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Able to Experience Anything


To be there and to be able to perceive everything that is happening around you without any doubt? This is what this course will offer you. An assurance in life like you may never have experienced before, and with it, the joy of living without worry!

How to Improve Abilities to Face Life

Be there comfortably and perceive

That which a person can confront, he can handle. The first step of handling anything is gaining an ability to face it.

One could say that war persists as a threat to humanity because it cannot confront war. The idea of making the war so terrible that no one will be able to fight in it is the exact reversal of the fact – if one wishes to end the war.

As each new element which man cannot confront is added to elements he has not been able to confront so far, Man engages himself upon a decreasing ability to handle.

The basic anatomy of problems

We are looking here at the basic anatomy of all problems. Problems start with an inability to confront anything. Whether we apply this to domestic quarrels or to insects, to garbage dumps or Picasso, one can always trace the beginning of any existing problem to an unwillingness to confront.

It is a truism that one never solves anything by running away from it. Of course, one might also say that one never solves cannonballs by baring his breast to them. But I assure you that if nobody cared whether cannonballs were fired or not, control of people by threat of cannonballs would cease.

Inability to confront

Down on skid row where flotsam and jetsam exist to keep the police busy, we could not find one man whose basic difficulties, whose downfall could not be traced at once to an inability to confront.

The more the horribleness of crime is deified by television and public press, the less the society will be able to handle crime. The more formidable is made the juvenile delinquent, the less the society will be able to handle the juvenile delinquent.

Students who retreat from their studies

In education, the more esoteric and difficult a subject is made, the less the student will be able to handle the subject. When a subject is made too formidable by an instructor, the more the student retreats from it.

There were, for instance, some early European mental studies which were so complicated and so incomprehensible and which were sown with such lack of understanding of Man that no student could possibly confront them.

In Scientology when we have a student who has been educated basically in the idea that the mind is so formidable and so complicated that none could confront it, or perhaps so bestial and degraded that no one would want to, we have a student who cannot learn Scientology. He has confused Scientology with his earlier training, and his difficulty is that he cannot be made to confront the subject of the mind.

Man at large today is in this state with regard to the human spirit.

For centuries man was educated to believe in demons, ghouls, and things that went boomp in the night. There was an organization in southern Europe which capitalized upon this terror and made demons and devils so formidable that at length Man could not even face the fact that any of his fellows had souls. And thus we entered an entirely materialistic age.

How to face a situation?

Confronting as a subject in itself is intensely interesting. Indeed, there is some evidence that mental image pictures occur only when the individual is unable to confront the circumstances of the picture. When this compounds and man is unable to confront anything anywhere, he might be considered to have pictures of everything everywhere.

I discovered, although I did not entirely interpret it at the time, that an individual has no further pictures when he can confront all pictures; thus being able to confront everything he has done, he is no longer troubled with the things he has done. Supporting this, it will be discovered that individuals who progress in an ability to handle pictures eventually have no pictures at all. This we call a Clear.

Less problems

It will be discovered that one who can confront everything does not have to handle anything. The person can simply confront or regard or view the problem with complete serenity.

Now an almost mystic quality enters this when it is discovered that the problem in the physical universe about which he has been worried often ceases to exist out there.

In other words, the handling of a problem seems to be simply the increase of ability to confront the problem and when the problem can be totally confronted it no longer exists. This is strange and miraculous.

Overcoming general difficulties

Man’s difficulties are a compound of his cowardices. To have difficulties in life, all it is necessary to do is to start running away from the business of livingness. After that, problems of unsolvable magnitude are assured. When individuals are restrained from confronting life they accrue a vast ability to have difficulties with it.

There are many other things about confronting which are intensely interesting.

The remedy

A Training drill called Confronting done for a great many hours, will be found intensely efficacious in the handling of life. A wife and a husband whose way has not been too smooth would find it extremely interesting in terms of resolution of domestic difficulties.

The world is never bright to those who cannot confront it. Everything is a dull gray to a defeated army. The whole trick of somebody telling you “It’s all bad over there”, is contained in the fact that he is trying to keep you from confronting something and thus make you retreat from life.

It will be found that the way is paved to success with wins; may you never be the same.

The degree of complexity is proportional to
the degree of non-confront.

Reversing this: The degree of simplicity is proportional to
the degree of confront and the basis
of aberration is a non-confront.

– L. Ron Hubbard

Learn what aberrations are,

how to properly handle a communication flawlessly

and thereof to be able confront.

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