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Scientology 0-8

Scientology 0-8

Do you like scales that allow you to understand a lot with a few words? Discover them and the natural laws of life.

The English edition is currently unavailable!

Managing Life with Scientology

Each of us grew up with certain rules and laws. Which ones made sense and which were purely arbitrary? To live together in a community, we should know clearly what to do and what to avoid. 

How can we reconcile our own interests with those of the group? Get to know the different codes of common sense and apply them. Whether it's your own integrity, your specific role in your company, your family or your association!

"Very early on and for a long time, I observed man in order to discover the methods he used to survive, how he adapted to the environment in his efforts to survive, and what I discovered was that man progressed to the extent that he preserved his spiritual integrity, where he preserved his values, where he remained honest, where he remained decent – and I discovered that he disintegrated or deteriorated to the extent that he abandoned these things." – LRH

Life can be put into scales

If you study Scientology, you will find that L. Ron Hubbard represents much of what we can observe in life in scales. A science like Scientology uses a whole range of nuances to accurately describe states. 

How else can you describe an abstract concept like "consciousness" except by using a graduated scale? Everything you are and everything you do is on a graduated scale! These tools help you get a realistic idea of what you are and what the next logical step is.

"The term 'graduated scales' can be applied to anything and means "a scale of condition, graduated from zero to infinity". Depending on the direction in which the scale is graduated, there can be an infinity of wrong or an infinity of right. 

"Absolutes are considered unattainable."

"Thus, the graduated scale of right would go from a theoretical zero of right (unattainable) to a theoretical infinite right. A graduated scale of false would go from zero to the infinitely false. This is what we call "infinite value logic".

Self-evident facts requiring no demonstration, i.e. axioms

A science is based on fundamental and logical theses, which present their theory and application in concise sentences. Techniques and procedures make even more sense if you know and understand the axioms of Dianetics and Scientology. That is why "Scientology 0-8" is such a powerful handbook for those seeking understanding, logic and truth. 

Complete and deepen your knowledge with Scientology 0-8.

"There are two distinct parts to Scientology. The first is philosophical, the second is technical. In the philosophical part, one discovers ways and means of working out new ways of living and evaluating or creating ways of living and being. Scientology concludes and demonstrates certain truths. 

"These truths can be seen as the greatest common denominators of existence itself. They have the appearance of precise observations rather than philosophical coincidences. When they are treated as precise observations, many results occur. When they are treated as philosophical opinions, more philosophy results." – LRH

Codes will make sure you are right whatever you do.

Scales will help you understand life even better.

Axioms will show you that life can be simple.

Become a Specialist of Scientology 0-8

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