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Handling Energy and Force

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Introduction: A person has to be very strong before he can be ethical and completely merciful of his own free will.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Why "Bridge"?

In HANDLING ENERGY AND FORCE, L. Ron Hubbard makes the most beautiful and moving statement ever made concerning the condition of a being in this universe. In this article you will learn the secret of achieving freedom in this universe, a secret which was not known before Ron discovered it. Ron also answers the questions: "What abyss or chasm is the Bridge to Total Freedom really spanning?"; "What is the trap and how do I get out?" Read on!

When we talk about this universe we're talking about energy.

The only way an individual can be held into this universe is by a conviction that he cannot handle energy – because this universe is composed only of energy which operates in a thing called MEST universe space.

If you cannot handle energy in its fullest extent, don't think you can be free of this universe or any other one.

Force begets force and he who lives by the sword will die by one, but the funny thing is you have to be able to have enough force to use an unlimited quantity of force before you can pass over into a higher band of ethics.

One cannot retreat and cower back from force under any pretext whatsoever and still have a beingness above the level of this universe.

It is possibly not a comfortable thought to think of being hit in the face in the MEST body with a 100,000 kilowatt lightning bolt, but I assure you that is a small amount of juice compared to what you as a thetan can take. Theta-wise, you ought to be able to pick your teeth with a million kilowatt lightning bolt!

If you have ever seen the sympathy and fear of the very weak compared to the mercy of the very strong, you'll see the mockery of bottom scale trying to echo the top of the scale. A person has to be very strong before he can be ethical and completely merciful of his own free will.

At the bottom of the scale a person has been forced to be and everything affects him. He is the effect of this and that. Of course, he's still carrying along with him some of his capability.

There's still theta there at the bottom of the scale, but not much. He has, you might say, "crossed over the span of force successfully." But bluntly, nobody ever crawled out of this universe through the bottom of the hole. Nobody ever got out that way. That's a grave. The only way out is through.

You have to be able to conquer the full use and control of any factor of the first dynamic and having conquered that, the full use and control of the factors of the second dynamic, and the third and so forth.

You have to be willing and capable and in full control of those dynamics before you are free of them. Otherwise always lingering in the back of your mind, no matter how esoteric you may think your ambitions may be, is something you can't do, which is always a disability.

The capability of a thetan is, of course, not simply force. But it is interesting to note that every saint on the calendar is represented as having a big, bright aura. What do you think that aura was representing? It was representing raw energy! Whether those boys could wield energy or not I don't know, but they certainly represented them that way and have continued to do so ever since.

Here's another interesting point about force. If you want to be able to heal somebody at a distance, you have to have the capability of charring them into charcoal at a distance. The ability to produce force is the ability to make a strong postulate. And the ability to make a strong postulate alone is capable of controlling the health and beingness of others.

Force is, of course, the shabbiest shadow of what can be done. But unless you can make a postulate strong enough to handle force, it is highly unlikely that you can make a postulate strong enough to pervade all through the beingnesses which you would like to help.

This is a force universe. Don't ever make a mistake about that.

If it was the only universe there was, god help all of us!

This universe is built on trickery and on force. Every single item that you see in a store is condensed energy, existing in space. Every single brick that you see out on the street is a condensation of energy. Any action you see on the part of a MEST object is some manifestation of force at work in this universe.

Don't think for a moment that a low scale action in this universe will be greeted by anything but force. You can protest, reason, agree, grovel, beg – it doesn't matter. Force is there heavily and solidly to greet the best of intentions to help.

This universe does not care anything for brightness, for aesthetics. You could go out and make the prettiest planet that ever existed in this whole universe, solely by your hard work, application and genius, and the force that is this universe could simply roll it up and blow it away without the least tremor.

The strong man who uses force as his sole criteria of existence is nothing but a brute. Nevertheless, the strong man who is able to make something in this universe must be able to protect it, because this universe doesn't care.

