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Dwindling Spiral

Calling all Auditors about Help (3)

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Introduction: An excellent Bulletin that perfectly explains the Dwindling Spiral and also one of my favorite statements from Ron: “You get what you resist”. It is a philosophy of life to face up counter-efforts and not resist them. Be ready to face all that is coming.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Calling all Auditors about Help (3) –Dwindling Spiral

In connection with Ron's new basic approach to finally understanding the way to "clearing" the Factors give us an illuminating look at the fundamentals.

"Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect."

"The decision is TO BE."

And Ron goes on to tell of assuming a Viewpoint and the extending from the viewpoint of dimension points. And thus there is Space. He goes on to tell us that the action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing, so that from the Viewpoint to the Dimension point is connection and interchange. Thus there is communication and light, energy and life. So here we have a potential Oneness. No barriers therefore a complete Confrontingness.

This adds up to a granting of Beingness, to all others, a complete lack of fear and criticism. To confront freely just what is equals being Cause, in that one can be complete Effect, which is the ability to accept anything, and this equals granting of Beingness, which is Life.

So what? Somewhere along the line a thetan made the consideration that too big an effect was dangerous to survival and when much pain entered the picture he couldn't confront it, so rather than face it, grant it beingness and "have" the effect, he resists it mightily and finally does a total "no confront" and occludes it. And so starts the dwind­ling spiral. Effect on me is dangerous, let's resist it. Finally we put up barriers anyway, just in case there might be an effect in the offing.

So, there is blockage, resistance, a fear of helping or being helped, and as this grows we get a compulsive separateness. But it is not really a separateness, it is a compulsive togetherness and here is the trap.

At the top of the scale life is one and separate at the same time, we give and receive help – granting of beingness freely. Lower we bind ourselves to one another by our O/Ws. So that my original and continuing Overt is basically against myself, for I hurt myself to the exact ratio that I hurt others, for I am others and become more and more compulsively so in a dwindling spiral until we get to the Valence stage and here I, in mystery and unknowingness become that which I failed to help, "can't have," can't confront.

So life is still one but now it is compulsively so and most of us don't know it. We seem to separate, but are in reality bound and imprisoned and complete effect of what? Our own creations. The only freedom is in giving and receiving help. But this is dangerous, this might be control or interference, in short it is "betrayal."

This explained in terms of energy makes the picture very clear.

Every creation is Thought – an energy flow. A highly mobile affinity energy wave has no compulsive sticky cohesive power, one can give and receive it without being caught by it. As we sink downscale we create heavier and more cohesive energy which not only entraps us, but in attracting energy of like turgid intensity, binds us even more securely to that which we resist or can't help.

The dwindling spiral finally brings us to a low interest level in life and as interest dwindles so does Communi­cation. If one doesn't communicate there is no or little interchange and no finishing cycles of action, so no control. Finally, almost no thetan present to help or not help.

So in pre-session we get the pc to clear off a few confusions by looking at and discussing in an atmosphere of granting of beingness those points. Those of you who have audited the Deadly Quartet will have watched confusion and not-is-ness flying off and in running the various Help processes a pc really looks at why he feels help is betrayal, why he shies away from it. Barriers drop, the pc begins to realize it is his own resistance to effects which makes an effect dangerous. Why do so many of us feel Affinity is dangerous. Is it because complete affinity means no barriers, no mistrust, no suspicions and this might mean having to confront an effect which is painful!

It is our own resistance to pain which holds it there. Otherwise how could an Assist be successful? Once confronted in Present Time and the pain goes. Once the mis-emotion in an incident is confronted the incident has no more effect. We held it there, why?

Well maybe the answer is that we didn't know what we were doing. Ron has now told us, we understand the mechanism of the reactive mind, we understand that only our own creations can entrap us – and the road is clear ahead. Once the ridges and resistances of long ago and now are looked at, they de-intensify. Auditing does this. There is no need to build them up again.

Thanks Ron.

Rosamond Harper

HCO Technical Secretary WW for

L. Ron Hubbard


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Above the bulletin about “Calling all Auditors about Help – Dwindling Spiral”.

An excellent Bulletin that perfectly explains the Dwindling Spiral and also one of my favorite statements from Ron: “You get what you resist”. Sometimes pain is hard to bear, but very often I have been able to manage pain by reversing the flow and not resisting it, but accepting it, even loving it. And after a while, it disappeared. It is a philosophy of life to face up counter-efforts and not resist them.

TR 0 is just that. Being ready to confront whatever comes. And until you are able to do that, you may well go through hell with pain, somatics and misemotions. It stops just when you confront the unconscious, yet powerful, counter-effort. It is pointless asking what kind of counter-effort it was. It often disappears and we don't know what it was. Gone, it is gone.

Much love,

Max Hauri

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