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Dianetics 55

Dianetics 55!

Understand the indispensable components of communication. How aberration can start and how it is possible to handle.

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Man's quest for truth

If we listen to everyday conversations on the street or around the tables of regular customers, it becomes obvious: we hate lies and hypocrisy and we appreciate the truth. This is perhaps one of the greatest truths of all. If the question of truth unites us, what keeps us apart?

This is just one of the many fascinating questions L. Ron Hubbard tackles in Dianetics 55!

What is truth? Pontius Pilate asked this question while washing his hands. Alexander had messengers executed when the truth was not to his satisfaction.

  • What is truth?

  • What is knowledge?

  • What is secrecy?

Are they inventions from a shaman's dream? Are they related to science or philosophy? What are they and where do they come from? Do they really exist? Do they belong to anyone? Have they already been written, spoken or guessed? And would we "lose our minds" if we knew them?

Book Two of Dianetics – here is the exciting background

With Dianetics 55! a new page is turned in the development of this fascinating science.

Dianetics focuses on the origins of human aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses. Here, your personal barriers and traumas in life are dealt with in a targeted way.

Now the spectrum is widening to include human abilities.

Scientology deals with life as a whole; its technology makes it possible to reach states of existence higher than man's current level, and to open the way with a safe and reliable bridge to a future where beings are freer and more capable.

Emphasis on abilities

Dianetics and Scientology, therefore, take different paths, yet complement each other perfectly. What's your best quality? What would you like to be better at? Scientology offers you literally unlimited possibilities to develop yourself as a spiritual being or as an ambitious person. You will understand what ability is and where it is lacking. In other words, you will become the creator of ability!

Thanks to the carefully researched knowledge contained in these books, the ability you consider to be your most precious will enable you to open the doors to success in a big way!

"A man can always understand that his abilities can increase, because in the direction of increased ability lies greater understanding. Competence depends entirely on a greater and better understanding of the field or sector in which one has the desire to become more competent."

You are only as good as your communication skills!

Read Dianetics 55! and learn why communication skills are so important.

Our entire lives are made up of a vast network of complex lines of communication. 

Who or what determines whether you are trapped in this system or whether you use it to your own advantage? It is your ability to communicate!

Knowledge of communication as described in Dianetics 55! is the solution.

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