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Exercise: Walk around the Block

This process is most commonly used in the workplace to handle exhaustion. It can also help a person who is very worried about work.

Exercise: Walk around the Block

People sometimes get exhausted after working all day. A person who has a machine or books or objects continually at a fixed distance from him leaves his work and tends to keep his attention fixed exactly where his work was.

The wrong thing to do, regardless of whether one is a bookkeeper, an accountant, a clerk, an executive or a machinist is to leave work, go home, sit down and fix attention on an object more or less at the same distance from one as one confronts continually at work.

Take a walk around the block.

This consists of walking around the block until one feels rested. The person is to walk around the block and look at things until he sees the things he is walking near. It does not matter how many times he walks around the block, he should walk around the block until he feels better.

This is run to extroversion of attention onto the world in which one lives.

In doing this it will be found that one will become a little brighter at first and then will become very much more tired. He will become sufficiently tired that he knows now that he should go to bed and have a good night's sleep. This is not the time to stop Assists for the Workplace (the walk).

This is terrifically a good therapy. A worker who is tired and exhausted andhas only been doing clerical work who goes out and takes a walk around the block until he is actually looking at the environment will stop worrying and being obsessed withthe materials he was handling.

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