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Free Scientology-really

Free Scientology, really?

A guide for the curious and free spirits! The aim of this easy-to-understand book is to make the field of Scientology transparent and to distinguish it from the official Church of Scientology, from which we distance ourselves in no uncertain terms.

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What is free Scientology?

Free Scientology, without a manipulative organization in the background? Most people have never heard of it.

Yet since the early 1980s, many people who have left the Church of Scientology have decided to continue, either on their own or in small groups. They saw how L. Ron Hubbard's original philosophy and technology had been hijacked for the sake of power and profit. And that is why they were determined to return to the true values and methods of Scientology that work.

The author has been an independent Scientologist since 1989 and has her own counseling office in Munich, which has enabled her to meet people who have left the organization. The gap between initial theory and practice became clear on several occasions.  Her aim in writing this book is to create a fundamental understanding of Scientology in society.

What about public opinion?

In the public mind, the term Scientology is synonymous with the Church of Scientology. Hardly anyone knows that there are also many people who have been working freely with these methods for more than 30 years without any connection to the Church of Scientology. And how should they know that? 

"Scientology per se has become so discredited that hardly anyone dares to clearly and openly say that they work with it. Any person who is associated with Scientology is ruined on a social level. 

"A differentiated discussion about the subject matter, its usefulness, the methods and the topic in general has become next to impossible. This is predominantly due to the behavior of the Church of Scientology. Its inhuman interpretation of L. Ron Hubbard's techniques has justly angered public opinion." – D. Mikorey

Scientology in everyday life

How does a Scientologist see the world? And what is Scientology's vision of man in its original form? Daniela Mikorey takes you into her daily life and describes how she discovered this philosophy and why she considers it so beneficial.

The moments in which I have been able to see similarities or intersections between different philosophies, therapies or spiritual work have always been extremely uplifting and inspiring to me. These moments have made one thing clear: fundamental wisdom and fundamental knowledge exist and we all already carry it within ourselves. In Buddhism this is referred to as Buddha nature, and it is inherent to every being. What a wonderful expression.” – D. Mikorey

The future of Free Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard's wish was to offer an accessible and functional method that would enable everyone to free themselves from unconscious limitations. It is this intention that Ron's Org network successfully implements every day. 

Everyone can develop their potential, improve themselves and use Scientology techniques for the good of all. It is with this message that the author addresses society and calls for a better understanding of Scientology, as well as a clarification of the incorrect practices of the Church of Scientology.

I hope very much that L. Ron Hubbard's methods which he created through decades of work can be considered without being associated with such destructive mechanisms. I want to give this body of knowledge another chance and help others to understand that it is not the teachings that are corruptible, but rather the people who use them irresponsibly or with bad intentions to exercise power and control.D. Mikorey

Human beings should be self-determined, 

able to decide what they want without being tied down

 to a higher authority deciding for them. 

That is what you will find in Scientology philosophy.

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