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Dianetics-Evolution of a Science

Dianetics: Evolution of a Science

This book will help you understand the mind and how it tends to work in good or bad days and the benefits of this knowledge.

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The History

When Dianetics was introduced to the public in May 1950, the significance of this great discovery was quickly recognized. The New York Times wrote: "As it is with all great books, the tremendous sweep of Dianetics means that the world will never be the same. History has become a race between Dianetics and disaster. It will win if enough people are challenged in time to understand it."

Join L. Ron Hubbard in his research and development steps and you will understand how it all began! Ron studied a variety of theories beginning in 1937. He examined the works of Jung, Adler, and Pavlov, and he studied telepathy, demons, hypnoanalysis, and mysticism. 

"In a lifetime of travel, I had observed many strange things: the medicine man of the Goldi people in Manchuria, the shamans of North Borneo, Sioux medicine men, the cults of Los Angeles, and modern psychology. 

"Among the people interviewed about existence were a magician whose ancestors had served in Kublai Khan's court and a Hindu who could hypnotize cats. Mysticism was examined a bit, data from mythology to spiritualism were studied. All sorts of strange bits and pieces, endless trivia." – LRH.

What is real science?

As an engineer, Hubbard had the ambition to deliver measurable results. Methods that succeed now and then are infinite under the sun. But more is expected of a modern science than the hope that it might work. A field of knowledge based only on a few notes from a so-called authority is not science. 

Such theories will quickly run into explanatory trouble if the results fail to materialize. A real science is based on axioms, which has to prove itself again and again. It delivers convincing results. And not only that. It should also allow for more far-reaching insights and uses that constantly expand its sphere of influence.

"The science of Dianetics, according to its present state, with its results - which are as provable as the assertion that water boils at a temperature of 100° Celsius – is an engineering science heuristically built on axioms. It works. That is all that is required of Dianetics and chemistry. And they fulfill this demand. (...) Dianetics and chemistry work, and in the finite world they work without exception." – LRH

The importance of Dianetics in 2023

Today, 73 years after the discovery of "Dianetics, we look back gratefully on its success story. Many thousands of people have recognized its value, studied it, and used it successfully. And whoever once got to know Dianetics will integrate this valuable knowledge into his own life and thus live better and more successfully!

This book – easy and to read in a few hours – will open for you 

new horizons on how to see life!

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