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Life Repair

Start a New Life

Life Repair

Your joy of life has not disappeared. It is simply buried in the moments of sadness and pain. Any trauma can be removed forever with the auditing technology. Tomorrow is not far away, and it belongs to you!

Life Repair Program – For Your Future

A proven path to well-being for your soul, mind and body

Everyone has experienced ups and downs in their life. We all have moments we love to remember and others we would prefer to forget. Some unpleasant memories can come to mind and make us uncomfortable, even though we wish they wouldn’t. Broken trusts, damaged relationships or mistakes we have made can all leave emotional wounds, or cause doubts, pain or sadness.

Then we are left to wonder, where is my spontaneity, my laughter, my nonchalance, my calm, my joy of living? How can I get it back?

The Life Repair Program

The Life Repair Program is like the 20,000 mile maintenance service  for a car or your regular check-up with your Doctor. You don’t miss those appointments because you want your car and your body to run well.

Don’t your soul and your mind deserve the same care and good treatment as your automobile or your physical body. The Life Repair Program cleans up the upsets and setbacks of life and gets and keeps you in good condition. You do repairs for your car and your body but aren’t you more valuable and precious.

Do something good for yourself.

When you are doing well, there automatically is a positive effect on those around you and those who are the closest to you will feel it the most.

This program is tailored to suit each individual. It starts with a personal interview during which your wishes and needs will be examined. All the points that weigh on you the most will then be addressed during the sessions done with a trained auditor.

Most Life Repair Programs require between 10 to 15 hours of Auditing.

How to solve problems?

Life is a series of interactions and communications. If we could really communicate about anything with anyone, then we could solve most existing problems. Almost all of the problems with your boss, your partner, your clients, your friends and your family can be traced to a problem in communication.

Is it possible to improve my skills towards others?

You can gain the knowledge and skills of good communication with the Communication Course while doing the Life Repair Program. You will practice these skills under the guidance of a competent professional Course Supervisor. Upon completion, you will have the most useful tool for life: The ability to communicate with others successfully!

​The Life Repair Program
  • A complete interview with a review of your wishes.

  • A clarification of the terms for the different parts of the mind and the terms used in the program.

  • The Program itself done in private sessions with an auditor (approximately 10-15 hours).

  • The Communication Course.

  • The final assessment interview.

The Life Repair Programs lasts 1-2 weeks.

The appointments for the auditing sessions and those for the Communication Course are individually set according to your availability.

"Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and
select your own decisions."

– L. Ron Hubbard

Discover tools that will make your life easier and

make it appear in a new light.

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Reading and discovering new information is an opportunity to move forward in life!

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