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Calling all Auditors-3

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Introduction: "Calling all Auditors-3" or how there is no need to look further afield for lack of good auditing results… And discover why help is fundamental to run. This is a technical blog aimed primarily at professional Auditors.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Calling All Auditors-3

There is no need to look further afield for lack of good auditing results than the fact that few auditors seem to know exactly what a free needle, null for any specific terminal is.

As many auditors have been confused on this point, this is a new pair of technical definitions.

Null needle: Needle does not react on a particular terminal but reacts on other terminals.

Free needle: Needle does not react on any terminal. Clear, idly swinging, free. This needle only registers bodily activity such as heartbeats, bloodstream and breathing. It moves quietly to and fro across the dial varying in its swing and pattern for individual pcs but never jerkily or reactively. This point can be reached in relation to any terminal. "Mum" may be run to a free needle, so we call this 'null' for Mum. "Dad" may be anything but free so Dad has not been run to a 'null' needle. A clear would be 'null' on anyone or anything and would have a free needle on all incidents or terminals.


There are many Help processes to achieve this. Assess for any hot terminal after the needle frees up a bit on the five way bracket, etc., and run Help O/W:

"How could you help __________?"

"How would you not help __________?"

"Recall a time you helped __________."

"Recall a time you did not help __________."

These are fantastic processes. But no process is a magical formula for clearing people, without the addition of an intelligent well trained auditor. And no auditor is either well trained or intelligent if he does not run a terminal flat.

This is no longer even vaguely guess work or dependent upon the judgment of the auditor alone. A good meter is an invaluable and utterly necessary tool. When the meter says FLAT with its nice easy flowing needle action you can believe it. It is flat. Until the needle says flat and Tone Arm points to Sex Clear, well there is no argument, the process is not flat. So watch your preclear, run general help, pick a hot terminal and run help watch your meter and trust it.

You'll get clears.


Rosamond Harper HCO Technical Secretary for

L. Ron Hubbard


Dear friends,

In response to my last newsletter, I received a few inquiries about what kind of help processes can be run, where they can be found, etc. These processes are certainly run at Grade 1. There is a whole section dedicated to the topic of help. Ron also says that running help is fundamental.

In general, Grade 1 consists of the following three sections:

(a) Objective Processes and CCHs, Control [CCH = control, communication and havingness]

It's about improving the relationship of the thetan to the physical universe and the body. One can also say to improve or establish the ARC to these two elements. This knowledge, when understood, is brilliant. You can do wonders with a new learner driver by running first reach and withdraw on a car and improving his ARC before you put him behind the wheel.

You can do the same with spiders. I guarantee you that this process can neutralize any spider phobia to the point of loving spiders. It may take hours if not days, but it can be done.

Objective processes and CCHs address the most basic things in a person's life and improve their relationship with them. First and foremost, it's about his body.

It also runs out hypnosis, tiredness, disinterest and things like that.

Control must also be flattened.

This is described in the HCOB April 21, 1960 Pre-Session Processes. You must be able to control, but you must also allow to be controlled.

b) Help.

As described in the last newsletter, the bulletin mentioned above, help is an important factor not only in auditing but also in life. Ron has given some really good lectures on the subject.

c) Problems

The last part is problems, or problem processes.

This is about being able to resolve a problem and in a nutshell, you do it by looking closely at what the problem is. More importantly, you look at what is your force or your own energy against someone or something and take it out or direct it properly. So that you don't go against someone's force, but understand what the opposite force is and in which direction it points in order to deal with it accordingly. Everybody will have their own personal cognitions and learn how to deal with problems.

Magically, when you take away your energy and force, the person often comes to you and offers cooperation. Even if you tend to see the problem on the other side, by taking responsibility for your own part in it, you can get the other person to cooperate.


Above there is a help process in the bulletin. You can run this process with someone. Just make sure you run it flat and first get the agreement from your pc that you will indeed run this process flat and that it may take hours.

A good working manual to understand how to audit is the book "Straightwire".

Much love,

Max Hauri

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