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Communication Course

Communication is the Key

Communication Course

Why are there so many problems in life when the solution lies in communication? Here you will find the necessary tools to conduct a communication that nullifies the complexity of life and makes it more relaxed.

Develop your communication skills! Communication is the first step

You hear people saying:

“Of course I can communicate to people!”

“Well, yes! There’s nothing to it. I’m a salesman, you know.”

“I run the Atomic Energy Comission.”

“I’m a big man! Of course I communicate to anyone.”

We look in that man’s vicinity and nobody’s heard anything he’s said since the days of Noah’s Ark. He never said it to anybody in the first place. He sort of throws things out, you know, and he just hopes they land. Well, that’s what passes for communication, and it isn’t by a long ways ­– he throws out a statement of some sort or another and he thinks he’s communicating with somebody.

The only thing that you can talk to in the final analysis is a living being, and all groups are composed of individuals.

There was a fellow by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that never talked to the nation – he never talked to the nation – he talked to an individual citizen. And therefore he communicated.

There was another fellow who spoke the most beautiful English I have ever heard, almost incomprehensibly parsed. Perfect. Would have passed any Oxford English Professor’s most critical look, and that was Herbert Hoover. And I don’t think Herbert Hoover ever said “hello!” to a dog. I don’t think in his whole life he ever said anything to anybody anywhere. And when this man uttered speeches they pronounced nothing to anybody anywhere.

He couldn’t lead anything for an excellent reason. He had no concept in the final analysis of talking to an individual, of getting his communication to land right there.

Communication is so thoroughly important today, as it always has been, that it could be said that if you would get a person into communication you would get him well.

The only secrets in communication are the answers you never got.

"The one who can really communicate to others is a greater being who will create a new world." – L. Ron Hubbard

The Communication Course

  • You will learn and practice the basic steps necessary for good communication. So much so that people will want to communicate to you and will appreciate you for your natural skills.

  • You will become able to continue a communication as long as it is needed and you will find out what are the two points that will make it happen.

  • You will discover what is an optimum communication and become able to create it.

  • You will learn how to handle an obsessive communicator or the shyest person.

  • You will learn very simple, but highly efficient, tools to use when you feel dismayed or when you see someone else dismayed. You will know exactly what to do.

  • You will learn great fundamentals of life which will help you better understand the world we are in and why people act as they do.

  • You will know that any and all objections anyone has to social and human relationships is to be found basically in one rule of communication. You will learn this rule and train how to use it in your life!

  • You will learn so much and develop your skills so well on this course that you might even find tools that could unlock the difficulties in your life!

Length of the course

Full-time: 7–10 days

Part-time: up to 3 months

"The one who can truly communicate to others is
a greater being, who will create a new world."
– L. Ron Hubbard

Learn what aberrations are, how to properly handle a communication,

flawlessly and how to proceed with Dianetics.

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