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Dianetics-The Bestseller

Dianetics: The Bestseller

The history and all the technology of a revolutionary NEW science dealing with all problems related to the mind. Live a better life!

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Develop a strong mind and unbeatable abilities!

Eliminate the source of your impossibilities, make things possible!

This book covers 20 years of research. With great curiosity and the rigor of a researcher, L. Ron Hubbard studied, put into practice and evaluated more or less everything that existed in the mental field.

What counted for him was to come up with a method that everyone could use. His aim was that everyone should be able to benefit from the improvement they desired. It's done, and it's possible!

By reading Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, you will understand where psychosomatic illnesses come from, and all the misfortunes from which modern man suffers.

Can anything really be done?

Stress, burn-out, depression, phobias, nightmares, mental apathy, memory lapses, crying, negative emotions... all these problems stem from the mind, and it's possible to live without any of these limitations.

What can Dianetics do for me if I'm well?

We all want to live a life of happiness and success, free from illness and pain.

  • A sharp, clear mind with a greatly improved IQ.

  • A natural enjoyment of life.

  • An innate sense of pleasure, even in the little things in life.

  • A vital drive that leads to success in whatever is undertaken.

  • Enhanced perceptions.

  • The ability to look on the bright side and deal easily with problems.

  • And more...

Your innate potential is immense. It can be reached with Dianetics.

How is it possible?

Anything you dream of, you can achieve. If you think about something, it's because you can get it. It is all inside you, sometimes so well hidden that it seems impossible.

With Dianetics, everything becomes possible!

How does Dianetics work?

To understand how Dianetics works, you need to understand how the mind works... which is the aim of this book. All your questions will be answered.

The one and only detachable part of Man is his "evil" part.

This "evil" part is called the reactive mind. It registers the bad things that happen to us (pain, fear, emotional turmoil, etc.). This part of the mind is below the level of a person's conscious recall. It's an excitation-reflex mechanism.

It is the reactive mind that makes you change sides in the street to avoid encountering an animal. It is the reactive mind that instills fear in you when there is a storm. It is the mind that creates upheavals that are unexplained but very well "justified" so that they seem logical.

What is the objective of Dianetics?

The purpose is to make you happy, free of all those negative emotions, or Clear.

What is a Clear?

A Clear is a person who has no active or potential psychosomatic illnesses or aberrations.

The Clear has released all the pain and painful emotions of his or her life. He has the experience of his whole life, and his mental abilities and imagination can be fully utilized.

His physical vitality and health are much improved, and all psychosomatic difficulties have vanished with no risk of returning.

He is more resistant to disease. He can adapt to his environment and modify it as it sees fit. He is not "conditioned"; He is dynamic. His ability to seek and find pleasure is great.

His personality is enhanced; he is a constructive creator. The likelihood of accidents is greatly reduced. His general physical tone is certainly improved.

"It's an adventure waiting for you. Treat it like an adventure.

And may you never be the same again!"

– L. Ron Hubbard

The instructions are in YOUR hands by reading or downloading 

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health


After my first Dianetics cycle, I feel in a happier mood, with an inner lightness that replaces a certain overwhelm; a greater understanding of how the world and human beings work. A reconciliation with the death of loved ones. I feel more myself. - S.

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