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The Keys to your Success

The Keys to your Success

Technology based on the natural laws of our world, everyone can use to succeed and improve their living conditions and know what is right for them and their surroundings.

The English edition is currently unavailable!

What does your personal success have to do with ethics?

You can change everything for the better!

Countless books have already been written on the "best way" to achieve personal success. We could probably fill an entire library with guides claiming to know what is "right and what is wrong". 

Philosophers, religious leaders and many scholars would have us believe that all we have to do is follow a few rules. But it is not that simple. Because on the test bench, in real and often harsh life, things are different.

Being at the heart of life while keeping a clean criminal record?

Who can claim to have never done anything and then bitterly regret it? It is practically impossible to be at the heart of life and never have anything to be ashamed of! 

Here's a common example: you work hard to provide a good life for your family, and overtime you forget your wife's birthday again. Who wouldn't feel bad in such a situation? Apologizing doesn't erase the fault, and the fact that you too often neglect your own needs doesn't improve the situation.

"What destroys man is not his attempt to put his ethics in order. What makes him tumble is the automatism of the reactive mind that comes down on him, and the fact that he uses at that moment a mechanism of stimulus-response of the reactive mind. 

"When this happens, no one actually pushes him down the slippery slope more violently than he does. And once he's going down, without the basic technology of ethics, he has no way of getting back up – and he is simply, directly and deliberately, causing his own collapse." LRH

What's the missing element?

In fact, it is the technology of ethics that is missing.  Have you ever been shown or explained how to put things right after a faux pas? How to protect ourselves from hostile or even malicious people?

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is a good person. Some can really get you into trouble if you don't have the technology of ethics. 

If you're personally attacked, you'll need more than a cup of tea and a few kind words to defend yourself. "You can always talk about anything" is wonderful advice in a calm environment, but it's sometimes not enough in turmoil. You need a plan, and there is no plan unless you have and know this technology!

Your personal path to success with ethics technology

Ethics is the technology that allows you to build a solid bridge across quicksand. And if you happen to take a misstep, and even if you are up to your neck in mud, you will know how to get out of it to reach your goal while staying clean.

"This discovery marks a turning point in the history of philosophy. The individual can learn this technology, learn to apply it to his or her life, and can then put his or her own ethics in order, change the conditions and begin to rise to survival on his or her own.

"I hope you learn to use this technology very well – for your own good, for the good of the people around you and for the future of this civilization as a whole." – LRH

Start learning about ethics technology now 

by reading "Keys to Success" and WIN!

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