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Efficiency, Competence, Free Time

Efficient in Everything

Efficiency, Competence, Free Time

The technology available in this course will allow you to use it in any situation – professional or personal – and everyone will be grateful that you are able to create a relaxed and effective atmosphere.

The secret of efficiency

The secret of efficiency is the secret of control itself. One not only continues to create a job, day by day, week by week, month by month, he also continues the job by permitting it to progress, and he is also capable of stopping or ending any cycle of work and letting it remain finished.

Whether one handles a machine of the size of a car or as small as a computer or even an accounting pen, one is faced with the problems of control. An object is of no use to anyone if it cannot be controlled. Just as a dancer must be able to control his body, so must a worker in an office or a factory be able to control his body, the machines of his work and to some degree the environment around him.

Good worker vs bad worker?

What is a good worker? He is one who can positively control his equipment or tools of trade or who can control the communication lines with which he is intimately connected.

What is a bad worker? A bad worker is one who is unable to control the equipment he is supposed to control or the communication lines he is supposed to handle.

Control is so far from being bad that a person who is sane and in very good condition does not resent good, positive control and is himself able to administer good, positive control to people and objects. A person who is not in very good condition resents even the most casual directions and is actually not capable of controlling people or objects. The latter person is also inefficient and has many difficulties with work and with life.

When supervision gets up to 80 percent of the plant’s activities it is certain that the confusion will be so great that inefficiency will result in such magnitude as to ruin the activity.

Denial of the right to work

An understanding of life is necessary to the living of it. Otherwise life becomes a trap. To so many of us in the work-a-day world this trap takes the form of WORK. “If only we didn’t have to work, how many delightful things could we do!” “If only we had some other way of getting money…” “Travel, vacations, new clothes… what a host of things would be ours if only we didn’t have to work!”

It is almost an educational factor of our society that work, duress of, is the root of our unhappiness. We hear unions and welfare states as well as individuals basing all their plea upon a reduction of work. Getting rid of work by virtue of reduced hours and the introduction of automatic machinery has become the by-word of our century.

Yet the most disheartening thing which could happen to most of us would be the loss of all future jobs. To be denied the right to work is to be denied any part of the society in which we live.

From the standpoint of sanity, man more dearly needs the Right to Work than he does an endless number of pretended freedoms.

Work is not something which springs ready-made into our sight. Work is something that is created. New inventions, new markets, new systems of distribution must be created and brought into existence as times change and old methods, old markets, old systems become inadequate and wear out.

It is not enough to coast along in a job. The job, day by day, has to be made by us, no matter who created it in the first place.

The Man who succeeds

The ingredients of success are: First an ability to confront work with joy and not horror; a wish to do work for its own sake, not because one “has to have a pay-check”. One must be able to work without driving oneself or experiencing deep depths of exhausted. If one experiences these things there is something wrong with him.

There is some element in his environment that he should be controlling that he isn’t controlling, or his accumulated injuries are such as to make him shy away from all people and objects with whom he should be in intimate contact.

Scientology for the first time in Man’s history can predictably raise intelligence, increase ability, bring about a return of the ability to play a game, and permits Man to escape from the dwindling spiral of his own disabilities. Therefore work itself can become a game, a pleasant and happy thing.


When a person is competent, nothing can shake his pride. The world can yell. But it doesn’t shake him. Competence is not a question of one person being more clever than another. It is one person more able to do what he is doing than another is.

You could say a competent person was “more there.” But this is really “more able to put his attention on what he has his attention on.”


To get someone to actually do what he is doing when he is doing it will sound cruel to some people. That’s because they find it painful to confront and would rather withdraw and maunder. They are not happy. Happiness comes from self-determinism, production, and pride. Happiness is power and power is being able to do what one is doing when one is doing it.

Earn Your Free Time

One of the best ways to cut your work in half is not to do it twice. Do it Now.

Probably your most fruitful source of overflow of work is your own double work. This is the way you do double work.

In short, the way to get rid of traffic is to do it, not to refer it; anything referred has to be read by you again, digested again, and handled again, so never refer traffic, just do it so it’s done.

This is how to buy free time!

The individual who absolutely has to control everything in sight

is upsetting to all of us and this individual is why we have begun

to find things wrong with control.

The Problems of Work – L. Ron Hubbard

​The Efficiency Course
  • You will learn the basic principles of how to study, at the same time a professional supervisor is on hand when you need him.

  • What is communication and what are all its subforms and how are they used effectively? You will learn practical exercises and massively improve your ability to communicate.

  • Reach your full potential and stay focused and true to your intention.

  • The Efficiency Course is for everyone and every form of work, because the same basics apply everywhere.

  • Learn how to be truly efficient.

  • The work or everything we do, can be divided into three basic parts. Understanding them makes you much more efficient.

  • What makes the difference between a professional and an amateur?

  • Secure your job through competence and efficiency. Make yourself irreplaceable.

  • Increase your self-confidence wherever and whatever you work.

  • Recognize the real obstacles and make them disappear.


Full-time: 2 weeks

Part-time: 1 month

"Get to know the crucial factors for success to occur
or increase your daily efficiency."

– L. Ron Hubbard

Create and maintain your security and certainty

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