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Miracles for Breakfast

Miracles for Breakfast

Yes, it truly is possible to have a harmonious family without stress or despair, even if it looks like the opposite right now. Read this book and discover practical examples you can apply!

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American author Ruth Minshull writes candidly about her daily life as the mother of two strong-willed boys. Her stories will be familiar to anyone who lives or works with children.

Indeed, the difficulties parents faced 50 years ago are little different from those of today's generation.

  • How can I talk to my child so that he really understands me?

  • What goes wrong if my child doesn't respect me?

  • Am I being too permissive or too harsh with my child?

  • What can I expect or not expect from my child?

You are not alone in asking these questions. After all, we want to educate our children to become independent, intelligent people.

To do this, they need a generous amount of freedom and, of course, clear limits to which they can adhere.

This book is for parents – for children so that they can pass it on to their parents – and for all those who have been children themselves.

How to talk to children

Have you ever wondered what kind of parents you would like to have if you were a child today? Would you prefer to live in a family where you were treated with respect, with child-friendly freedoms and rules that you could understand?

Would you like to be treated as a young person in his or her own right, who still has a lot to learn – and wants to? Or would you prefer a strictly adult-organized hierarchy, with no rights of your own, into which you have to fit? If, as we think, you prefer the first option, "Miracles for breakfast" can do you a big favor.

"As long as we address the spirit, the being itself, as long as we restore to the individual a little faith and self-confidence, he becomes better, more serene, his intelligence increases, his ability to master things improves, he becomes stronger, more persevering, and he becomes kinder, more understanding, more tolerant, freer of bias." – LRH.

With this guide, you will receive a valuable toolbox that will make your family life better and more harmonious.

Try the tips in this book and experience your own miracles.

"Miracles for Breakfast" can change your family life!

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