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Problems of Work

Problems of Work

"The Problems of Work" tells you what lies behind things. That's why this book is about life.

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Relaxed, productive working – it is that simple!

We spend up to seven-tenths of our precious time at work. During these hours, one is confronted with ever-changing challenges that can push one to the limits of one's capabilities. This was true even in the days of our great-grandparents – and it hasn't changed much.

The good news is that if you apply Scientology technology to the world of work – already like thousands of companies – the complicated and confusing processes will become clear and simple ways to work more productively and relaxed.

Whether you work in a business, in a school or as an entrepreneur, your work is such a valuable contribution! That is precisely why L. Ron Hubbard has devoted himself to the subject of work. With "The Problems of Work", you'll be able to conceive precise instructions on how to be more efficient and confident in today's working world.

"The lot of the man in the work-a-day world is Uncertainty. His goal is Security. But only few attain this goal. The rest of us worry from day to day, from year to year, about our ability to get work, hold work, improve our lots. And all too often our worst fears take place. 

"Once we had the rich to look toward and envy, but now the taxes which we bear have reduced, despite their clever accountants, even their number. States and governments rise and promise us all Security and then give us restrictions which make that seem shaky too.

"From day to day new threats impose themselves on our consciousness. A world where the machine is king makes Man a cog, and we are told of new developments which do the work of thousands of us and so we starve." – LRH.

How to deal with everyday confusion

"My day has been terribly chaotic again!" Does this phrase sound familiar? Your co-workers don't understand what's expected of them and are once again causing a terrible mess. You feel like you are living a comedy, bad and stupid, except that you are not a spectator, but right in the middle of the action. It's time to draw a line. It is time to change something in your professional life.

"As one looks at the many factors which might derange his life and undermine his security, the impression is, confusion seems well founded and it can be said with truth that all difficulties are fundamentally confusions. Given enough menace, enough unknown, a man ducks his head and tries to swing through it blindly. He has been overcome by confusions.

"Enough unsolved problems add up to a huge confusion. Every now and then, on his job, enough conflicting orders bring the worker into a state of confusion. A modern plant can be so poorly managed that the entire thing appears to be a vast confusion to which no answer is possible." – LRH.

Say goodbye to the chaos that consumes your valuable vital energy like a vampire. The book "Problems of Work" puts its finger on the difficulties you encounter in your office or workshop and introduces a surprisingly simple solution. 

Read on and find out how to get things under control – your colleagues and superiors will love it! Because the intelligent application of this book to professional life brings more clarity, a simple structure, which is at the end of the working day, relaxation, leisure and fun.

Things like chance and luck are under your control, if you understand the underlying principles.

That is what you get with Problems of Work!

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