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What is Dianetics and what it does!

Dianetics and psychosomatic illnesses

Dianetics is the most important discovery and development ever made in the field of the human mind. The actual source of psychosomatic illness has been located in Dianetics.


Physical illness, aches, pains, continual exhaustion, body malfunctions are created or held in an unchanging state by the mind. This is called psychosomatic (psycho = spirit, somatic = body ) illness. It has been known since the 19th century but there has never been a positive remedy before Dianetics. No drugs, no hypnotism, no mechanical treatment is used. The end product of Dianetics is a well, happy, high-IQ human being.


Where does Dianetics come from?

DIANETICS means “through the mind” (from Greek “dia” – through, and “noos” – mind). It is the first fully precise science of the mind. The world before Dianetics had never known a precision mental Science. Dianetics was first conceived in 1930. A long research in ancient and modern philosophy culminated in 1938 when I discovered that the common denominator of all existence was: Survive.


The discovery of the Reactive mind

In early Dianetics research the human mind and basic human character were found to have been most grossly maligned because Man had not been able to distinguish irrational conduct derived from another, far more vicious source. The Reactive Mind was discovered.


The reactive mind is a portion of a person’s mind which works on a totally stimulus-response basis, which is not under his volitional control, and which exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions.


The isolation and resolution of the reactive mind was a major breakthrough for Man. The exact moment of the breakthrough is recorded at the public level with the book: “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”.


How does the Reactive mind work?

Stored in the Reactive Mind are engrams, and here we find the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.


An Engram is a mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival; it is a recording in the Reactive Mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness, both of which are recorded in the mental image picture called an engram.


These engrams are a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full unconsciousness.


The Reactive Mind comprises an unknowing, unwanted series of aberrated computations which bring about an effect upon the individual and those around him. It is an obsessive strata of unknown, unseen, uninspected data which are forcing solutions, unknown and unsuspected, on the individual – which tells you why it remained hidden from man for so many thousands of years.


What was before Dianetics?

Various forms of “mental therapy” were in existence before Dianetics. Psychology and psychiatry were developed chiefly by a Russian veterinarian named Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 1936). His basic principle was that men were only animals and could be conditioned and trained much like dancing bears or dogs.


Psychoanalysis was developed by an Austrian, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). His occasional successes served to point out that there was a possibility of solving psychosomatic illness through addressing the mind. His concentration on sex gave psychoanalysis considerable popularity.


In its early years Dianetics, representing the severe viewpoint of the physical sciences, were considered highly controversial. Since that time many of its minor discoveries have been borrowed by the humanities.

Dianetics and medicine

There is no quarrel between Dianetics and general practitioners of the medical profession. They both have the same purpose (to make people well) and are not political. It is freely admitted in Dianetics that physical illness that can be effectively treated medically should be so treated. Auditing will not set a broken leg or deliver a baby. But it can help get the leg healed in two weeks instead of the usual six and after effects of childbirth do not exist when Dianetics auditing is also used.


Dianetics belongs to those who use it!

Man is being subjected to fantastic and violent efforts to lure or crush him into docility. Man’s response to this is riots and civil disorder in universities, unions and streets. Man does not accurately trace the source of oppression. He is violently worried.


Dianetics is not only the first mental science developed in the West. It is the first mental science on the planet that uniformly produces beneficial results.


Dianetics has progressed from the pre-Dianetics period of no science of the mind, to the existence of a real science of the mind, to a fast accurate science simpler than any other scientific subject and of more value to Man.


The subject owes no allegiance to anyone but itself. It has no commitments to anyone. It has no politics. It belongs to those who use it.

Dianetics makes a sane society

Dianetics refused to be a revolutionary activity. It does not have to be. All it has as a mission is to get itself applied. The basic building block of a society is the individual. From individuals, groups are built. And this is the society. No society is better than its basic building blocks.


Men are not animals.


Well men are sane men.


Dianetics, if applied to individuals in the society, brings hope, and well and sane beings. These well and sane beings, then become brilliant and very able beings.


We are evolving Man to a higher state. In this state he can better handle his problems.


Dianetics was the first practical workable easily taught technology of the mind. It has endured already over 60 years and is better and more used than ever before. Dianetics refuses to be a revolutionary activity. It doesn’t need to be. Its whole purpose is to be applied by itself.


Dianetics is for use

There are not a lot of complications about it. It isn’t something you use after bowing down three times to Chicago. You just use it.


Any injurious experience can be erased by Dianetics. It is easy to use and if one wants people well and happy it should be used at every occasion.


A person has an operation: his should be followed soon after by the erasure of the engram of the experience by the usual Dianetics auditor and often recovery will occur where a relapse might have followed.


A woman has a child: The engram of delivery should be run out soon after. The result of doing so is very spectacular. There is no “postpartum psychosis” or dislike of the child and no permanent injury to the mother. It is in fact best to audit the mother both before and after delivery, which gives one fast relatively painless childbirth and quick recovery.


Recovery from disease under treatment [by Medical Doctors] is speeded by Dianetics auditing.


Some patients who are not responding to medical treatment who are then given as little as a touch assist will then be found responsive to the medical treatment.


Use it!

A person who is accident prone when audited usually loses this unwanted characteristic.


Many “insane” recover from their symptoms when given proper medical treatment [medical, not psychiatric], rest, no harassment and then good mild Dianetics auditing. They become and remain normal people without relapse.


Chronic, which is to say long term illnesses [which doctors may have given up on] cease when audited by Dianetics and then medical treatment which was earlier ineffective becomes effective.


Tiredness, unwanted emotions, unwanted sensations, bizarre pains and aches, bad hearing or sight also routinely respond to Dianetics auditing.


The sickness and death rate of persons who are part of Dianetics groups is only a small fraction of that of other groups.


Pilots audited with Dianetics, by a test involving a whole squadron, went without a single even minor accident for the following year.


Scientists audited with Dianetics have greatly improved intelligence. Dianetics raises IQ as a side product to usual auditing.


Withered limbs, skin blotches and rashes and even blindness and deafness have all responded to Dianetics.


When you have the answer to the human mind as in Dianetics of course anything caused by the mind can be remedied.

– L. Ron Hubbard

How does the mind work?

Consciousness vs Subconsciousness

The mind or the spirit or the reason. These three words are synonyms - we use the word mind.

In this video you will see a huge and complex subject explained simply. 5:15 min.

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