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Spirals of Existence

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Introduction: Very few people can really explain how the transition from one body to another takes place. Some can talk about near-death experiences, but very few can say exactly what steps they went through, or the spirals of existence.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Let's take a look then at the microcosm [Universe in miniature; a little world; Man thought of as a miniature representation of the universe.] called "Man" as a cycle of action.

He starts in with conception and goes through into birth, into childhood, into man and then here's an old man and then he's dead. That is what he believes his cycle of action is.

He continues through this cycle and was for a long time content to believe that he ceased to exist when the end of the cycle was reached. Peculiar to this cycle of action is the relative contentment with which it has been accepted. There must be very heavy agreement on this otherwise nobody would ever stand for it.

There is such a thing as transmigration [The passing of a soul at death into another body; from to move "migrate" across "trans".], as well as a reincarnation [The rebirth of the soul in a new body; a complex Hindu theory of rebirth.] principle, although neither of these things, you understand, are transmigration as such, or reincarnation as such. All that is is the continuous living by a being who continues to take different forms. He's never a different being, but he has to tell himself he's a different being. He tells himself he's no longer the being he was, and that that's gone and dead, in order to be the being which he is at the time.

Now let's take what is known as a spiral. A spiral is simply a term of lives, a term of existences or a single existence which bear an intimate relation, one to the other. You can, for example, go back into a preclear's past and find an overall spiral of him being in a body.

He picked up a body some time or another, was in and out of bodies for a while and then all of a sudden we get a long spiral, life after life after life, of being in bodies.

The universe could be said to be, although this term "year" is very deceptive, 75 trillion years old.

The spiral at first was at least 100 million years old. A fellow entered the MEST universe and he went 100 million years until he could finally conceive he was dead. Then he conceived that he was resurrected again by some necromancy [magic] and he thought himself a new being and went on his next spiral for maybe 50 or 60 million years.

Then he felt himself "dead" and was resurrected again and went on for maybe 25 million years. The spiral gets shorter each time. The current spiral for most people here is 34,000 years. You'll find some preclears who are about 3,000 years on their current spiral. You will very rarely find one who is any longer than that. When you do, you find somebody who isn't tracking with the culture.

There we have, then, spirals. Those spirals come down on the order of 100 million years, then maybe 50 million and so on until they're down here right now to this microscopic spiral point which is this current spiral. And Man is part of that microscopic point in one lifetime. L. Ron Hubbard


Dear Friends,

Very few people can really explain how the transition from one body to another takes place. Some can talk about near-death experiences, but very few can say exactly what steps they went through from their last to their first breath in their new body. Could they see and hear everything? Did they hang around for 53 years before making the decision to adopt a new body and did a few more years pass then? Maybe they were looking at the Great Wall of China or maybe they continued to worry about their last life for a few centuries; it doesn't matter. Or they may be thinking, "Why didn't anyone tell me this? What am I going to do now?" Occasionally, a child can say with precision who he was during his last life, but I have never heard of all the things he experienced in between. Somehow he forgets. The book "Straight Wire, a workbook" gives answers about this subject. Spiritual existence can be praised, but for the time being, the body is the stable data for a thetan. A significant part of the population cannot imagine a life in the hereafter. From what I read in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it talks about staying conscious. A thetan is helped to remain conscious after death so that he does not drift into delusion and confusion. In Scientology terminology, this is also called dope-off. [The phenomenon of a person getting tired, sleepy, foggy (as though doped.] or anaten. [Abbreviation of analytical attenuation meaning diminution or weakening of the analytical awareness of an individual for a brief or extensive period of time.] Here are some of Ron's stable facts from the Scientology 8-80 book:

"The thetan enters sometime in early infancy. This may be before, during, or following birth. He comes in a state of personal unknowingness, desiring to have an identity which he considers that he has not without a body."


"The thetan is usually either blind or very dim sighted at first. He gradually regains his ability to perceive as he comes up the tone scale. He passes a band of dub-in [Dub-in: any unknowingly created mental picture that appears to have been a record of the physical universe but is in fact only an altered copy of the time track.] above zero and below 2.0. He attains clear, brilliant sight higher on the scale."

You have to be there and perceive. Or just confront and stay awake. One of the first things you learn in Scientology is to be there and perceive, which is also called TR 0, or confrontation. And ultimately, training and auditing contribute to and improve this ability to be there and perceive. And certainly TRs, training and auditing bring one up on the Tone scale. The TR 0 is an exercise that should be done regularly! There are always wins in Scientology, but from experience I can confirm that TR 0 very often gives the biggest wins.

And you take them with you – forever.

Happy Holiday Season!

Max Hauri

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