, then, is not an “adjusted” person, driven to activity by his repressions now thoroughly encysted. He is an unrepressed person, operating on self-determinism. He has abilities to perceive, recall, return, imagine, create and compute.


Man is not just another animal. Remembering, perceiving, imagining, he has the signal ability of resolving conclusions and of using conclusions resolved to resolve further conclusions. This is rational Man.


Man is good!


The basic purposes of that mind and the basic nature of Man, as discoverable in the Clear, are constructive and good, uniformly constructive and uniformly good, the solutions modified only by observation, education and viewpoint. Man is good.


Any person can be cleared unless he has been so unfortunate as to have had a large portion of his brain removed or to have been born with a grossly malformed nervous structure.

Dianetics the bestseller Cover to download the book

When you read Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, you will understand what is happening with and in the mind.

The technique to become Clear will be available to you.

You will give yourself every chance to become Clear

or to help another to become Clear.

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