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Fundamentals of Thought

Fundamentals of Thought

What are the parts of a human being and what happens when you have a thought and why? Find out what is going on in an aberrated society and how to help it.

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Life is a game – isn't it?

Children are creative by nature. They imagine a game and have a surprisingly precise idea of how it will unfold. They build a house out of blankets and chairs, play their part, have the time of their lives and, from time to time, argue. And when they don't like the game any more, they stop. 

They dismantle their little house and carry on playing in the garden. When they become adults, "serious things" begin. They choose a job that gives them a good life and then they follow their routine.

Have you noticed that you have lost the pleasure of trying and creating? It is time to start a new chapter in your life!

Would you like to rediscover your zest for life?

Tell yourself one thing: It can be done! It is human nature to take pleasure in one's activities! One can learn this from the children! 

The question now is: What exactly are the differences between childish play and "serious work"?

L. Ron Hubbard gets to the bottom of these fascinating questions.

With "The Fundamentals of Thought" you will see your life in a whole new light. And if your day-to-day life becomes too demanding again, you will pick up this book and make new discoveries.

"Give this book to a man or a woman in trouble, a man or woman with an inquiring nature, a man or woman with associates who need a better life, and let that man or woman study this volume carefully and apply it. Change and a better life will result.” – LRH.

The little book of big changes!

By reading "The Fundamentals of Thought" you will have all you need for a life you can now lead independently. You will become more creative again, getting closer to your goals day by day. Because with Scientology knowledge in your hands, you always have an advantage.

To make learning this valuable knowledge easier, L. Ron Hubbard offers a clever piece of advice:

"To study Scientology one should scan (skim) quickly through the basics and find something with which one can agree. Having found one thing (one fact) with which he can agree, one should then skim through again and find another fact. One should continue to do this until he feels some friendliness to the subject." – LRH.

Scientology is modern science in the best sense of the word – because it literally creates Knowledge! Anyone who can read a book can study and apply this fascinating new knowledge about life!

"A science is not a science unless it is practical. A theory is no good unless it works. All the fancy and beautiful theory in the world is useless unless it has a use or a workability.” – LRH.

With "The Fundamentals of Thought", you may feel like you are growing wings. 

Suddenly you will realize how easy it is to change your life for the better.

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