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Self Analysis

Self Analysis

This is a book of exercises that cou can do to understand yourself and improve your life!

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You decide what YOU want! Success is not magic!

Leave the past where it is! The future is ahead of you and everything is changing!

Discover the tools to protect your mind by improving it!

If you think you have to surrender, you have lost the ability and the right to control your environment. You have been infantilized and became a number.

To function properly, the mind must not show weakness in any area.

A mind needs to know how to implement optimal solutions for everyone.

The mind of one person must cooperate with the minds of others so that all can live as optimally as possible. Life must avoid pain and bring pleasure.

Suppose you have kept all your powers of reasoning, but still have a great deal of experience. You could think with all your enthusiasm and vitality and still be experienced.

When the mind solves the majority of problems presented, the organism achieves a high level of survival.

What about a numb and confused mind?

When the mind is numb and trapped, it begins to devise the wrong solutions. It gets confused about its goals.

It is not sure what it really wants to do. This influences and hinders the survival of other organisms. When the mind fails to solve the majority of problems, the person fails.

Your mind must be in excellent condition to ensure a good life.

If you can lose something, you can get it back! If you take care to make it better and more beautiful, you can surpass it! It is that simple!

By doing the many exercises in this book, you will not only regain your vitality, you will be able to exceed your usual abilities.

Preserve your thinking with Self-Analysis

Thanks to Self-Analysis, you no longer have to endure suffering. You no longer have to learn not to suffer!

Start your own adventure!

Testimonial: Iwake up better right away, with a clear mind, a new dynamism, a self-confidence, as if I were moved by the vitality of Life, effortlessly. As soon as I wake up, I feel in tune with myself. I feel happy. - S.

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