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Truth and Reality

3 panels written Truth, Reality, Lies

Introduction: Here is a Technical Advice Letter, "Truth and Reality Case Progress Levels I-IV". What Ron said on March 17, 1964 is very, very relevant.

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Truth and Reality Case progress at Levels I-IV

Truth is what exists. A pc must gain realities on the truth of situations in order to have case gain.

Too much truth shown or given a pc at once will cause unreality. There must be a gradient of gaining reality on truth. The Levels of Scientology are such a gradient.


Knowing the truth of any situation supports self-confidence, certainty.


Reality is the ability to assimilate Truth.

This assimilation depends upon Cause-Distance-Effect (Communication) and a balanced frame of mind (Affinity).

Thus, a truth must be given someone, a pc, with ARC (Understanding). Otherwise, it will spin the person. Too much truth is unassimilatable but recognizable truth. The person sees it but can't have it.


Hit with too much truth an individual will degrade.

He has seen something that he knows he cannot reach or win.

Thus a pc must be presented with acceptable truths that he can reach and win on a gradient of more and more reality.

This gradient exists in the processing and training levels of Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard


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