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What every auditor should know

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Introduction: This is an ambitious article, but it contains very important and fundamental information about how to improve one's skills.

Read Max Hauri's introduction to this article, below.

What every auditor should know:

Auditing means to listen and compute and it also means to get a result on a preclear, that is someone who is not yet Clear. Successful attainment of Scientology results requires auditing that is done in a technical and professional manner which has not departed from standard procedure.

A Scientologist is trying to make people better and that's a new idea in the whole field of the human mind. Our situation doesn't compare to therapies and other things, such as torture and imprisonment, which have passed for mental therapy down through the ages. The goals of Scientology predate all ideas of "therapy" and are found first in religion and philosophy as long as 10,000 years ago.

Clearing someone is erasing his reactive mind. All the misery Man has is contained in the reactive mind. We are not concerned with social behaviour. Auditing is not social criticism. Psychotherapies are involved in social criticism. Psychiatrists exist for the "good of the society". Legislatures are interested in the "sick" and "insane". We are not. We work in a very much older field. We know how a preclear behaves. We know how human beings work but we don't care much about that. Good or bad behaviour is all by definition. If you kill a man it is good or bad by definition. If you kill him in war or by sentencing him in court that's good. But if you kill him just one inch outside the type of the Statute that's bad. There is a morass of social behaviour you can get interested in if you want, but don't mix it up with auditing.

There is a certain road out. Scientology is the way, it is the road out. It is the road away from reactivity, away from aberration, away from identifying everything with everything else. It increases a person's abilities, it increases his general performance and existence to a fantastic degree that can be precisely measured and experienced. And that road out has certain little milestones you have to pass to get out and we call these the Grades of Release. There are certain points a person has to pass on the way to Clear and these points are definite abilities regained. These Grades are not composed of single points, although for public convenience we sometimes list them as simply:

  • 0 – Communication

  • I – Problems

  • II – Overts and Withholds

  • III – ARC Breaks

  • IV – Service Facsimiles

  • V – Whole Track

  • VI – R6-EW, which is unburdening the reactive mind, and

  • VII – Clearing, the materials necessary to totally erase the reactive mind.

It is not possible to attain the upper Grades, ignoring the lower Grades.


Reactive Mind: The thinking not under the control of the person.

Aberration, aberrated: departure from rational thought or behaviour. Unreasonable.

Overt: harmful or contra-survival act.

Withhold: undisclosed contra-survival act.

ARC Break: breaks in Affinity, Reality and/or Communication.

Service Facsimile: a fixed idea a person uses to make himself right and others wrong. Whole Track: a moment to moment record of a person's existence in this universe.)

R6-EW: Routine 6 End Words. An according procedure.

Key in: The reactive mind returns.

The only other thing which bars this road is not following standard technology. Standard technology is contained in Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins. Modern technology is not contained in any of the books of Dianetics and Scientology.

My research suffers in repute only because anything found and noted was recorded, not hidden for fear it would be unpopular. Truth is Truth, not a popularity contest. However, because we developed something later we did not lose the standard technology of something earlier. The main bug-bear of the person studying Scientology (and the bug-bear was his, not mine) was that he conceived every time he read something new that that wiped out the old. And this was brought about because he did not understand the old when he had read it and he did not realize it integrated with the new which had just been issued. There are very few things that have been wiped out, but the idea of overrun and when a process is flat does require correction.

What this is all about is command of a thing called the mind. You should understand what man is all about and know that there isn't anything that's going to help an aberrated1 being but processing. So you had better know that processing is a very narrow little track bounded above and below and on both sides by a complete mass of improper things that can be done. (It would be impossible to list the number of wrong things that can be done in auditing.) This track, called standard technology, is very narrow and it is very easy to stray off its edges and one of the ways is to forget to handle preclears when auditing them. By not handling them is meant: to ignore the fact that your preclear has a present time problem, or an affinity, reality or communication break, or is sitting in overts, and not handle these because they happen to be above the Grade you are running the preclear on.

You can always run an advanced process on a preclear as a rudiment, as something to straighten out the preclear. But the day you sit down to audit that person and do not detect or note that he has a present time problem is the day you will have a loss. That person is not about to get up those Grades on the Gradation Chart.

Now why is this Chart so accurate and how did I find it? The Gradation Chart is made up only of those things which you cannot audit in the face of and that is the genus of the chart and that's the real reason I found the Grades, and I isolated them just as crudely as that. I said okay, there are certain things that, if you don't pay attention to them, prevent all progress in auditing. Therefore they must be the keys to aberration. And that is how we got the Gradation Chart. In all those years of experience, and there have been a lot of them, only these factors have presented themselves. Factors that, each one separately, much less in combination, can totally prevent case gain unless given attention. These are the super barriers to the track. These are the girders across the bridge that have fallen down sideways. What are these things?

The things a person cannot audit up against are present time problems, affinity, reality and communication breaks, overts and withholds and service facsimiles. The things you cannot audit in the presence of, without handling, are the Grades on the Gradation Chart. So, of course, if they are the things which stop any preclear's progress they must be the things which desperately require releasing. I knew that when they were audited on a grand scale we would get a release. It had to be that way because these things were the powerful points in the human mind that debarred all further progress on a case. All a preclear has to be is worried about his wife and he cannot answer the auditing command and cannot concentrate on anything. The fellow guilty of recent overts cannot even talk to you. With these present you are not going to make any progress, not one scrap.

