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Courses and Auditing

Every Big Change in Life Begins with One's Self

Communication Course

Communication is the Key

Why are there so many problems in life when the solution lies in communication? Here you will find the necessary tools to conduct a communication that nullifies the complexity of life and makes it more relaxed.

Life Repair

Start a New Life

Your joy of life has not disappeared. It is simply buried in the moments of sadness and pain. Any trauma can be removed forever with the auditing technology. Tomorrow is not far away, and it belongs to you!

Basics of Life Course

The Way to Success

Many say, "It's not the purpose of the journey that matters, it's the journey itself." This course will teach you the basics of how to make your journey the best it can be and how to achieve your goals!

Professional Dianetics Auditor

Discover your Vocation

Whether your desire is to change your career or to help those who are suffering around you, this course is for you. You will discover the complexities of the mind and how to resolve them, and be able to help anyone.


Able to Experience Anything

To be there and to be able to perceive everything that is happening around you without any doubt? This is what this course will offer you. An assurance in life like you may never have experienced before, and with it, the joy of living without worry!

Efficiency, Competence, Free Time

Efficient in Everything

The technology available in this course will allow you to use it in any situation – professional or personal – and everyone will be grateful that you are able to create a relaxed and effective atmosphere.

Help the Children

Capable People

Children are our future and everyone is ready to say so. But how? If you give a child the right tools, they will use them as adults. You will have made your children capable, and therefore a great society to live in!

The Way to Improve Life Once and For All

The Bridge to Freedom and to a New World

Everything can be improved. The wisest thing is to start with yourself. Improve your affinity, your reality, your communication, know how to solve problems, don't get stuck in the past, in fixed ideas... This is the road to follow!

What is Auditing

To Transform your Life

Auditing is a technology that has been around for over 70 years! It works, it makes people happy and free! It is available to all those who dream of improving themselves, even if they don't believe in it anymore! Without drugs and without hypnosis.

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