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Help the Children

Capable People

Help the Children

Children are our future and everyone is ready to say so. But how? If you give a child the right tools, they will use them as adults. You will have made your children capable, and therefore a great society to live in!

​Save the Child and You Save the Nation

Auditing for children

The concern of Scientology is purely with the personality of the child, which is to say his spirit, his potentialities, and his happiness.

By auditing children between the ages of six and ten, we would achieve in fifteen years a sanity and alertness never before obtained in that portion of the populace between the ages of 21 and 26, the age bracket which contains the energy and influence most strikingly felt by a civilization.

Child auditing could very well be, in terms of practice, the most important single field of endeavor in the science. Therefore, we address here a subject which is broader than “what will I do to cure Johnnie’s sneezes.”

Each of us who has a vested interest in the continuation of Earth and of Man should be willing to invest some of his industry in the investigation and application of the auditing of children.

What passport do you need to help children? None.

What recommendations, papers, figures, historical documents, statistics, and other buffoonery do you need to assist children? None.

Historically, child therapy has been as difficult as it is now simple.

Capabilities of your child

Scientology increases the personality and potentialities of personality of the child in present time in order to secure the capabilities of the child in the future. It does this by exercising the capabilities of personality of the child. Thus, no one can reasonably object to the education of the child in present time so as to fit him for his future.

Any expert in the field of child study can inform you that it is possible to take any child and, by giving him enough time, improve him. Parents can tell you this.

Anyone, in short, could have gotten results from a child by sufficiently devoting himself to the child’s interests. When one realizes that this might consume many many hours per child, one sees immediately that without the fundamentals of Scientology the mass resolution of the education of children is impossible.

Pride and personality of the child

An auditor should also know that he should not rebuke, criticize, evaluate, or tease the children because of their mock-ups or their troubles with them. He should also know that he must not evaluate these mock-ups or try to interpret them as dreams, since whatever relationship they may have to dreams and regardless of how fascinating they may be, their interpretation will reduce the effectiveness and ability of the child. In fact, their evaluation for the child is actually destructive to his pride and personality, and such interpretation not only has no part in his processing but is expressly forbidden as being intensely harmful.

By all standard tests of learning ability, reading skill, differentiation, and so forth, it will be discovered that the group, as a group, has progressed very far beyond what anyone has ever had the right to expect from the application of any form of child improvement. This is rather a sober fact which is based upon very wide, careful testing and observation under many differing conditions, under many types of instructors, and under many groups of children.

The main goal of the process is to make able children far more able.

Do we work to return children to «normal»?

We are factually striking out to attain a level of culture and civilization higher than those attained before, in which we include any period of any nation anywhere.

An auditor is not working to return children to “normal”. They have never been other than they are and, in the absence of what we know now, never could have been what we hope them to be. The work of the auditor is creative whether he is working on an individual or a group.

A new type of childhood

This is a state that is desirable not simply because it contrasts with former states, but desirable because it means a better civilization or perhaps one might say, a civilization.

If one cannot imagine, he cannot predict. In such a child, the ability to imagine the answer by recombining existing factors has not been developed or disciplined. Many an engineering school has been embarrassed by turning forth honor graduates who yet failed dismally in the reduction of rudimentary practical problems to workable solutions. Even a thing as apparently precise as mathematics yet requires, in the good mathematician, an enormous amount of imagination.

Imagination = Prediction = Solving Problems

When we are trying to teach a child, whether to be proficient in geometry or in handling his body, we must teach him as well to predict a future state of personality; if he cannot predict a future state of personality, he cannot resolve problems. As a statement, the phrase “prediction of a future state of personality” almost encompasses the function of the human mind. Prediction of personality is somewhat different from simple prediction. It is necessary to have the potentiality of imagining what is going to happen to accurately assess a situation.

The individual should be able to utilize this imagination, and the imagination should be under the discipline of the individual. A good instructor realizes that it is the discipline of the student’s mind by the student himself which accrues to the student the benefits of education.

The discipline of the imagination is essential in any learning process. At night, the child is hounded by nightmares and delusions; by day his imagination conjures up for him images based upon factual and unimportant data of his environment which frighten and inhibit him.

Delusion vs. imagination

Delusion is imagination out of control. The control and discipline of imagination and its employment for the artistic and practical gains of the individual would be the highest goal of a training process. There have been great instructors in the past, great teachers who could lead their students forward by their own personal magnetism.

Their effort was centered upon giving the student into his own hands, and this was accomplished by causing the student to desire to discipline his own personality.

However, the discipline of personality is not necessarily the limitation of personality. It is better to be able to decide and control a few things to be, than to be under the whip of an imagination which drives one to be a great many things, none of which are under one’s control. These processes, then, aim directly towards disciplining the imagination and bringing it under the control of the individual child.

The child can possess only those things which he feels free to be.

Dignity and purpose are native to the child; badness and uncontrol are not. This is a gradual and continuous process, this creation of personalities and the process continues in any phase of life so long as the person has life in him.

Get in communication first!

The instructor is supposed to educate children, the camp leader is supposed to entertain them, and the hospital nurse is supposed to make them well. Any attempt to work with a child is an attempt to contact and get into communication with the child.

Unless one can get into communication with the child he cannot perform his duties as pertain to that child.

The task of communicating with a child does not begin with talking to the child. It begins with finding a child to talk to. There are many tricks which lead a child’s interest sufficiently into present time to allow one to communicate with him. Anyone dealing with children knows that this is the primary problem in that task.

Quarrelsome children

Children in present time are very easy to look after, very easy to instruct, and very easy to live with. Children out of present time, bent on revenge, and fresh from a quarrelsome breakfast table in an antipathetic home, form a noisy and rebellious group.

The behavior of a child out of present time is not easily predicted, and this unpredictability is a considerable strain to the child’s leader. A child out of present time walks off the curb into heavy traffic, falls down fire escapes, gets hit with gymnasium equipment, hurts himself in games, and causes those multitudes of upsets which make the life of a child shepherd an onerous one, at times.

The more one corrects and punishes the child, the less the child is there, since, in essence, correction is “go back into the past and pick up punishment data to remind you that the future is going to be unpleasant.”

Help your child cope better with life

The time to salvage a human being and get him out of the past into the present time is when that human being is a child, for he thus benefits most from his environment and all his education within it. Out of present time, the data and experience are going nobody knows where.

A child who receives Scientology can be expected to cope better with problems which are assailing him than he could in the absence of Scientology; just as a child who is poorly fed at home can be expected to do better if he receives a hot meal in the middle of the day at school.

Parents who are aware of the benefits being achieved with the child are prone to see that the child gets even further benefit in the form of professional auditing.

This particular highway of approach to the problems of the world has been found workable. The amount of help an individual can deliver per capita with these processes easily is greater than with any other single method now in existence, for he is giving men back to themselves, and there is no greater gift at his command.

Next-Gen Week 2024

The Next-Gen Week is an intensive training week designed for young people up to 30 years old. For more information, click.

From Saturday 27. July to Saturday 3. August 2024

​Services for Children

  • How to choose the right people Course: How to choose the people they want to associate with, preventing all the traps of emotions and scams.

  • Communication Course: Being able to communicate easily and efficiently as well as knowing how to handle any situation with effective communication.

  • Study Course: Being able to study any subject, knowing how to study, the reasons why someone can’t retain the data and be able to help them and how to deal with any difficulties occurring while studying.

  • Auditing: Address specific problems in life with a trained auditor.

"The supreme test of a being is his ability
to make things go right."

– L. Ron Hubbard

Educate your children so that they can

grow up happy and cheerful.

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