You will not run into much trouble (because the processes today run like hot butter) but it's that very little bit of trouble you must take an interest in.

Release is a gross product. It is a very hopeful product, but the thing that booby-trapped the whole research of the mind is that one could produce a temporary state of Clear. So one can make something that looks like something it isn't. It was a booby-trap in 1950. It was also a booby-trap in 523 B.C. on this same subject and this same line of research. A thetan-exterior (a being who knows he is a spirit with a body and not just a body) produced all the symptoms of total sanity. It would last two minutes, two days, two years, but it didn't last. And in 523 B.C. it was called Bodhi. Only one thing is certain about a Release and that is that he will key in. Release as we are doing it now has this benefit though; accompanying it has been the experience of overcoming it, and that experience stands the person in good stead because it has improved his ability to confront. Now it goes a bit further than that – a bit of erasure occurs. Modern auditing is sufficiently good that a bit of erasure goes along with it. So he is more apt to be stable as Release on these Grades than he was stable as a "Clear" 1950 book style. Also, he does not key in (get back) all the mass of that level when he does key in, he simply is now up to the point where the next level to be run keys in. A Release who keys in does not return to the state he was in before that processing.

In the 1950's we never knew what Grade of Release we were making a "Clear" at. Today we approach Release on a gradient and we know what kind of Release we are making. I got the idea finally that if we were going to have something that was a near absolute in the way of Clear then we were going to have to have a near totality of erasure of reactivity, and for three years I worked very hard at it. And now we have it.

This does not make something less of Release. Making a Release is very, very worthwhile and the Grades of Release are essential steps on the road to Clear. Release is on a plotted line; it raises a person's confront and gets him to handle things which have been ruining his life and would ruin anybody's life. Anything that would stop auditing would ruin somebody's life because auditing is pretty powerful stuff. But Clear is not just " backing out of it". Clear is total erasure of the reactive mind and is a stable state, only nobody has done it before since the beginning of the universe so far as anyone could know.

So there are only certain things which will prevent success in auditing. There is only this little handful of things as shown on the Gradation Chart that can get in your road as an auditor. Those things you cannot neglect or ignore, regardless of the Grade of Release the individual has attained, are: communication factors, present time problems, overts, ARC breaks, service facsimiles – or that he is on the wrong part of the track. Of these, the first four are the most important. You neglect those and you are not going to audit.

If it bars auditing it will bar living. There isn't anything else that could happen to people that could bar the road out. However, there are interim release points on the Gradation chart you are probably neglecting. At Level 0 there are also valence processes. At Level I we have the CCHs and there are also locational processes. At Level II there are ARC processes and Case Remedies fit in at Level II as well. You can go release on a lot of those remedies. At Level III there is Auditing by List, overts-justifications, solutions to physical problems and dating on a meter, in addition to R-3-H assessments. At Level IV there are also rising scale processes, effort processing release and cause and effect processing.

The processes you are doing now and the last HCO Bulletins you have are perfectly all right to use, but there are a lot of other things that can be done on these Grades to release people. I am not telling you to use them but they do exist.

The point is that you are very rich today in having processes which on a broad general basis handle these conditions and make Releases with some thoroughness.

Any failure you are having is because you are ignoring the Grade definitions used as rudiments. How long do you run an ARC break assessment on Level 0? You run it until you have handled the ARC break that was barring your road to auditing. You don't now try and make an ARC break release.

Auditing is done in a highly standard way. It is a very narrow track. It is not a wide track on both sides of the road. It is highly beneficial, and has definite goals, aims and gains and when it is barred you'll find the only things barring it are the things I've mentioned. Your own personality added to the technology and moving on up through does the rest of the job. If you want a good auditor at Grade VI and Grade VII then become one.

You, a being, are also part of the line-up and I count on that and count on your cooperation as a thetan in pushing it through on a standard line – straight on through to Clear for everybody.

L. Ron Hubbard


Dear Friends,

This is an ambitious article, but it contains very important and fundamental information about how to improve one's skills.

The important thing is to understand what life is made of:

  • Communication: There is no need to say more.

  • Problems: Problems are an important part of life! People love problems. Don't try to take a problem away from someone or to solve it! Give someone a solution and they just won't accept it! He wants to solve it! It's his problem. His copyright! So problems are important.

  • Action: Life is about doing and taking action. Actions that go wrong or are destructive, whether intentionally or not, are called overts and not talking about them, that is, holding back, is called withholds.

  • Changes: Changes can be upsetting to people, annoying and upsetting to someone. It can be difficult to accept changes. We don't make changes out of fear of offending or upsetting someone either. But change is not the only cause for upsets; there are many reasons. In Scientology, we specify it and call it ARC break – also because it is a solution approach for the auditor: a break or collapse of affinity (affection), reality (agreement) and communication.

As we are always confronted with these factors, the result is all kinds of failures or non-communications, we get stuck in problems, we do things we would have been better off not doing in retrospect, we blame ourselves, or we have ARC breaks, etc. etc. In Scientology, we call the above things "rudiments", that is, things that must first be put in order before we can audit. These are: ARC Break, Present Time Problem and Withholds. If one is so stuck in any of the above, it should be addressed at the beginning of the session.

These rudiments can also get in the way of life and should be dealt with in auditing.

Everything else will now be explained by L. Ron Hubbard. It is helpful to understand that he is speaking to auditors-to-be. Enjoy reading!

Much love,

Max Hauri


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