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Welcome to Ron's Org Grenchen
Center for Applied Philosophy

Our Mission – Our Purpose

Our website informs you about the true and original technology and philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics as well as the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

The mission of the Ron’s Org is to provide support to people in their strivings for building a better life and advancing their spiritual development. We believe that every man and woman deserves to be happy, to be able to improve, to better understand and to lead the life they want.

The Ron’s Org encourages people in their quest for self-determination and development, because we believe that everyone wants to be the cause of their lives.

Ron's Org Grenchen, Building
Your Ron's Org Team

Your Ron's Org Team

Ron's Org - Center for applied philosophy - get yourself inspired!

Our main interest is to help you understand people better with the philosophy that has brought us all so much, help you achieve your goals and participate in the most exciting adventure of today: Discovering life!


You will no longer have to believe, you will really know what knowledge means. This technology works


The Ron's Org team will help you to acquire and implement the philosophy of life!

For Advanced Scientologists

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

We provide all the services of the Bridge, from the bottom all the way to the top.

We have 50 years of experience and we are dedicated to having a Standard academy and HGC.

Find the Inspiration



Courses and auditing explained and what we do!


OCA Test

Discover your strengths

and weaknesses

Do-it-yourself Exercises

Try 1-2 exercises and

judge for yourself



Read philosophical texts

that feel good

Media Center

Free books to download

as PDF


Learning to understand

and manage life?

Films - Videos

Guide for Beginners

Understanding how Scientology functions

48:33 Min.



Film: how life traumas

can be resolved

19:39 Min.

Conscious vs Unconscious

How does the

mind works?

5:15 Min. 

Understand Auditing

The cornerstone

for a better world

8 Min.

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Film "Beginner's Guide
to L. Ron Hubbard"

Simon Egan, co-director of the film "The King's Speech", Oscar 2011, came to Ron's Org in Bern (today Ron's Org Grenchen) via Internet and many detours and shot the film "The Beginner's Guide to L. Ron Hubbard"

in Saint Hill, Bern, Munich and Moscow.

A successful and entertaining film with Hardeep Singh Kohli, commentator, writer and actor.
In English - 48:33 min.

Film: Changing Fate

Film "​Changing Fate"

After seeing the film “Changing Fate”, we are forced to ask ourselves the question:

Does the mind influence us without our knowledge?

A moving, beautiful and captivating film that shows how life traumas can be solved.
A Russian film with Sehmion Steinberg and Maryia Kozlova.
In Russian, with English subtitles – 19:39 min.

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