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Ron's org building with blue sky, Grenchen, Switzerland
Ron's Org, Grenchen, Switzerland

The Ron's Org is happy to present many articles from the work of L. Ron Hubbard.

These articles will help you understand life better and do more with it.

Sometimes understanding takes some effort, but it is rewarded by the fact that you can apply it.

New data or knowledge allows you to see things differently and therefore live better.

If you are curious about what is behind the categories, here is a brief overview that will help you choose

the one you prefer.

Individuality: We are all different and yet we have one thing in common: our mind. It works the same way for everyone.

Family: Family, love and children are the pillars of our societies. Understanding them and being able to improve them is the wish of all human beings.

Group: We are all part of a group governed by the same natural laws. It is possible to learn and apply them.

Society: Today's society is very diversified. It has problems all over the world and it is possible to understand them, no matter where you come from.

Life: Life is within us and around us. Everyone has the right to respect for their own kind. Discover, learn these rights and make life better for everyone!

Exact sciences: Science is there to help Man to evolve and not to destroy him in the name of vested interests. Make your own opinion.

Buddhism: Buddhism is a religion without a god, but with a guideline to follow to access higher levels of consciousness; accessible with Scientology.

Dianetics: It opens the doors to the universe of the mind and what can be done to make trauma disappear and the true self emerge.

Scientology: Every religion or culture has a piece of truth. Scientology combines these truths into a technology for the betterment of all.

Technology: Every action, science and work has a well-defined technology for achieving a valuable result acceptable to all. Increase your knowledge, apply it, and enjoy the result.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Your happiness is important to us!

Ron's Org Grenchen – Switzerland

+41 32 513 72 20


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