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Introduction: Don't these psychopaths just reincarnate over and over again? Yes, they do. Psychopaths are reborn as psychopaths. Parents of psychopaths say in unison that he or she was a difficult child from birth. The good news is that only about 2-3% of the population are psychopaths (maybe this is not good news), but the other 97-98% are not psychopaths.

Read Max Hauri's introduction letter to this article below.

Scientology today is producing Clears in greater and greater numbers. Its expansion is accelerating as standard technology delivers what Scientology promises in each Scientology organization throughout the world.

Scientology is the route from human being to total freedom or total being- ness. Dianetics was the route from aberrated or normal to capable human being. This step had never before been achieved in man's history.

Oddly, the step from human being to spirit has been achieved, if rarely, in Buddhism, other spiritual practices, even Christianity, but was not generally credited. Scientology really achieves it and for the first time with total stability, no relapse and invariably one for one. Nevertheless, man had an inkling of the goals of Scientology even though he considered them almost beyond God.

But man had no inkling whatever of Dianetics. None. This was the bolt from the blue. Man was hacking and sawing and shocking and injecting and teaching and moralizing and counselling and hanging and jailing men with enthusiasm, without any idea at all of what caused man to behave as he did or what made him sick or well.

The answer was and still is Dianetics.

In 1950, I wrote a book, published May 9th, called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. I was even contracting at the time to do some stories and novels and was quietly minding my business. Then the book hit. Nobody ever expected this to be a bestseller, but it went instantly and immediately to the top of the bestseller list and stayed there and stayed there.

The book caused a tremendous furor. Dianetics groups sprang up all over the country. People would read the book, then start auditing their friends with startlingly good results.

But there wasn't an adequate organization to hold the line, to maintain standards of technical application. I found out that someone was busily telling people that auditing was an art – that there was nothing scientific about it!

The time had come to establish positively and completely my responsibility for all of Dianetics.

It was very reluctantly that I took over this responsibility because I knew that all hell was going to break loose and boy, did it!

The West, you know, is a scientific barbarism. It is not really a civilization – not yet – but it is very scientific. Actually, the society is very unbalanced at this time, to the degree that it possesses scientific power without the gentler graces. It has power without humanity and to that extent is not a civilization. Do you know that at this time they couldn't whip up a single technology to make somebody who is crying laugh – or make someone who is laughing cry? They are attempting to alter human behavior with a strong arm. "If you don't change and act better, I am going to hit you on the head with a sledgehammer." That is the approach of this civilization.

When you start laying the truth on the line, it is liable to blow off a bit of confusion. All you have got to do is put in a stable datum, and the confusion starts to blow off.

The early days of Dianetics were the early beginnings of Scientology. It was the same story, a stable datum going in and confusion blowing off. What happened then wasn't all that terrible. We got through because of one thing, I finally wore my hat, In July of that year, in spite of the turbulence and everything, I wore my hat – of being me. Nobody has ever been able to throw me off that line since.

Saying, "Yes. I'm the fellow who wrote that book. Yes, I am the fellow who leads this group," regardless of the dead cats, alarm clocks and the bricks – that took some doing.

It was simply a stable datum going into a very, very aberrated world.

My whole idea throughout this entire time was to go on and do my researches, finish it up and deliver – deliver the goods, in spite of every interruption. I devoted my time exclusively to research and I paid no attention at all to the brickbats and the dead cats.

The basic discovery of Dianetics was the exact anatomy of the human mind.

The aberrative power of engrams was discovered. (An engram is a mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or imagined threat to survival.) Procedures were developed for erasing them. The amount of benefit to be gained from running half a dozen engrams exceeded anything that man had ever been able to do for anybody in the history of the human race. But there was a question of time. It would take more than 75 years to get in enough Dianetic auditing to erase all the engrams on a person's time track. I had to short-circuit this. I had to bring this right to basics.

The discovery of what it was that the mind was coating was the discovery of Scientology.

It was coating a thetan. A thetan is the person himself – not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The thetan is most familiar to one and all as you.

The truth of the matter is, we aren't just an idea, in a book, disturbing nothing on a shelf, not even reading itself. Bringing individuals, live human beings, up to a point of recognition of their own beingness – that is a live action. That's totally live as an action. It's much easier to face a concept or an idea, than it is to face a living, breathing entity.

And from 1954 forward, when it became vivid and obvious that we were engaged upon the resolution of the human spirit, we were living, breathing entities. Up to that time we could be a very nice excitement that people could leave alone or not leave alone. We didn't have to be very serious about it. But a lot of people were being very serious about it. No matter how it was stated, a lot of people were being serious about it. We were then a living, breathing thing. We weren't just an idea. And the point is, we were not, at any time along the line, anything else. We weren't a philosophy going through the society. We were Beings.

