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The Way to Improve Life Once and For All

The Bridge to Freedom and to a New World

The Way to Improve Life Once and For All

Everything can be improved. The wisest thing is to start with yourself. Improve your affinity, your reality, your communication, know how to solve problems, don't get stuck in the past, in fixed ideas... This is the road to follow!

The Ron’s Org – the place to improve your native abilities once and for all

The most difficult thing in the world is to tell somebody who thinks he is a body, that he is himself. You are about to discover the instruction book for life! You are not a body or an animal!

Man has believed in life everlasting much longer than he has believed in being an animal. He’s only believed that he was an animal, really, since he saw the first psychologist. I probably didn’t state that very flatteringly with regard to psychology.

Psychology doesn’t only teach that he’s an animal. It says, “He cannot change.” It says that nobody can change his intelligence; nobody can change his ability; nobody can change his behavior; Man can’t change. He’s finished!

So, the world, having been taught this type of thing for quite a while now, then finds it rather hard to grasp the older and truer statement that Man, an individual man, has been going for a very long time and when he dies, he goes somewhere else. Now, man’s believed that longer, but this other philosophy came in and tended to wipe it away.

How to improve life and keep it in place effortlessly?

Life is improved on a gradient; it’s improved a little and then it’s improved a little more, and it’s improved a little more and a little more.

It is you and your awareness which is improving. It isn’t the attendant and appendant machinery you’re surrounded with, like your hands and your arms and your automobiles, that’s improving; it is you.

In Scientology we’re in the business of handling life. And we are just about the first ones that have attempted this for a very, very long time. And we are very good at it.

When you tell a person about too big a jump, that you expect him to make too big an advance in too little time, you will give him a loss. In other words, he doesn’t then gain; he loses. And the Bridge which we have is a prevention against this.

An instruction book about life

The individuals who are on this planet were not issued an instruction book about themselves. We have had to do it all from scratch. But this is an instruction book on self, not an instruction book on the body or how you should be a good boy or a good girl in the society – an instruction book on self.

And how do you learn about yourself? What you’re going to do? Where you can go? What your capabilities are? Well, you’d learn that by studying one lesson at a time and by achieving one improvement at a time, and if you did that in an orderly fashion, you not only would get very few losses but you would be able to advance up to a very high state.

The Bridge

We have the idea of a bridge across the chasm. Now, that is an old mystic idea that there was a chasm. There was a chasm between this existence where we are now and a higher plateau of existence, and that many people trying to make it fell into the abyss.

Well, we’ve built a bridge and the bridge goes from this state of existence to that state of existence, and the bridge is all complete now and it can be walked.

Now, we have here the chart itself and it goes from the bottom up.

As we go up, a person at anyone of these levels, no matter where they are on the chart, is most likely to become aware of the next exact level up, and this is levels and a map of what the individual can become aware of.

Scientology really can change the state or conditions of life!

The more a person develops, the more his understanding increases. You become less and less vulnerable the more and more you are capable of understanding.

The one thing that Scientology can do, and the one thing it does do, is change conditions, and if there’s anything that Scientology can do at all, it will be change of conditions. Now, used properly, it always improves the conditions.

I hope you have a very happy passage across the Bridge.

The Grade chart – The Bridge to Freedom

You will find below a simplified version of the Bridge. If you are looking for a specific procedure or action, please contact us, we will be happy to provide more details for you.

The Ron’s Org delivers the complete Bridge per

the standard technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

"I hope you have a very enjoyable trip
across the bridge."

– L. Ron Hubbard

Get to know the field of the mind with its different techniques.

Understand how it is functioning.

Find out how you can really help yourself and others once and for all.

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