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Futuristic town in space on island of light, electric dark blue

Introduction: Announcement! The Ron's Org construction is set to continue! A place to study life, receive auditing, train as an auditor and progress on the Bridge.

Two references from L. Ron Hubbard to use, to apply:

  • Quarters Policy regarding historical from the 23. September 1970, mentioned in the text below.

  • Fixed public consumption of a product from the 24. July 1967. This in particular is a good guideline for the future!



Around 2004 or 2005, we realized that we needed more space for the Ron's Org to expand. So, Erica began diligently searching for houses and building lands where we could establish our new Ron's Org.

When making such a decision, there are many factors to consider, and numerous mistakes can be made. While I won't go into detail – though it would be worthwhile to write it down as a hat – instinctively, we made all the right choices, as evidenced by our success.

Very recently, I found a reference from Ron on this subject. Erica and I looked at each other and nodded. "Very Well Done," we said to each other. The Policy Letter "Quarters Policy regarding historical", 23.09.1970 is attached.

In 2007, we bought a land in Grenchen, almost 2500 m². As many of you know, it is extremely close to the station, from where you can catch an express train to Zurich and Lausanne. While you might walk kilometers in an airport, here you can count the steps. We are close to the highway and roughly in the middle of the three Swiss international airports. In other words, we are very easy to reach.

In Grenchen, it is easy to find affordable apartments, so we don't have problems finding accommodation for students, PCs, and pre-OTs. Shopping malls and reasonably priced restaurants are very nearby.

In 2013, the first part of our intended construction was completed, and we moved in. Until today, the size of the real estate matched the size of Ron's Org, but now we are occasionally a bit too crowded. This is a good indicator that we need more space.

The next step is to build the originally planned Ron's Org, which will be around 600 m². This is what we have now decided to do.

Here, you can see how it will look in the end:

Plan of the future Ron's Org - Grenchen

The Haus Nord is complete. On the ground floor, there is the Ron's Org, which also includes a large basement. Those who have visited it, will know what I'm referring to. The building also features the mandatory Swiss bunker, where I store many books and tapes in at least three languages, with some materials in additional languages.

Adjacent to House North will be an underground car park. It will be quite spacious, which is necessary because we are in the middle of the city.

On the right side of the drawing, you can see the future Ron's Org on the ground floor. Above it, there are additional apartments – two sets of three. We may divide some of these apartments in half to create more units.

Although we are not in a bad financial position, the entire construction project is of course a challenge, and we will certainly need help. If you have any ways to assist us, please let me know.

In the next few weeks and months, we will be busy planning Ron's Org and other spaces. Then, the building permit will be submitted, and eventually, the excavators will start, and off we go.

I will definitely keep you updated.

Fingers crossed!

Much love,

Max Hauri


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Cuitlahuac Rivas Gonzalez
Cuitlahuac Rivas Gonzalez
Jun 17

L. Ronald Hubbard knows how to make things work and expand. Thank you for the project and the very valuable references.


Jun 16

My name is Felix, also know as Bottomline. I might be Hubbard's reincarnation. I have been told i am. I made the body of an old man in a hospital bed move and try to reach me just by entering the room. This was in 1986.

I was offered the million dollars but told them to come back later with it. They never did.

I have been betrayed, sabotaged, punished for stuff i havent done, my entire life.

I have been stuck in a cage, my reputation destroyed, my credibilty sabotaged, to the point where even if i worked most of my life, even if i got my sabotaged credit score back up..... i still cant have a loan for…

Jun 16
Replying to

for a car, which would be a work tool for me. Or a 50k-100k loan for a home.

I wrote to Max 4 times in the past two days.

Make him share with you my messages.

Just know this. I have been stuck in that cage my entire life. I have been wanting to put an end to the endless torture of both my life and spirit, for more than a decade.

I have been patient enough. Hopeful enough. Nobody ever bails me out. I AM STILL IN THAT GOD DAMN CAGE.

Help me. Now. This is an order. Help me or lose me.

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