That the universe doesn't care is what breaks the heart of Man. He looks around and no matter what he does for anybody, no matter how much he tries to help or anything else, in this universe with MEST force on the loose and relatively uncontrolled it makes no difference whatsoever.

It is that remorselessness, that crushing capability without discernment as to a finer quality that breaks him at last. He thinks in this universe there ought to be such things as love and goodness and that these things ought to repay.

You find somebody working himself to the bone trying to be good and straight. But what do you find around him? Pitfalls waiting for his tiniest error – and he will go crashing down. And who will push him? The people he helped the most. It's a 'great' universe!

The universe is so debased and degraded, really, that the better capabilities of theta and beingness almost can't exist in this universe. They are here in the flimsiest possible form.

Let's take aesthetics. What does this universe care for an aesthetic? You go out and look at the beautiful sunset. Expecting an aesthetic sensation from this universe? Have you any idea what composes that beautiful sunset? It is dust hanging in the air from some old volcanic explosion where the earth convulsed and vomited and shot rock and ash into the air.

The sun itself is of such a violent temperature that it is shooting radioactive sheets of fire out 240,000 miles which, if you even vaguely approached it and got a tiniest burn, you would thereafter rot. That's beauty in this universe.

Someone goes out and looks at a butterfly flying around through the grass and says, "Isn't that pretty!" Did you ever follow the fate of a butterfly?

It's an interesting game, but it doesn't have any room in it for the beingness called Man.

Here you have an unlimited universe of force, debased force and the solidified results of force. Man and thetans in their small way try to add into it the ingredient of love, of beauty, of appreciation, of fair play – but nothing happens, really; just more force.

So don't go moaning and moping around and saying there is no goal for this universe and "nobody appreciates what I'm doing." The truth of the matter is this universe is too strong, forceful and powerful from a standpoint of MEST force to permit it to happen.

The only thing which you see out here in this universe that is worth seeing is what you and people like you have put into it to perceive back.

If you have ever counted the number of beautiful cities which have gone by the board here on this earth and which are no more, the hopes with which they were built and the ardors and depths of their fall and the plight and agony of their final days, you would no longer sit around and worry about "let's make this a good universe." That's how you got trapped into it in the first place.

You've got lots of universes and you can make one of your own.

Theta's greatest potentialities happen to be the ability to agree, which makes for groups; the ability to have an affinity, to love and appreciate and to feel sensation (another form of affinity); and the ability to communicate. Thus, it is theta handling MEST in a peculiar way that gives us A (Affinity), R (Reality) and C (Communication).

So don't let someone tell you that at any moment all he has to do is simply rise to the high and beautiful plane of pure thought without anything ever having any effect on him again in the line of energy!

He's got to be able to handle energy, otherwise energy can command him. That's the trick of this universe. Either you command the energy or it commands you. It's a universe of space and energy and if you want to command it, you've got to be able to command space and energy.

Thus energy stands as the sinister barrier between aberrated thought and being free to do anything you please with thought.

Now this is an easy barrier to cross as long as you actually cross it.

The mystics talked about the abyss. What is the abyss? What are you trying to bridge? The abyss is the abyss of force and the Bridge must lead across it. We are bridging the necessity of energy!

You're not going to cross this bridge by saying, "I don't want anything to do with energy. I'm going to deny myself a body and sensation. I'm going to not use this and I'm not going to do that. I'm going to back off from this whole thing!"

The fact of the case is that although you do not have to necessarily partake of action or really even engage in action, you've certainly got to be willing to handle action.

One has to be perfectly willing to use energy in any department. It's not necessary that he does so, but he's got to be willing to.

L. Ron Hubbard


Dear friends, This is indeed a very powerful article. Unfortunately, our society is working in the opposite direction. Here is a quote from it:

"A person has to be very strong before he can be ethical and completely merciful of his own free will."

Ron is really right about that. Greatness comes from real strength. Criminals and mafia bosses – or even banksters – are not themselves and show only reactive strength. A text you should read several times! Much love.

Max Hauri


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