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How does our memory work and how to improve it? This fascinating workbook explains the magic of Straight Wire processes and their application! Vital for professionals.

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This book is primarily intended for professional auditors. However, the value of the data is such that we recommend anyone wishing to care for the mental health of others to know and understand these very important fundamentals.

How does a human being think?

If you start observing the way each individual thinks, you will soon realize how complex this system is, and how devoted its owners are to it.

Human beings live in a complex network of thoughts and memories. Man clings to old images, even when they destabilize him. Yet many events never happened this way, or are not personal experiences at all, but come from other people's tales.

I'm sure you are familiar with situations where someone has presented a story in a totally different way from what it actually was. In the case of a road accident with three witnesses, there may be three different versions of the same incident. In the event of a dispute, such inconsistency is unfortunate and can have an extremely disturbing effect on a person.

What will these exercises do for you?

Another reason why the Straight Wire is so essential is the peculiarity of the memory: old images and memories sometimes appear out of nowhere, even though they have been forgotten. It is almost as if the mind is playing tricks on us and "hiding" memories. 

With Straight Wire, the memory is improved by training the ability to remember, thus replacing automatism.

The understanding of these two things demonstrated that the greatest automaticity in which anyone was engaged was remembering and forgetting. Thus, exercises on remembering and forgetting were, of course, very, very important. It should be understood, then, that no amount of engram running or present time processes would handle this highly specialized thing, automatic remembering and automatic forgetting.”– LRH.

Trust yourself!

Discover the Straight Wire book!

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