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Cause and Effect

Calling all Auditors about Help (4)

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Introduction: Cause and effect! L. Ron Hubbard emphasizes that when you justify and "un-guilt" yourself, you become an effect. An important purpose of Scientology is to make someone become more and more cause, to be more confident and start things. Nobody else but the person himself is responsible for his life!

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Cause and Effect

After several weeks of getting grooved into Help processing we have a clearer picture of progress made, of refinements of running, and above all – of the fundamental importance of this basic approach to a case.

A pc approaches us to be helped in some way, he probably feels life has – dealt him a raw deal and that as a "Victim" he is very much effect of the dread­fully unfair things which have "happened" to him. We, with the wider know­ledge of life that Scientology gives, know that a person becomes aberrated only by means of his own, not another's, actions. Others can obviously influence and harm us if we let them. We usually do and until this fact becomes clear through our own cognition, go on blaming others. This of course, gets us nowhere fast.

Life is just as full and happy as our communication to other life forms is free – without fear, blame or hesitancy. Any other attitude but trust and understanding will build barriers of resistance between ourselves and those we live and work with. This cuts down life potential tremendously.

Now, how to get this over to a "victim" pc?

Help does it and fast. Our results from all over the world this week have been better than ever. Clear cut differences in profiles, with greatly changed considerations and advances in IQ.

Tackle a case with pre-session and easy two-way comm, on the Deadly Quartet. This brings the confusion off in clouds – shake as many O/W out as possible, but don't run them. An easier pc now grooves into Model Session, finds his goals – clears his Auditor, if necessary with two-way Help; PTP personnel with O/W; and will tell you whom or what he wants to help. Find this out and pick up the first terminal he ever tried to help in his history of Dianetics and Scientology. If the needle is sticky start with Concept Help. This run with Alternate Confront and plenty of Havingness is a powerful combination. Ron ex­plains that your difficult pc only "helps" a terminal he finds impossible to confront so by running that terminal we are restiming him. Alternate confront helps him Look at this terminal and you have a happier preclear. Don't forget the Havingness – "Look around here and find something you could have". He needs enough.

Go on from here to Help O/W on assessed terminal and run flat, flat, flat. Never leave a terminal until the needle is nul. One terminal really flattened progresses a case for more than several half run. This is very important.

Remember a pc's case is his valences. If he were basically himself he wouldn't need you.

Help strips valences, but while he is a combination of them, it is no good running Responsibility as such. He will gleefully make his Aunt Matilda entirely responsible and this doesn't solve anything.

Responsibility can be used at this stage only for easing off an unwisely chosen terminal. Run old O/W alternate Confront or Responsibility.

Run general terminals in preference to near PT specific ones. Back track comes flying up. Continue to run Help. Dating incidents is not necessary here and will break into a fast working process, so don't be tempted.


If pc is interested in his case he'll be in control, so don't run it. If he is in urgent need of control run CCHs but he'd have to be psychotic or unconscious.

These are the latest tools Ron has handed us. They are geared for the job of clearing any pc. Use them intelligently; keep ARC high and have the intention to Clear. You will.

Rosamond Harper

HCO Technical Secretary WW for

L. Ron Hubbard 


Dear friends,

I love the subject of cause and effect! In particular, Ron emphasizes that when you justify and "un-guilt" yourself, you become an effect. An important purpose of Scientology is to make someone become more and more cause, to be more confident and start things. Nobody else but the person himself is responsible for his life!

The bulletin above describes it very clearly. A Scientologist is not a victim.

Help is an important, albeit dangerous, stage. It is very important that someone can accept and give help. But the help of making someone cause is more important than simply getting a few problems out of their way or slipping them some money or giving them some well-meant advice.

Good help consists of insisting that someone does something or gets something done. It's better than doing it for them. Unfortunately, the second is often easier.

You can read more about this in previous newsletters, especially here:

Question and Answer

Ron is certainly still with us. To my understanding Scientology was not his only and alone effort to increase Homo sapiens, there have been more efforts and it is going on. And Capt. Bill also said that we have a lot of people here on earth working for that goal. In other words I am pretty sure he is working hard but I can't tell you where he is or what he is doing and when we will see him again and in what form and body. I guess I do know Ron's answer to such a question: I have given you the tech, it is up to you to get the show on the Start!

Much love

Max Hauri

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