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Have you Lived Before this Life

Have you Lived Before this Life?

The concept of reincarnation is as old as mankind. True stories from real people!

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In the past the term reincarnation has mystified Man. The definition has been corrupted. The word has been taken to mean to be born again in different life forms, whereas its actual definition is "to be born again into the flesh" or into another body. 

The existence of past lives is proven

It has only been in Scientology that the mechanics of death have been thoroughly understood. Hitherto, the whole subject of death has been one of the more mysterious subjects to Man.

We are actually the first people that do know a great deal about death. It is one of the larger wins of Scientology.

In the first place, Man is composed of a body, a mind, and what we refer to as a thetan – the Scientology word for the spirit, the individual who handles and lives in the body.

One of the evidences

You get the best examples of this by telling a person, “Now look at your body, have you got a body there?” “Now get a picture of a cat, have you got a picture of a cat?” He'll get a picture of a cat. That picture is a mental image picture. It is part of the mind.

The mind is composed of pictures that interassociate and act, and carry perceptions, etc. While the person is looking at this actual picture ask him, “What's looking at it?” Nobody ever asked this question before! This is quite an innocent question and there are several such questions that had never been asked before Scientology. 

One of these is, “Can you be three feet back of your head?” This particular phrasing and this particular demonstration of the parts of Man was unknown.

Most people know that living things have electrical fields around them, but nobody had ever measured one independent of energy, ridges (suspended energy), and bodies. You would expect that to get an electrical reading on a human being he would have to walk over and put his hand on something. This is not true. I exteriorized someone and put him near the meter antenna and it got a reading. It was quite amazing!

What happens to Man when he dies?

Basically all that happens is that a separation occurs between the thetan and the body.

The first thing one learns about death is that it is not anything of which to be very frightened. If you're frightened of losing your pocketbook, if you're frightened of losing your memory, if you're frightened of losing your girl or your boyfriend, if you're frightened of losing your body – well that's how frightened you ought to be of dying, because it's all the same order of magnitude.

We strike the first observable phenomenon in death when we find out that the mind, in spite of mechanisms which seek to decay it and wipe it out, does maintain and preserve mental image pictures of earlier existences. And with proper technology and an understanding of this one can be again possessed of the mental image pictures of earlier existences in order to understand what was going on. But, if we have not restored remembrance to the being, the mental image pictures usually just continue to be pictures.

Are you one of those people who prefer to look closely at a subject rather than believe anything?

An adventure awaits you

In "Have you lived before this life?" people using Dianetics 

tell of their journey into past lives. 

Go with them and see for yourself.

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