And when we first started up the line it was the enturbulation of countless ages which began to blow away. It was pretty tough. We didn't have weapons at that particular time. We had a lot of technology, more than man ever dreamed of at that time, but that wasn't very much.

And we had started to make a hole, you might say, in the collective and conglomerate aberration of mankind. Remember that it was a livingness making that hole. We were live beings. It wasn't the principle that was making the hole; it was us, applying it.

We moved up into the teeth of every aberration in the society almost simultaneously at one fell swoop, and the confusion that blew off was so fantastic that it took fifteen years just to stabilize our position organizationally so that we could stand and resist the brickbats that came our way. Now that is an evolutionary step which is vital to the growth of any organization, and we are through it. We won.

A great many unexplained things existed 17 years ago. Well, they've all been solved in Scientology.

The road out is the road you have, in Scientology, up through the Grades.

It took all the knowledge of Dianetic auditing. It took all the material. It took all the odd observations. It took all these years of work to carve that very thin, and now rather ordinary-looking path that works fast, up through the Grades. But we have the gigantic problem amongst us that Scientology works too fast in an auditor's hands. Scientology processes are too rapid to produce the whole of auditing phenomena for the trainee auditor and so he doesn't get used to handling it. Therefore, how can he ever learn to audit? He can't, running Scientology, as he'll never get enough practice.

You, as a Supervisor or new student, need a process which doesn't produce an instantaneous result. Dianetics has the virtue we never would have called one in 1950. It is slow. You can audit a pc for a long, long time. And you can get auditing practice. Dianetic auditing was very useful with which to learn the fundamentals about the mind and that's what I want you to use it for.

There's value to this Dianetic auditing. There's greater value in this auditing than man ever before had. This solves the problems that Sigmund Freud was trying to solve. It solves them with spectacularity. And compared to Scientology – it's nothing.

In Scientology, you have the technology of total recovery of a Being, and that doesn't mean a body. Never lose sight of the fact that the salvage of the body is secondary to the salvage of the being. Dianetics, you see, is small game. The order of magnitude between Dianetics and Scientology is hardly comparable. It's like shooting rabbits but you're after water buffalo. It's not even that order of magnitude. It's like digging a ditch by going out and counting the number of grains of sand that lie on top of where it should be. When it was vivid and obvious that we were engaged on the resolution of the human spirit, the address of the surface manifestations of the mind became quite secondary.

But we have a use for Dianetics right now and it is a very positive use. It is great training. And that's what I want you to use it for. Just learn more about the anatomy of the mind through Dianetic Auditor training.

L. Ron Hubbard Founder


Dear Friends,

The gap that has opened up worries me. On the one hand, we have ultra-modern technologies, the progress is tremendous, and that's putting it mildly. Simply admirable.

On the other hand, people are bashing each other's heads in the old manner. The evil intentions of those who organize these wars are simply insane. Psychopathy in its purest form. Difficult to outperform.

Needless to say, the combination of these two points is atrocious.

Ron was and still is ahead of his time. This quote from the article I am sending today sums it up: "The West, you know, is a scientific barbarism. It is not really a civilization – not yet – but it is very scientific."

Is there any hope at all? Don't these psychopaths just reincarnate over and over again? Yes, they do. That's the bad news. Psychopaths are reborn as psychopaths.

Children are not "blank pages", they are not white and they are not innocent, neither the good ones nor the bad ones.

Parents of psychopaths say in unison that he or she was a difficult child from birth.

The good news is that only about 2-3% of the population are psychopaths (maybe this is not good news), but the other 97-98% are not psychopaths. And the nice thing about so many children is that they come into the world with good intentions.

There are apparently children who can remember past lives, but my observation is that apparently very rarely does a child talk about it. Probably that's a good thing. But what really pleases me to see is that children bring their abilities with them. The ones they have. Certain thetans start their lives from a much higher springboard than these little creatures are given credit for. They can also bring a very high ethical standard.

The person always brings her case with, good or bad.

Can Dianetics or Scientology "cure" a psychopath? Unfortunately, no. We cannot and even Robert D. Hare, criminal psychologist says that this chapter is not yet written.

But as they say in English "it takes two for tango", and if a large part of the 97% decide not to be victims, we will have made it and then we will also find and create ways and means to help these really poor devils. Either way, auditing is the solution.

Dianetics is the beginning, anyone can learn it and even more, receive it. This is our daily work. We have gems in our hands.

For those who can be audited, all is possible.

Ron writes it so beautifully in the article "Dianetics, its relationship to Scientology".

Much love

Max Hauri


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