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Essay on Management

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Introduction: Attached is the article "An Essay on Management". In it, Ron talks about the goal creator and other important things like goals and groups and management and how Dianetics can help.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

A knowledge of Group Dianetics should include a knowledge of management, its problems and optimum performances. In Group Dianetics, the best organization can be seen to be one wherein all individual members of the group are versed in all the problems and skills in the group, specializing in their own contributions but cognizant of the other specialties which go to make up group life.

It is an old and possibly true tenet of business – at least where business has been successful – that management is a specialty. Certainly it is true that ruling, as Group Dianetics concerns itself with government, is a specialized art and craft not less technical than the running of complex machinery, and certainly, until Dianetics, more complex.

Management is a specialty

With our present technology about groups, it is possible to accomplish with certainty many things which before came out of guesses when they emerged at all. Management in the past has been as uncodified in its techniques as psychiatry, and management, without reservation, has almost always been a complete failure. Men were prone to measure the excellence of management in how many dollars a company accumulated or how much territory a country acquired. These are, at best, crude rules of thumb. Until there was another and better measure, they had to serve. To understand that these are not good measures of the excellence of management one has only to review the history of farms, companies and nations to discover that few have had any long duration and almost all of them have had considerable trouble. Management has failed if only because the "art" of managing as practiced in the past required too much hard labor on the part of the manager.

Until one has considered the definitions of wealth and expanded territory and has taken a proper view on what these things really comprise, one is not likely to be able to appreciate very much about management, its problems or its goals. Hershey, a brilliant manager with a brilliant managing staff, yet failed dismally as a manager because he neglected the primary wealth of his company – his people and their own pride and independence. His reign of a company ceased with his people – well-paid engineers and laborers, well housed, well clothed – shooting at him with remarkably live ammunition. The brilliant management of Germany which came within an inch of restoring to her all her conquests of former years yet laid Germany in ruins.

Reach the purposes

Before one can judge management one has to consider the goals of an enterprise and discover how nearly a certain management of a certain enterprise was able to attain those goals. And if the goal of the company is said to have been wealth, then one had better have an understanding of wealth itself, and if the goal is said to have been territory, then one had better consider what, exactly, is the ownership of territory.

Goals and their proper definition are important because they are inherent in the definition of management itself. Management could be said to be the planning of means to attain goals and their assignation for execution to staff and the proper coordination of activities within the group to attain maximal efficiency with minimal effort to attain determined goals.

L. Ron Hubbard


Dear Friends,

"Shock your parents – read a book!" What a great advertising slogan!

Often we associate Scientology almost solely with Clearing and auditing, but if you listen closely to Ron, the training is the most important part.

Training does not work without auditing and auditing presupposes training. If one trains as an auditor, one must sooner or later receive auditing. One does not go without the other.

That is why books are the gateway to Scientology. If one is not willing to read and train, one will not succeed. Without work, there is no reward.

In Scientology and Dianetics, books are THE advertisement. Ron is our best disseminator.

Scientology or Dianetics is not easy to explain. There are many reasons. One of the reasons why it is difficult, is that we often and unintentionally enter into judgment, even belittlement, and even unintentionally prove the other wrong. "Why me? My wife needs it more than I do!" or such thoughts can easily get in the way.

A statement like "everything is explained in this book" gets around this problem. A book is more neutral anyway, because it is a book and not a person "to attack". And if it is not read, it has not done any harm.

Goal maker

We can see many things in Ron, from the Founder to the Commodore to the Course Supervisor to the Senior C/S Class XII and many more. But in reality, he is the creator of the purpose, he postulated and dreamed the purpose. He is the source of the purpose.

It is a very important hat that lasts beyond death. It is not my hat, nor is it your hat. It is very important that we put this hat on Ron's head and make sure it is and remains his. We must not compete with him for this hat, because it is dangerous! He is the source.

This is a huge topic and I could write a lot about it. It is important to understand that we must help Ron wear his hat by making his books known.

We invest a lot of time and energy in getting Ron's books printed and available to the public to buy them. We also make them available online for free. We offer the books at a great price.

Ron explains it much better than any of us. And he doesn't prove anyone wrong.

As I wrote it, the work of printing the books is done; I would be happy if you could from time to time give, offer or sell a book to someone; sell it or offer it, both are possible. Reading aloud is also a possibility.

The book Evolution of a Science was written by Ron at the time, as a promotional item for the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and if you offer it to someone, we would be happy to give it to you for free. We have many in stock.

We don’t print the English books, but you will find them on our website in PDF in the section books.

Much love,

Max Hauri


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