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Notes on the Lectures

Notes on the Lectures

Another exciting book for AUDITORS. You will understand the computer of the mind, thinking and everything related to it much better.

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Thought, Life and the Material Universe

It is thanks to human thought that our species has developed to the point of being able to reflect on and modify its own behavior. How exactly is thought formed? And why does human thought sometimes go down completely wrong paths? Is it the cause of destructive and criminal actions?

Can Man really be held responsible? For thousands of years, countless thinkers have pondered this question. The essence of this philosophical and scientific knowledge can be found today in Dianetics.

With the knowledge of Dianetics, you now have access to totally new insights into life. And if you are already practicing Dianetics, all the more reason to add “Notes on the Conferences” to your collection.

Throughout the history of man in various cultures, the Babylonians, the Hindoos, the ancient Greeks, for example, much has been learned and formulated about thought. Put some of these things together in a new way, and you have Dianetics.

In the recent past, investigators have been trying to explain thought in terms of the organism which thinks and to explain the organism of life in terms of the material universe. They have not succeeded in explaining life in these terms. 

"The creation of life is evidently the impingement of the universe of thought upon the material universe. Thought has as one of its purposes the conquest of the material universe, and this conquest produces life.” – LRH.

How to find the best solution

Even a seemingly perfect solution to a conflict in one area can become a problem in another. If, for you, two or more areas of interest conflict, you need to carefully assess which side you favor. 

The concept of the eight dynamics (impulses of the individual on his environment) gives you the tools to make better, smarter decisions.

To any problem that exists there is an optimum solution: the solution which brings the greatest benefit to the greatest number of dynamics. 

"The infinitely perfect solution would be one which brought about infinite survival on all dynamics. In our finite world we find it necessary to suppress some dynamics in order to advance others, as we make decisions about every day matters. But any continued suppression of a dynamic (particularly one of the first three) soon brings about disastrous results.” – LRH

What is the Tone or Emotion Scale

In Dianetics, we are familiar with a number of different scales which enable us to assess people and their behavior.

The scale we certainly use the most is the Emotion Scale, which is described in detail in "Notes on the Lectures". With this knowledge, you will always be one step ahead of fate!

Behaviors that previously seemed quite strange suddenly make sense. Because you now understand why the other person has acted this way! And you're better prepared for anything that might happen to you, which puts the advantage on your side.

The tone scale measures the ability of a human being to cope with the problems that arise for him. As such, it indicates also his emotional feeling and tone.

When the individual is operating at optimum, he has almost complete freedom of activity in any situation or problem that arises. Any force directed against the activity he wishes to pursue, he will overcome easily, with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

The lowering of the tone scale is reflected in the behaviour of the individual, his physiological reaction, his emotional reaction, and the affinity-communication-reality triad. The overall pattern in all of these areas is similar.” – LRH.

With "Notes on the Lectures", you get a broad spectrum 

of what we address in Scientology

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