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Dianetics-The Original Thesis

Dianetics: The Original Thesis

The basic natural laws of our lives! How life has its own impulse that we should not refuse.

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The basics of life, which no one can deny, because it is the natural laws of our lives! A must read for every reader! 

Why do people sometimes behave so irrationally? How exactly does analytical thinking work and why does it sometimes suspend? If these are exciting topics for you, this book is a treasure trove of valuable insights! Because Dianetics is the first science of the mind that has honestly earned this term. Because the scope of Dianetics is enormous – whether in raising children, in your professional life, or in your marriage – this is exactly where the key to greater success lies.

What are the basic principles of existence?

Each of us has a certain potential to cope with life's challenges. And we have long known that our capacity is limited. But why is that? To err is human? Please don't settle for that! 

Because already as a reader of the Dianetics books you are taking the first important steps towards a better, more successful life! You are taking the first important steps towards a better, more successful life! 

You will learn how the human mind really "ticks" and how to achieve much more in life with less effort. And the practical application is easy to learn, too. It starts with the simple basics that you can implement immediately. 

Help yourself and others become more aware, more empowered, and more energetic.

And that is why Dianetics is so much more than just therapy – it is based on natural laws that are as logical as the law of gravity. Learn the basic principles of Dianetics and you will find answers to important life questions that will move you forward! Suddenly you will know how to make better decisions and you'll also realize how to remove your own stumbling blocks!

Dianetics – the breakthrough

As early as the 1930s, L. Ron Hubbard began to address this fundamental question. Driven by the inquiring mind of a scientist and the curiosity of an adventurer, he made discoveries that are of central importance to each and every one of us. 

Because if you understand what is happening in the mind of your counterpart while he is behaving in an "incomprehensible" way, you will always have an advantage, no matter how crazy life plays again!

"In 1932, an investigation was made to determine the dynamic principle (driving principle) of existence in a usable form, which would perhaps also lead to the solution of some of the problems of mankind. If a man acts contrary to his own survival, or the survival of his group, his posterity, his race, mankind or life – then he can be considered unintelligent, uninformed or aberrated. 

"Each and every instance of aberrated behavior which threatens the general purpose of man – as has been set forth in the preceding chapter - has been shown to have an origin which will specifically prove to be a painful experience containing data not available to the analytical mind." – LRH.

Read "Dianetics: The Original Thesis!"

and maybe you will not see life with the same eyes

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