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How to Choose your People

How to Choose your People

Did you know that everyone lives at a certain level of emotion? Learn tools to know who to avoid and who to align with.

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When we meet someone for the first time, it is usually the first few seconds that are decisive.  We form an idea of outward appearance and whether the person is "nice and neat". 

What is really behind the social polish we see, we often don't learn until years later. Honestly, haven't you ever been wrong about someone? Have you ever misjudged a person's intentions or made a completely wrong judgment?

How to correctly judge people?

It is much easier to estimate a person if you know and pay attention to typical, repetitive patterns of behavior. L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the "vibration" of a person's emotions is reflected in every aspect of his or her life.

With this knowledge, it becomes possible to discover one's fundamental attitude in life. For example, an anxious person will transmit precisely this emotion to his or her children, and may restrict their freedom of movement "to protect them".

L. Ron Hubbard's Emotions Scale: Here are two reasons why it is so useful!

L. Ron Hubbard has researched the typical characteristics of emotions and classified them in the form of a chart. This emotional scale is an indispensable tool for finding out about others.

Knowing another person's level of emotion is so valuable for being on the same wavelength. Its use in interpersonal communication will prove invaluable. Everyone wants their communication to reach the person they are talking to. To train and apply this book is to want peace.

If you are honest with yourself and the person you are talking to, it is easy to move someone up the ladder so that everything goes smoothly, even if there is a disagreement to begin with. It is the essential tool for making more friends, without preconceived ideas and with peace of mind!

Its second value lies in the fact that you will be better able to judge those who might have "twisted" ideas. Can you count on this person or not?

Assessing others can become an easy game where everyone wins!

Ruth Minshull's "How to choose your people" lives up to its promise. The American author teaches people in a wonderfully warm way how they should choose their "people". She makes it easy for all to understand and apply L. Ron Hubbard's rich knowledge to work, marriage and all areas of life.

Don't stay in the dark because you don't know how to correctly interpret the behavior of those around you. 

Get to know the emotional scale! You will learn how to correctly identify others – you will receive a real practical guide.

Familiarize yourself with emotions and treat them like a game! 

Not only will you enjoy it, but you will also help others win!

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