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What is Scientology?

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Introduction: Find out what Scientology really is and why we are so enthusiastic about it. You don't have to be a member of a group to use it. Who doesn't want to be happier, smarter and healthier? Who doesn't want to reap its benefits? The books and exercises are available to you for free on this website.

Scientology is Man's brightest hope in personal and public life. The first science of the mind, it has won through much opposition to its present level of prestige. Scientology is man's hope in a machine-atomic age.

The term Scientology is taken from scio, which means knowing in the fullest meaning of the word, and logos, to study.

Scientology, used by the trained or relatively untrained person, improves the intelligence, ability, behavior, skill and appearance of people. It is employed by an auditor (a Scientology practitioner) upon individuals, or with small or large groups of people. The auditor makes these people (at their choice) do various exercises, and these exercises bring about changes for the better in intelligence, behaviour, general competence, and selfdeterminism. The employment of these exercises is called processing.

The best use of Scientology is through processing and education in Scientology (or training). It is interesting that people only need to study Scientology to have some rise in their own intelligence, behavior, and competence. The study itself is therapeutic, by actual testing.

The Ron's Orgs are in possession of numerous case histories and individual files. No other subject on earth except physics and chemistry has had such gruelling testing. Scientology is used by some of the largest business organizations on Earth. It is valid. It has been tested.

Scientology embraces the entire field of knowledge and includes as part of this the human mind, which is a computer of and vessel for knowledge.

The essence of Scientology is its practicality: its application is broad and its results are uniformly predictable. In the field of the human mind it is best used to "make the able more able" rather than to "treat" the psychotic or neurotic or psychosomatically ill. But its application to the latter, when done by competent and properly trained Scientologists, forms the only thoroughly validated psycho-therapy known to man today. In the first book, Dianetics: The modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, techniques were present which would place in view, and then vanquish, any mental manifestation known in the field of insanity and aberration. Some seventy per cent, of man's ills may be remedied at a cost of time and money lower than any other similar effort and with a higher effectiveness.

The handling of psychosis, neurosis and psychosomatic illness does not, however, happen to be the goal of the Scientologist. As long as the accent is upon ability, malfunctions will vanish. The goal of the Scientologist is in the direction of ability. If he increases the general ability of the individual in any and all fields then, of course, any mis-ability such as those represented by psychosis, neurosis, and psychosomatic illness will vanish.

Scientology conflicts nowhere with the truth, and will be found to agree with known facts in whatever field it overlaps. It does not conflict with any religious truths. On the contrary, it has something to offer everyone, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Mohammedan, Agnostic and Atheist. It does not try to change the beliefs, doctrine, or creed of the individual's church; on the contrary, it brings the individual to a point of better understanding of them, whatever they may be. It will help him to understand mankind on earth and help him to find that happiness in life which is much talked about but rarely found.

Just to give more understanding to those around him could be said to be sufficient mission for a well-trained Scientologist, for by doing this he would certainly increase their ability. By increasing that ability, he would be able to increase their life.

How would you go about doing something about it? Well, if you depend for a long time upon others to do something about it, or depend on force, you will fail. The only one who can put more life, more understanding, more tolerance, and more capability into the environment is you yourself, just be being in a state of higher understanding. Without even being active in the field of auditing, just by being more capable, you can resolve for those around you many of their problems and difficulties.

We are not interested here in getting you to accept what we say without question. We ask you to question it. We ask you please to look at the physical universe around you – to look at people and at your own mind and to understand thereby that what we are talking about happens to be actual and true. We are not giving you new things. We are giving you old things. By understanding these old things which we have rediscovered, you become free.

The accent is on ability.

L. Ron Hubbard


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